Shelby Condon

House and techno enthusiast. Dance floor commander. insta: @shelbayybay

In the past couple of years Uber has received a lot of backlash regarding their surge prices during special events and holidays. While the idea of demand and price increase makes sense, Uber completely took advantage of how[...]

Last night a few hundred lucky guests got to experience the West Coast premiere of Electric Heart. When we first heard about this cinematic experiment, we weren’t sure what to expect from dance music's first silent film. But after seeing[...]

Late Sunday night in London, over 500 people gathered at Mangle E8 for the annual LOVEJUICE party. The converted industrial "basement" has hosted many successful music events over the years, but a fight between two males in their[...]

With a festival name like "The Greatest Day Ever", you are already setting some high expectations for your attendees. For the fourth year, Adidas is putting on the two day festival in New York City on July 15th[...]

The day so many people were waiting for had finally come; Kendrick Lamar released his fourth studio album DAMN. Knowing that it was coming, Spotify users took to their phones and computers frantically searching for it, but to no[...]

DJs and event curators are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries to create a unique experience to enjoy music in. Whether it be music on a cruise ship, a beach, in the mountains or the[...]

W&W- Put Em Up After being played in sets for months already, W&W has officially released their long awaited track ‘Put Em Up’. As their second release of the year on Mainstage Music, it is a heavy hitting big[...]

Panorama Festival Introduces "The Point" Once again, Goldenvoice is bringing their massive festival production talent to New York City this summer with Panorama Festival. After already releasing a stellar lineup with some of the most sought after headliners right now,[...]

Coachella's Newest Addition: The Antarctic Stage For the first time in years, Coachella will be bringing a new stage to the Polo Fields. While this stage may not be built for a headliner performance, it promises an experience unlike[...]

Thomas Gold - Revelation Part 1 Once you have made a name for yourself in electronic music, it is uncommon to completely switch genres. Some artists decide to have side projects or create a new alias, but very few[...]

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2SCOOPS - SOCIO On the down low there has been a train of straight fire coming from Brillz in advance of his TWONKILATION...

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