Seth Troxler Tripped Out & Got a Little Weird In Australia [VIDEO]

So by now, we’re sure a bunch of you know about the living legend that is Seth Troxler. The dude isn’t a stranger partying hard, nor is he afraid to take things to the next level level. It would seem he doesn’t really care who’s watching him either. In a recent video shot by PLGRMTroxler took some time out his day to hang with a local interviewer and took an entertaining walk around Strawberry Fields in Australia. Maybe it was the heat (by the looks of things, this festival setting is nestled in the scorching hot bush of the Australian outback) or maybe it was some recreational substances, but Troxler was feeling some type of way and wasn’t holding himself back. With a boundary-less conversation, some impromptu karaoke, possible drug use, free beer and a lack of pants, this interview is one of a kind and a must see. Thankfully Troxler stays composed for most of the video and manages to not pull a David Guetta at Tomorrowland.

Top Photo: Facebook