• With Burning Man becoming the hot new destination for the upper crust, it’s steadily gotten the attention of the Federal Government. The Burning Man Festival is overseen by the US Bureau of Land Management that provides the permits every year for the event. This year, the permitting process has been hampered by a new, significant request. The BLM is requesting a new facility be built (in time for the event this year), at (reported) cost to Burning Man of over $1mill. While some are speculating it’s related to the recent switch of medical service providers at the Burn, it seems this VIP facility is now on the short list of things that needs to get done before the permit is issued. You can see the full request list for the area and a whole pile of extra information on the story over at Burners.me. Highlights include popsicles, air conditioning, flush toilets, running water and food rivaling Reno casino buffet lines. Additionally, they’ve got 4 private medical units, for themselves, not for general BM usage, I’d wager.

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  • Daft Punk Unchained

    Daft Punk, arguably the most iconic duo in electronic dance music, was the subject of a documentary produced by BBC Worldwide France. Directed by Hervé Martin Delpierre and co-written with Marina Rozenman“Daft Punk Unchained” aired on the French TV station Canal+ on June 24. It is currently available via streaming video in French and without subtitles.

    The documentary revisits Daft Punk’s rise to fame and features a wide range of celebrities, which includes Kanye West, Pharrell, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Skrillex, Pete Tong, Pedro Winter, and more.

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  • insomniac

    It’s been a full week since the final day of EDC Las Vegas 2015 and the chills are still rolling in. Trying to absorb what took place over the course of those three days on the Speedway may take much, much longer than expected. While EDC Orlando, NYC, UK, and soon to be EDC Brasil all carry the EDC brand, none have yet to achieve the significance and emotional grandeur that comes with partying under the electric sky of Las Vegas. For many, EDCLV is the highlight of the year (if not a lifetime), and understandably so; this festival stands at the apex of the modern rave experience, and is exactly what this formerly underground culture needs to stay alive and flourish within the mainstream.

    As with every installation before it, the 2015 edition of EDCLV brought fans from around the world under a sky that wasn’t just electric, but searingly hot; despite the pressures of health and safety concerns with 100+ degree weather, Insomniac’s crew maintained exceptional composure and provided an environment fit for everyone to enjoy. The Vegas edition of EDC continues to serve as Insomniac’s platform to premiere groundbreaking stage design, and lays the groundwork for the rest of their festival mainstays throughout the year. While each Insomniac event carries its own vibes and lovable idiosyncrasies, our general expectations stem from the monumental successes of EDCLV. So what exactly is it that this festival makes us all feel?

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  • AudienEDMTunes is proud to offer you the opportunity to win a fresh pair of 808 Performer BT headphones, with an extra little something to make them special: these bluetooth headphones will be coming to you signed by Audien! 
    EDMTunes Giveaway: Audien Signed 808 Headphones (Contest on Hive.co)

    I was able to test out these new 808 headphones, and I have to say, I’m impressed. I put them through the paces at a product demo recently before sitting down with Audien & Ian Geise of 808 to talk about them. The review of the headphones is after the interview.

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  • The Night Air

    Whitney Fierce – The Night Air (Human Movement Remix)

    Human Movement have been slowly but surely creeping up into the spotlight with their intricate and well refined approach to an underground genre. Their latest release is a remix of the Whitney Fierce track ‘The Night Air’. Putting a distinct tech touch on the original, the duo cranks out a track that is as dark and ominous as it is groovy.

    As with most tech tunes, the elements within the track slowly evolve build throughout the entire song. The intense and pounding bass line that makes up the core of the track acts as a foreboding siren that shouts out across the driving rhythm. The dreary and haunting vocal lines act as a hook to spice up the musical elements of the track and often act as a bridge between the different sections. Slowly but surely the groove evolves into an intense amount of raw energy that is often missed in a genre, and compliments the essential elements of the original. So snag your free copy of the tune through the link below, and give Human Movement a follow on Facebook today!

    Whitney Fierce – The Night Air (Human Movement Remix) | Download

  • I Want Your Soul

    Sleepy Tom – I Want Your Soul

    Sleepy Tom has established a year’s worth of solid material with succinct quality releases. He’s done remixes for the likes of Zeds Dead, GTA & Martin Solveig on their respective gems, ‘Bustamove‘ and ‘Intoxicated‘; he also decided to dabble a bit into hip-hop late last year, and turned Pusha T‘s hit track, ‘Move That Dope‘, into a house banger. Now Sleepy Tom is back with a new track on Spinnin Records in ‘I Want Your Soul‘.

    If the vocals sound familiar to you it’s because it should be. It has been sampled by New York City house legend, Armand van Helden, from his 2007 disco original. Just nine months ago, Tom decided to create a bootleg of Armand’s track, and uploaded it to his Soundcloud as a free download. His rendition doesn’t do much to the soul of the original track as he keeps the disco vibe throughout the melody, and gives it an intensely hard house drop. He’s made it more fit to the current state of electronic music and ready to be played on everyone’s sets all over the festival season this summer. The track isn’t set to be released until July 20th, but you can have a listen to it on repeat while your tanning by your pool or at the beach by pressing play below!

    Sleepy Tom – I Want Your Soul

  • Heaven Sent

    Ferreck Dawn – Heaven Sent

    The crew over at Love & Other Records continue to set the bar high with their A&R finds as of late. Up next on their release schedule they are featuring Ferreck Dawn. The Amsterdam resident recently has found homes for his tracks on Armada Deep, and crushing his single, “Another Day” featuring BISHØP, on Spinning Deep amassing well over 1 million plays while putting together a guest mix for Pete Tong to top things off.

    His latest offering, “Heaven Sent,” is a mash between some deep house vibes and “stuck in your head” pop vocals, utilizing an incredibly vibrant piano line that will have you moving your rear end like no other. With the beginning of summer having kicked off last Sunday, this tune sets the tone for what looks to be a hot season for the London based label to continue throwing out quality and influential music in the coming months so snag it now for your listening and playing pleasure.

  • Electric Forest

    Iconic Colorado jam band and annual Electric Forest headliners, The String Cheese Incident, took to The Ranch stage on Friday for their first of three performances of the weekend with a giant surprise up their sleeves for the night’s encore. After the quintet spent a staggering 3 hours jamming on stage, the band brought out a very special guest; the multi-talented, half-maned, Skrillex, to play two covers of The Doors on guitar to wrap up their performance. Just before taking the stage for his own headlining set at the Forest, Skrillex, who collaborated with The Doors for “Breakn’ A Sweat,” energetically joined The String Cheese Incident in delivering top-notch covers of “Break on Through (To The Other Side)” and “LA Woman.”

    Despite having a solidified and highly successful music career, Skrillex never ceases to amaze his fans; he continues to prove to be not only a world renown electronic artist, but as a grab bag full of musical surprises. This weekend’s guitar and vocal performance further illustrates how the once lead singer of emo-punk band, From First To Last, turned electronic superhero isn’t afraid to flex his diverse musical muscles time and time again, using a multitude of mediums. Check out Skrillex’s surprise appearance during The String Cheese Incident’s encore at this year’s Electric Forest below!

  • SBCR

    Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (SBCR) has announced that his second mix compilation will be available on August 21st on Dim Mak Records. Following his first release ‘SBCR & Friends’ just 3 months ago, the second volume has aptly been titled ‘SBCR & Adversaries’. In addition to album details, Sir Bob has added a track off the mix compilation to the Dim Mak SoundCloud page for free download. According to his Facebook page, the song called, “Black New York Tee,” is the first single from ‘SBCR & Adversaries’, but strangely enough, the summary on Dim Mak’s SoundCloud upload labels it the compilation’s second release. We’ll chalk up the inconsistency as a side-effect of Sir Bob’s continued mysterious persona.

    “The symphonic single showcases Rifo’s inimitable ability to navigate the gamut of genre, providing a preview of what the EP and SBCR is all about.”

    SBCR – Black New York Tee Download

    Self-confessed audio nerds, NOISIA, are renowned globally for their bass heavy, sonically inspiring electronic music productions and live performances and their record labels. However it wasn’t until last week that the trio took their music event, NOISIA Invites, to North America. The event, which took place at Webster Hall in New York City, also marks the ten-year anniversary of their record label Vision Recordings and follows the first NOISIA Invites Festival. We caught up with Thijs de Vlieger of NOISIA before his set at Webster Hall.

    What are your plans for Vision Recordings now that you have hit the decade mark? Has your A&R direction changed over the years, if so, what influenced those changes?

    “I don’t think we’re going to change a whole lot, just going to do the same. I mean the vision has been steadily NOISIA releases but anyone is welcome to join the roster if we believe in the quality and yeah that is going to stay the same.”

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