Kaskade Speaks Up About Soundcloud Dilemma: “Free the music, and your cash will follow”

Two days ago, we got word from Kaskade that massive portions of Soundcloud were being taken down due to copyright infringement against his ex-label label, Ultra Records. He took matters into his own hand, speaking up about the current situation and giving the world a chance to understand the issue that was ensuing about major record labels and copyright infringment via Tumblr.

When I signed with Ultra, I kissed goodbye forever the rights to own my music. They own it. And now Sony owns them. So now Sony owns my music. I knew that going in. Soundcloud is beholden to labels to keep copyright protected music (read: all music put out by a label, any label) off their site unless authorized by the label. Am I authorized to post my music?

Indeed he does, but that’s not what makes this issue an us vs. them concept. It’s the fact that the record labels just aren’t into giving up free content, despite the requests made by the creator themselves.

But the labels, they aren’t feeling this approach so much.

There’s always been this cagey group of old men who are scared to death of people taking their money. Back in the day, they were upset that the technology existed to record onto cassette tapes directly from the radio.

He also doesn’t forget to mention that this problem is a common issue that emanates with all producers and DJs, making the current industry a battle between artistic disclosure and label bosses.

Countless artists have launched their careers though mash ups, bootlegs, remixes and music sharing. These laws and page take-downs are cutting us down at the knees.

And yo, musicians definitely need knees.

Whatever the issue may be, the limiting of a producer’s rights has become a growing problem for many artists who are trying to make breaks in the industry. The problem that most upcoming producers/DJs will run into is this: do I give up my rights, giving the only importance to my way of expressing my music up? Or do I risk the opportunity to lose the chance of getting more exposure and making a stable living doing what I love?

This current trending debate and Kaskade’s upfront post should gear labels into rethinking their perspective on this, but when it comes down to it, the money talks more than artistic endeavors for the head honchos.