7 Tracks To Get You Hyped For Oregon Eclipse

The countdown to the biggest North American celestial event in years is nearing its end. The solar eclipse that will be taking place this month is drawing out people from every corner of the world, ready to make the journey to Oregon for the spectacle. When the list of worldwide collaborators for Oregon Eclipse came out, we knew it was going to be good. But when the lineup started being released stage by stage, we weren’t prepared for it to be this good.

At EDMTunes we like to give you a little preview playlist before each festival so you can get excited for some of the acts that you get to experience. The fact of the matter is, there is too much raw talent in this festival to even begin to make a list of tracks to get you hyped. Even if we went stage by stage that list would be extensive enough to carry you through your trip to Big Summit Prairie and back. So, we decided to take a track from each stage, all of which have been released in the last six months!

Starting with the Eclipse Stage:

With multiple nights of STS9, String Cheese Incident and other stand out performances, this stage will set the bar for years to come. Random Rab will actually be performing during the eclipse, which is why we chose this song. ‘A Little More Free’ is the perfect, dreamy downtempo tune to set the tone for the event.

Moon Stage:

A place where lovers of all things grimy, dirty and bass heavy can thrive. ‘B.F.G’ by EPROM is a track that speaks for itself and will give you a nice intro to what you can expect here.

Sky Stage:

For your own personal house and techno haven, run on over to the Sky Stage to experience some of the best the world has to offer. With names like Max Cooper, Damian Lazarus, along with Dirtybird and Desert Hearts players, this will be a hard stage to leave. Oona Dahl’s 8 minute journey of ‘Empath’ is a tune we will never get tired of.

Sun Stage:

After being popular around the world for years, psytrance is just on the brink of making it’s way into more popular festivals in the US. With names like Perfect Stranger and Grouch on the bill, it will be the perfect place to expose many to a genre they might not have explored much. Captain Hook and Ace Ventura just posted their track ‘The Jolly Roger’ to SoundCloud a couple months ago and the response they got has been overwhelming.

Earth Stage:

Bringing in some more liquid bass and melodic breaks, the Earth Stage will be in a non stop flow all week long. Kalya Scintilla is one of the artists we were very excited to see at this event.

Big Top Stage:

The perfect place to break up your week with a little more funk and electro. A place to dance around and be silly with your friends, swinging your way across the dusty dance floor. High Step Society’s ‘Is You Is’ will have you non stop moving.

Silk Road Stage:

With artists from around the globe, this stage will highlight all of the talent with a more worldly sound. Nicola Cruz will be an artist you won’t want to miss.

While each of theses tracks is vastly different than the others, it’s very representative of the wide array of music choices attendees will have throughout the event. With just a week to go be sure to finish your packing, finalize your plans and give these tracks a listen!