• Jessie J Feat. 2 Chainz - Burnin' Up (Gazzo Remix)
    Jessie J Feat. 2 Chainz – Burnin’ Up (Gazzo Remix)

    East Coast DJ and producer Gazzo is setting himself up nicely for the new year as he continues to rock his gritty electro growl on a multitude of labels. Republic Records presented him the opportunity to remix ‘Burnin’ Up’ by Jessie J and he quickly turned the lax single into a club heater. Although the Hoboken native frequently sports a leather jacket and 5 o’clock shadow, he isn’t all business. The light-hearted guy has a reputation for being friendly and genuine, traits that are crucial in such a tight-knit industry. This is not the first time Gazzo’s name has landed on our site and it certainly won’t be the last. For previous works of his that have been supported by the EDMTunes team, you can check here.

  • This Side of Paradise

    Hayley Kiyoko – This Side Of Paradise (Lost Kings Remix)

    From Wild Club to Oliver Heldens, and even Dirty South, the Lost Kings have been busy putting forth quality remix after remix for some time now. The Diplo support LA duo is developing a name for themselves with their vocally dominant productions and powerfully constructed melodies, characteristics that have readily apparent in their latest remix of Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘This Side of Paradise’.

    Hayley’s voice is definitely something special, and the Lost Kings made sure to keep it in the forefront of this remix. Beautiful piano chords carry her vocals through the track and into a raving breakdown full of uplifting synths and a crispy percussive background. Restructuring the track the way they have has really brought out the emotion, and the end result is something incredibly enjoyable. The Lost King’s remix of ‘This Side of Paradise’ is available as a free download, and is out on Hypem for you to give it a big Ol’ heart!

    Hayley Kiyoko – This Side Of Paradise (Lost Kings Remix) | Download

  • With experiences of past Q-Dance events, the return was sure to bring more beautiful people, an amazing atmosphere, and of course, more Hardstyle music. The Los Angeles show on this past weekend proved to be one for the books, as some of the most celebrated Hardstyle acts were front and center for the special night. Q-Dance’s success in Los Angeles is mainly stemmed from the over-the-top Hardstyle enthusiasts that travel from outside LA to enjoy a night filled with the genre they come to know and love.

    Q-Dance is responsible for the growth and pertinence of Hardstyle in American culture. Although the genre has been around for quite some time, it’s been a black sheep among the other EDM genre for being “too loud” and “too repetitive”, but the elements found in Hardstyle, for most fans, can be inspiring, loving, and most of all, uplifting.
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  • deadmau5 is Building a 45,000 sq ft Backyard Studio for 'Actual Musicians'

    Even though his coffee runs take a little bit longer now, it looks like deadmau5 is enjoying the perks that come with his new rural residence. Not only is his large property perfect for all his toys, but it’s also allowed him to plan what might be his greatest project of all time. The Canadian producer is in the early stages of building an enourmous backyard studio that would leave other artists drooling. According to his tweet, there is already a proposed site for the 45,000 square foot complex, which can only be reached by a half-mile long access road that would also have to be built.

    After criticizing Paris Hilton for her expensive price tag and Martin Garrix for using pirated software, it’s clear that deadmau5 has had some issues with a couple of his fellow DJs as of late. That being said, the Grammy award winner has stated that in order to step foot in his brand new studio, you will have to be an ‘actual musician‘.
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  • We’ve already seen some wild videos for ‘Ragga Bomb’ and ‘Try It Out‘, and now the most minimal track from Skrillex‘s debut album, Recess, is following in their footsteps. Although ‘Fuck That‘ might not be as intense as the tunes previously mentioned, that doesn’t mean its music video is any less action-packed. Directed by the critically acclaimed Nabil Elderkin, it tells the story of a fighter that has recently been released from prison. Unfortunately, the protagonist, who is played by French actor Saïd Taghmaoui, finds himself in trouble yet again before a dark, supernatural ending. Elderkin has worked with some of music’s most notable figures and his videos for Kanye West’s ‘Mercy’ and Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ have even been nominated for MTV Video Music Awards. While we have no clue whether or not this particular project will receive the same recognition, we can only hope that this isn’t the last time the two collaborate.

  • War on 'Freemium' Music Services Rages On, Rhapsody CFO Weighs In
    Still continuing to make news, the debate over the economics of online music streaming has been reinvigorated after artists began to speak up about unfair compensation. Earlier this month, Taylor Swift suddenly pulled the plug on Spotify, withdrawing all her entire music catalog from the service, and subsequently rallied a campaign against Spotify and other similar streaming services that offer music for free. She recently told Yahoo,

    I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music. . And I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.”

    This was the match that set the forest ablaze. Soon after, renowned country artist, Jason Aldean, followed suit by pulling his latest album from Spotify, and Sony Music big whig, Kevin Kelleher, suggested that his company is considering withdrawing its support of free music services such as Spotify.

    Spotify has since spoken out to set the record straight. CEO Daniel Ek discussed the genesis of Spotify, citing piracy as a major issue that was paying artists nothing, and ultimately detracting from the music industry as a whole. “Spotify [on the other hand] has paid more than two billion dollars to labels, publishers, and collecting societies for distribution to songwriters and recording artist. . .so all the talk about Spotify making money on the backs of artists upsets me big time”, Ek says.

    Regardless, as Spotify and other similar streaming services continue to be portrayed as the bad guys, online music companies that don’t utilize a ‘freemium’ model, like Beats Music and Rhapsody, stand to gain. Rhapsody CFO, Ethan Rudin, spoke out regarding the recent attacks on the ‘freemium’ model and how it is not only beneficial to his company, but also the music industry as a whole. In his statement, Rudin highlights two main flaws with the ‘freemium’ model. First, he states that listening to music is an experience that SHOULD NOT be interrupted, and that abruptly shoving advertisements in between tracks just cheapens the experience. Second, he points out that by offering ‘free’ music, services like Spotify are lessening the value of a music album for future generations, teaching young music fans to expect that music is free.

    As the battle against streaming services that provide free music rages on, only time will tell who will come out on top on the other side. Until then we are left with the same old issue of artists and right-holders not getting appropriately compensated for their hard work, a problem that has been around since the emergence of music on the inter-webs. Who will make the next move?

  • Prepare your feels, cause it’s about to get a little more uplifting. With the release of Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds‘ album, tons of emerging covers have started to emerge on the world wide web. This time, we present to you one of one of the biggest hits off of the album – ‘Sad Machine’. Didrick and Ember Island joined forces and have re-invented the track’s overall mood with a touch of refreshing chimes and melodic rifts, the grey and white video involves the two acts performing the track along some beautiful scenes. The cover is breathtaking and is worth a watch, even Porter seems to think it’s amazing.

  • Freefallin' Dirty South Remix

    Dirty South is officially back into the swing of things, recently releasing his sophomore album “With You,” and a short film to accompany it. Those of you who have heard the new album know that the Serbian producer strays away from his typical progressive sound, or any “dance music” sound for that matter, opting out for a more chilled-out electronica sound instead. Recently, however, Dirty South remixed the album’s “Freefallin‘,” returning to his progressives roots to make the track ready for the dancefloor. The remix is still dreamy like the original, it just has a little dance push to it. As Gita Lake’s airy vocals glide through the track, the progressive guitar rifts build into an emotional melody that bursts through in classic Dirty South fashion. For those fans who worried that Dragan had left dance music for good, this remix is for you so take a listen below and buy your copy on Beatport here.

    The fun doesn’t end just yet however, as Dirty South has recently announced his new #WatchesWithYou competition. The lucky fan who wins the competition will be given the opportunity of having Dirty South come over their house to watch his film “With You,” with you. Not only will the winner get a private screening of the film with the producer, but he or she will also be lucky enough to have Dirty South DJ a private house party. Entering the competition is simple, all you need to do is go to dirtysouthwatcheswithyou.com and submit a short response answering why you deserve to win! From there, the response with the most votes wins the competition. Check out the trailer below for more information, and a good laugh too.

  • On the surface level, Riff Raff may come off as a boisterous, caucasian version of Two Chainz. He has creeped into his niche corner of the rap game by laying down catchy and swaggerized lines about anything from neon shoes to bedazzled broads. But this niche pool of talent that the Houston rapper has established himself in has him set to dive into success.

    On the Mad Decent Boat Party, Riff Raff had the chance to link up with some choice people to be inducted into his power circle. Most notably are names such as Kygo and manager Myles Shear, which started the rumors that Riff Raff will be joining under this same management (Golden Hare Management Group). With these big names backing him, he can drive full force into the EDM scene.

    Billboard recently sat down with the Neon Icon, where they had a chance to shed some light on the upcoming dance endeavors. While many attribute Riff Raff as strictly a rap artist, this couldn’t be farther from the truth:
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  • Legendary Techno Festival 'Time Warp' Is Coming to New York
    As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, you are probably looking forward to those mountains of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce that will be awaiting you at the dinner table. You are also probably wondering how you will burn off those thousands of excess calories after you’ve had your fill. Well you are in luck. On November 28th and 29th, one of techno’s most renowned and institutional festivals, Time Warp, will be kicking off its New York edition at the 39th Street Pier. In the midst of celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Mannheim-based event will be bringing 19 of the world’s most exciting pioneer techno acts that will be featured on two stages during both evenings. However, the music is not the only area where Time Warp excels, the festival also creates an incredibly unique atmosphere for those in attendance. Time Warp brings along ‘The Cave’, which is a dazzling full-floor design concept, modeled after an arctic ice cave, that works to unify the stage and dance floor, allowing for a surreal audiovisual experience. With successful offshoots launched in the Netherlands, Italy, and Argentina, this New York edition is shaping up to be an experience you don’t want to miss. So forget about the week of starvation and juice detoxes the week after Thanksgiving and head to Brooklyn to dance those calories away! Run over to Time Warp official site to secure your TICKETS!

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