Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa - Blue Rawls

Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa – Blue Rawls

Seth Troxler may be a pants-dropping, hard-partying freebird, but boy does he have a grasp on making tracks. The Michigan legend recently teamed up with New York techno producer Phil Moffa to create a dark tech-house tune, “Blue Rawls.” The track draws you in from the start. The steady kicks hold together the hypnotic bassline that slowly swirls and builds into looping bleeps and atmospheric vocals. Slow and enduring, “Blue Rawls,” is a tech journey from its assertive start to its floating finish. Troxler has been working hard this year collaborating with a multitude of different artists from Art Department to The Martinez Brothers, and it looks like he’s only going to keep on going. “Blue Rawls” is set to be featured on Rogue Music, a new two-track single from Troxler and Moffa. The second tune to grace the single will be “Meet The Butcha.” Rogue Music is set to be released on UK House label Hypercolour, and will be Hypercolour’s first release for 2015, so make sure to pre-order the single here.