Pandora Might Call it Quits On Ticketfly


Two years ago Pandora started making moves to become an all inclusive music experience company by purchasing Ticketfly. However, with their recent decision to try to sell the company, the ticketing side of business may have to take a back seat. Pandora has been struggling to keep up with Spotify and Apple Music, two streaming services that many people have already dedicated their libraries and funds to. With an array of choices, each offering their own pros and cons, Pandora wanted to offer its users something that the others couldn’t.

While no official announcements or comments have been made, Pandora seems to be shifting their focus back into what they originally wanted to do- provide a quality on-demand streaming service. Unless they find a buyer for the entire it company, it looks like Ticketfly will be the first part to go. After spending $450 million on acquiring it, Pandora could really use that cash back to refocus on their goals and staying relevant in the music streaming world.