Paris Hilton Releases EDM-Infused Pop Tune ‘Come Alive’

Just when you thought the star-studded celebutante and heiress to the Hilton regime has crawled back under her diamond encrusted bridge, she resurfaces as if to climb one step higher in the popularity polls upon the corpses of a thousand long-forgotten internet trolls.

And after the release of last year’s ‘Good Time‘, with executive production assistance from Afrojack, Paris is back with her latest dance-music-tvrnt-pop-music single. ‘Come Alive‘ is much more on the pop side of music than EDM, with a classic verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure that can be seen across almost every popular music tune in the last decade or more. If you look at the song through these lens, something more similar to her ‘Stars are Blind‘ that rocked many a high school dance back in our very own heydays, instead of a DJ friendly banger where you’re constantly waiting for the drop, then maybe the track can be justified as passably alright.

Yet if the song was indeed meant for dance floors and clubs, then it may seem as no wonder what drove this Ibiza Resident’s club goers to take bath salts