Porter Robinson Gets Creative: New Album Strives To Be Different From “Standard DJ Music”


Porter Robinson is not one to hold back regarding how he feels about EDM and the industry as a whole. While discussing pre-planned sets in a recent interview with CNN, Robinson claimed that “if you’re not improvising then you’re doing literally nothing. What you are doing is the least inspired, most boring [expletive] possible…If you have the opportunity to improvise, you should absolutely take it.”

Yesterday, the DJ once again expressed himself in a series of tweets following his Creamfields set.


However, after expressing his frustrations, the young DJ had a truly honest moment with his fans as he shared what he hopes to accomplish with his first full length album.




Robinson is an exceptional DJ and the fact that he is trying to do things differently is something we should all be excited about. When someone as talented as Porter lets his creativity take hold, amazing things can happen. Now for the  tough part: waiting for the release!

See his original CNN interview here: Porter Robinson Talks to CNN About His Passion for DJing from Tomorrowland