Pill Dealer Responsible For Electric Zoo 2013 Death Pleas Guilty

Back in July, we reported the current details from 2013’s Electric Zoo drug case regarding the ecstaty-related death of festival attendee, Jeffrey Russ. As many of you might already know, the third and final day of 2013’s Electric Zoo Festival in New York was cancelled due to multiple narcotics overdoses. Following these tragic events, 24 year old Patrick Morgan of Buffalo, New York was suspected for distributing this lethal batch of narcotics. After laying dormant for some time, more details from the case have now begun to resurface and unfold. This past Thursday, December 11, Morgan pleaded guilty to agreeing to obtain and conspire to distribute narcotics back in August 2013. Once the narcotics were obtained by Morgan, a friend sold approximately 80 pills to various festival-goers at Electric Zoo, including 23 year old Jeffrey Russ. During the festival, Russ collapsed and later died of intoxication and hyperthermia after ingesting the pills.

The Drug Enforcement Agency arrested Morgan in July after an anonymous tip provided police with enough evidence to incriminate him. At the time of his arrest, the DEA charged Morgan with both narcotics distribution and narcotics conspiracy, which each carried maximum sentences of 20 years in prison; but he was later released on a $100,000 bond. Now, Morgan will likely face less than a year in prison because of an agreement his lawyer arranged with prosecutors over sentencing. Final sentencing for this case is scheduled for March 13.

Although these events happened some time ago, our hearts and thoughts still remain with the loved ones of Jeffrey Russ.

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