Bassnectar Expresses Discontent over Cancelled Hudson Project Set

Hudson Project Festival took place this weekend and it was about as close to a modern-day Woodstock as Mysteryland was, complete with cuddle mud puddles and everything. No hippie festival would be complete without the king of psychedelic bass music himself, Bassnectar, closing out the last day. Or, that’s what would have happened, if mother nature did not come into the scene. The East Coast has been slammed with bad weather this weekend, and Sunday night was the climax of it; it was just enough to have things shut down at the end of Sunday. This upset Bassnectar just as much as it upset his fans, and rumors started to swirl faster than the gale force winds at the festival that he would be playing a make-up show somewhere. Lorin took to Twitter fervently looking for somewhere to direct his bassheads. There were calls for Webster Hall and warehouse parties but management informed him that that would not work out. If there is ever an artist who is truly devastated to get cancelled it’s Bassnectar. Read some of his tweets below and have faith that he will make up for this series of unfortunate events.