The Real Steve Aoki Trolls Stereosonic With The Fake Steve Aoki [VIDEO]

It was reported last week, that the trolls of all trolls, Jarrad Sang, completely screwed with everyone at Stereosonic in Perth, Australia by posing as Steve Aoki. What was unknown at the time of this video’s release was just how viral it would go, making its way around the world in a matter of a few days time. The video traveled so quickly that the real Steve Aoki caught wind of what happened and decided to have some fun of his own, with his favorite doppelgänger.

Side by side, the duo made their way around Stereosonic in Melbourne, as Sang acted as Aoki and Aoki played photographer. It became obvious from the first picture Sang took, was just how willing these people were to respond to the fake Aoki and how dumb they looked after they realized the real Aoki was the one taking the pictures. Like the real Aoki says at the end of the video,”For all the Asians with long hair and facial hair, we are all one now, we are all together!”