Avicii’s Message in a Magic Box Hints at New Music

A special little black box is making it’s way through Instagram containing an exciting message from Avicii. After taking a hiatus from touring and live performances, many wondered if he would ever return to the scene. Well, fans have no reason to worry as the message inside the box gives them something to look forward to.

DJ Tigerlily posted a video of her relaxing poolside and receiving the box. Even though the message is blurred out, two things are very clear; It is a note from Avicii and she is absolutely loving the tune that’s playing. While nothing has officially been announced, many are hoping that this video is hinting towards a possible collaboration between the two artists.

The Instagram account Avicii Mexico also posted a video of the little black box, this time with the full message inside. It reads:

For Avicii it’s creating music. That is what he lives for, what he was born to do. He was just a school kid when he uploaded his first song online. All of a sudden he was performing for millions, in front of a roaring ocean of hands, faces and flashes. It was a lot. It was fast.

Last year when Avicii quit performing live, many thought that was it. His departure from the stage was perceived as him stepping down for good. But, the end of live never meant the end of Avicii. Instead, he went back to the place where it all made sense – the studio.

The next stage of Avicii’s life will be all about his love of making music. It is the beginning of something new and now you’re starting to hear what that sounds like. – Avicii 

You can watch the videos below, and be on the lookout for the next Avicii (and possibly Tigerlily) release.