Kaskade Outraged by Soundcloud’s Copyright Takedowns, Plans on Launching Own Music Platform

Anyone who has a Soundcloud account that’s uploaded anything at all will undoubtedly be familiar with the site’s ‘automatic content protection system’. Historically it’s been fraught with bugs and mis-detections, and things haven’t gotten better since their discussions with records labels has spurred a movement to take down every possible infringement (in hopes of not getting shut down). It would seem that it’s hit an all time low, as Kaskade has been bombarded by a plethora of emails notifying him that his uploads are the copyrighted content of Ultra Records, LLC, and 70% of Soundcloud has been taken down. Kaskade has since spoken up about the Soundcloud dilemma: “Free the music, and your cash will follow.”

Kaskade’s Soundcloud has been home to many of his best mashups and remixes, some of which he put up for free download; he’s had small issues here and there with some of it, but it’s always been directly with the label. He threw out the idea of creating his own portal to post the content he wants to share with us; who knows maybe he’ll end up with a subscription service similar to Deadmau5’s?

It’s a shame that a service that’s there to act as a platform to spread music is cutting the content that makes it so great. Producers and DJs are known for their use of sampling and impressive remixes (and bootlegs), and if you’re “a little guy” or somebody trying to break into the scene, getting noticed is going to get more difficult than it already is. Lucky for Kaskade, Ultra Records actually had his back and the posts should be back up within the next day or so.

Keeping this site free, fair, and legal can’t be easy. Soundcloud has the best intentions with this copyright detection system (plus they have to have it to circumvent the Digital Millennium Copyright Act), but this is really getting out of hand. Something’s gotta give, and there needs to be some serious change to the system. Otherwis they’ll lose their user base and, as Kaskade put it in his tweet, it’ll be the end of an era (and real good one at that).