[Video] Jaw-Dropping 12 Minute Compilation Snapshots of EDC and More Insomniac Events

Goosebump alert. Get prepared for 12 minutes of a chill-inducing trip down memory lane, as Insomniac pulled together a summary of their biggest of events this past year.  Walking through their journey from the UK, to the Forest, through Wonderland, and closing with their mecca festival in the Vegas desert, this is the kind of stuff that reminds us all why we go to the events and leave so fulfilled.

How in the world can anyone look at a video like this and think that there could be anything more amazing than the type of experience Insomniac and the other event promoters work so tirelessly to provide us?  Mind blowing doesn’t even begin to describe the production and attention to detail these events put together.  Suddenly the best kept secret of three short years ago is full-on in our face mainstream.  It’s easy to see why.  The ‘old heads’ may revel in the days of yore, but as far as experiences are concerned, these are the types of videos everyone will be showing their kids when people ask “what was the electronic music generation.”  Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the people, or maybe the experience.

Whatever it is, this video is a steadfast reminder of how proud I feel to be a part of all this. Keep an eye on the EDC Website….Because when a company like Insomniac says “The best is yet to come,” it’s hard not to believe it.