Watch: Music Video for Paris Hilton’s Single with Afrojack & Lil Wayne ‘Good Time’

Hotel heiress and wannabe DJ, Paris Hilton, has released a video teaser for her upcoming EDM-esque single with a little help from Lil’ Wayne entitled “Good Time”.  The track features deeply thoughtful lyrics like “I might be a bit tipsy, but that’s ok ’cause you’re with me”. And, since Paris is always concerned for the well being of others, she wants to know if you’re having a good time. Then, Lil Wayne wants us to know that he’s “f*cked up”, “can’t tell you what’s what”, and “all she know is suck, f*ck”.  Is he referring to Paris? Perhaps.  Do these people actually think this is good music or is this the biggest troll of all time?  We have no idea.  The only thing we do know is that the track is set to release on October 8th and not too many people are happy about it.  Why else would Paris disable the rating and comment option on the YouTube teaser?