EDC Orlando to Return to Tinker Field

EDC Orlando
Insomniac is bringing Electric Daisy Carnival back to Florida’s Tinker Field in early November for the 4th EDC Orlando. The popular event will take place on the weekend of November 7-8 with ticket sales starting on Wednesday July 16th at 12 pm EST. With how residents responded to Ultra Music Festival this year in Miami it will be interesting to see how receptive the citizens of Orange County respond to the popular music festival. The head of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella, had this to say about EDC Orlando: “Each EDC has its own distinct vibe and scale which makes every EDC a unique experience for the fans, no two festivals are exactly alike. With its close proximity to some of the nation’s most popular theme parks, EDC Orlando is one of my favorites.” No word yet on who will be performing this year but knowing Insomniac, it will be a star-studded line-up similar to EDCNY. Be sure to come on back to EDMTunes on July 16th for all the EDC Orlando ticketing information you will need.