Shelby Condon

House and techno enthusiast. Dance floor commander. insta: @shelbayybay

With dance music taking over globally, venues and event spaces are popping up in every place imaginable. Southeast Asia's rich culture, beautiful landscape, and promise of adventure has made the region a top destination for many young travelers over[...]

Adam Beyer and Pig&Dan - 'Capsule' EP Lovers of techno have just received their newest EP to revel in. Pig&Dan have made quite the name for themselves in the techno scene over the past decade, but nothing will beat[...]

As we navigate the technology era we currently live in, there are certain advances that scare us and many that excite us. Hardwell is taking two video technology capabilities that the the music world has been seeing frequently[...]

DJ Snake- Oh Me Oh My (Malaa Remix) It has only been a week since Malaa released the new single 'Contagious', but the masked producer couldn't pass up the opportunity to remix a hit track made by one[...]

When most people think of MDMA, LSD, Marijuana, etc. they tend to think of their recreational uses. MDMA is an active component in "molly" and "ecstasy" which is how it has gotten a reputation as a rave/party drug. However,[...]

For those who have never been able to see Richie Hawtin perform, you are about to have the opportunity to see a one-of-a-kind performance by one of the most formidable names in techno. Hawtin announced that he will debut his[...]

Since they began, Autograf has been lifting spirits and putting smiles on faces all over the world with their dreamy house tracks. Starting out with sultry remixes to alternative and electronic music alike, the trio found a way to[...]

Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze - Neiloj Electronic music powerhouse Sander van Doorn has just previewed his newest track under his Purple Haze project. 'Neiloj' will be the first release under the name in years and it will drop soon[...]

Leave it to the world of Reddit to give us something we didn't quite ask for, but most definitely needed. In the past couple months alone, Skrillex has been seen working alongside Mr. Carmack, Incubus and now, Fifth Harmony. With[...]

An odd sense of déjà vu is flooding over us as Facebook Messenger introduces a new feature. It hasn't been that long since Instagram took Snapchat's idea of a photo/video story being available for 24 hours with fun[...]

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In a weekend full of surprises, here is another one for you. Miami Music Week has always been known for their surprise...

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