Laidback Luke’s S.A.X. Removed from Beatport Amid Charting Scandal


In the ongoing effort for labels to draw attention to their new releases and hit number 1 on Beatport, it appears that Mixmash Records has gone too far. So far that Beatport made the decision to remove the track from their charts altogether.  To promote Laidback Luke‘s banging new track with Tujamo, S.A.X.,  Mixmash ran a promotion under the hashtag #SAXTOTHETOP.

Laidback Luke’s label announced that for a 7 hour period, they would refund anybody who purchased the track on Beatport. At the time the promotion started, S.A.X sat at a comfortable 6th place, and obviously this promotion shot it right to number 1. Soon afterwards, Beatport removed the track from their charts.

According to Beatport the promotional campaign violated charting eligibility and was removed out of fairness to other labels. However, the track was posted again with its chart position reset. Mixmash responded by stating that only 33 refund requests were actually received by them, so their promotion was not unfairly boosting their position. Mixmash also felt that their campaign was no different than numerous other promotional campaigns that other labels have run recently.

Laidback Luke eventually responded himself:

“I am disappointed that my latest single is being penalized, but look forward to the discussion it will hopefully create on new ways of promoting music for the future & how they should be treated.”

It is interesting to see Beatport take a public stand against possible chart rigging after all of the accusations in the past of labels buying up their own tracks. At a time when labels increasingly engage in a variety of  strange campaigns to boost their Beatport spot, did Beatport do the right thing by calling out Mixmash on this one? Sound off in the comments.