Carnage Throws Temper Tantrum On Stage At Hard Summer, “F*ck HARD, F*ck Gary Richards”

For those of you who were going HAM during Jack U’s Hard Fest throw down, you missed out on some extra serving of beef during Carnage’s set. After a temporary interruption of his set due to rain and technical difficulties, Carnage took the opportunity to let the audience know exactly how he felt about Gary Richards and his company, Hard. The portly Chipotle champion with stage diving ambitions launched a furious mid-set outburst with “F*ck Gary Richards, that [pineapple] tried to f*ck me up!” as evident in the video below taken by bboyjoey.

Countless reports of the tantrum were accompanied with assumptions that the rain caused the meltdown (and other choice words concerning the incident). But, luckily for the fans and interested parties, Carnage expounded upon the why’s and how’s of the beef on Twitter and Ustream. During the live-stream broadcast on Ustream, Carnage claimed Richards talked trash about him and his team. But, evidently what truly set him off was a “breach of contract”. No details on the supposed breach itself, but Carnage decided to play anyway “for the people of LA”.

Just one side to this battle of egos and yet another public DJ tirade, looks like Carnage won’t be making another appearance at Hard events. Check out the full explanation in the video recorded by EDM America TV.


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