Carnage Gets Violent at his Show, Police Draws Gun

It’s no secret that Carnage has a hard time staying out of trouble. ‘Papi Gordo’ threw quite the onstage tantrum during his HARD Summer performance, was arrested in Miami back in January after he played 45 minutes over his set and is now finding himself in hot water yet again after being involved in a scuffle post-performance last night in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This was the last show of Carnage’s ‘Parental Advisory Tour‘, which had gone of without a hitch. The superstar DJ even shot 10,000 dollars out of a cannon at a previous stop, but it looks like he might need some of that money back to pay some possible fines.

According to Carnage, playing past his allotted time slot was not the issue, as he asked to play longer and the event staff allowed it. After the show was over and the artists stayed to meet with fans, security got a little pushy with the DJs and that is why the quarrel occurred. While he may have tried to play it off like it was no big deal, judging from Dzeko & Torres and Paris Blohm‘s social media accounts as well as some video footage, the altercation was pretty serious. Julian Dzeko states that he “almost took a bullet for Carnage” and Blohm tweets that he “punched a security guard”. Hopefully, all parties involved learn from the experience and Carnage can manage to stay away from the police while he works on his album.