• When he’s not producing records for some of the hottest musicians, playing sold-out shows around the world and getting into Twitter-beef with teenage girls, Diplo finds time to drive for Uber. Yes, you read that correctly and if you live in/will be in Los Angeles tomorrow, you might just get picked up by the Mad Decent boss himself. Just a few short days ago, we told you that the ridesharing service would be partnering with Spotify as a way to allow passengers to choose the tunes that they want to hear while cruising around town. Uber will be unveiling its latest innovation tomorrow and a few lucky users will be able to experience the new Spotify-enabled cars with Diplo. In oder to take part, you just have to follow these four simple steps:

    1. Connect your Spotify account from the Uber Profile screen. You only need to do this once.

    2. Open up the Uber app at 2 pm on Friday, November 21.

    3. Request the special vehicle option. Tap the music bar and choose a song from any of your Spotify playlists while you wait for your Uber to arrive.

    4. If your ride is confirmed, you and as many of your friends that can safely fit will be some of the first to experience the new Spotify-enabled Uber cars. And if you’re really lucky, get ready for the ride of your life with Diplo!

    Good luck to those of you who plan on requesting a ride and we hope that Diplo will be just as good of an Uber driver as his fellow producer deadmau5.

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  • There’s no doubt that “Ease My Mind” is one of the standout tracks on Skrillex‘s debut album, Recess. In fact, the superstar producer even closed out his headlining Coachella performance with a live version of the track that featured a trapped-out remix by none other than GTA. Since then, the duo’s take on the tune has found its way into the sets of countless DJs and for those of you who have been dying to get your hands on it, a release date has finally been set. After the Ease My Mind/Ragga Bomb Remix EP was pulled from the iTunes shelves due to an apparent leak, it looks like it will new be made re-avaliable for purchase on November 24th. Along with the GTA remix, fans will also receive the Jai Wolf remix of “Ease My Mind” and the Skrillex vs Zomboy and Teddykillerz remixes of “Ragga Bomb“. Hopefully, there will be no problems with the rerelease and we can finally fulfil our need of new Skrillex material.

  • Constantly barraging listeners with remix gems, Elephante teased us with sentiments of upcoming original tracks in an interview a few months ago, and as an honest musician sticking to his word, we are happy to finally present his first original release ‘Shake the Earth.’ You’d probably deem me insane at this point for being so pleasantly shocked at the pure talent and musical insight Elephante delivers with each of his releases, but his multi-dimensional artistic dexterity keeps listeners on their toes, craving the quality expected of him, but in more flavors than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

    Twisting an already made song into your own is a magical feat, but sourcing the entirety of a song – every beat, every note, and every nuance of sound – is a whole other monster, and Elephante reigns triumphant. Easing into the song with a softer intro, Lyon Hart’s ardent vocals build in parallel with the piano and synth melodies into a zenith of emotional release. Fans of this strong melodic progressive track, we hope the wide reception of ‘Shake the Earth’ encourages Elephante to share with us more of that lovely original brain of his in the near future.

    Elephante – Shake The Earth feat. Lyon HartDownload

  • Nora En Pure Announces Her North American #Purified Tour
    Not too long after her dazzling single, ‘True’ and recent rework of Wretch 32’s ‘6 Words’, received a warm reception from fans and critics alike, rising Swiss producer, Nora En Pure, has just relayed some very exciting news. Beginning on December 10th in Orlando, Florida, Nora En Pure will be kicking off her # Purified North American Tour that will hit 5 big cities in a span of 7 days, honoring her newest #Purified podcast series. With this being her debut North American tour, this Helvetic Nerds member is primed to dazzle from behind the one twos, looking to secure her place among electronic dance music’s most exciting rising talents.  So if you even remotely dig deep, vibe-heavy, indie dance sounds, check to see if Nora En Pure will be rolling through a city near you!

    If you happen to be in the New York metropolitan area, or even the New England area, do not miss your chance to party with Nora En Pure on December 11th at the legendary Slake NYC! With support from local talents Powerslug and Alex English, this is surely an event you do not want to miss! Click HERE to secure your tickets today, and join the event group here. Our boys at InDeep are co-promoting the event, so you can be sure it’ll be one hell of a party.

    #purified tour

  • For those of you who have taken a trip to Dada Land recently, you’ve probably noticed that the stage was looking a bit empty. Today, Olle Cornéer took to Facebook to let fans know that he has been absent from touring as a result of his battle with cancer. Although he does not get into specifics, he mentions that this is “the best cancer you can get” and that he expects to be back on the road before the end of the year. That’s not the only good news though, as Corneer also let us know that he’s been feeling more creative than ever as of late. After producing a series of tracks that are unlike anything you would hear in a Dada Life set, he’s decided that it’s time to release them and you can check them out over here.

    Fans of the Swedish duo might recall that this isn’t the first health scare that the guys have faced, as the other half of Dada Life, Stefan Engblom, had to have his whole large intestine removed earlier this year. Also, it’s hard to not think of Bingo Players’ Paul Bäumer, who courageously fought cancer up until his passing this past December, during this time. Just like they did with Paul, we imagine the dance music community will rally around Olle and give him the strength to continue his battle.

    From us here at EDMTunes, get well soon, Olle, and we hope to rage with you again in the near future.

  • A$AP Rocky - Fuckin' Problems Ft. Xavier Dunn (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Kasúal Remix)

    A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems Ft. Xavier Dunn (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Kasúal Remix)

    Usually when I hear the name A$AP Rocky or a song named “Fuckin’ Problems,” I prepare myself for the rapid fire of verbal abuse which some people enjoy as their music, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Vijay & Sofia Zlatko and Kasúal’s remix of the rap anthem. An elegant vocal serenade backdropped against a simple orchestral accompaniment, A$AP’s “Fuckin’ Problems” received an incredible, almost unrecognizable transformation from the masterminds behind the recent ‘Breakdown‘ remix. Behind all great music is that slight tinge of tension, whether that be in a build up, melody, or in this case, the cognitive dissonance between the crude lyrics we’ve all heard fired on the radio and the beautifully serene execution of the song.

    A lethargic, deep house essence is carried like a wisp of smoke throughout the song between the piano, deep synthetic beats, and that gripping, elastic draw of the bow on the violin strings. The Zlatko’s and Kasúal’s remix is truly a reminder of the metamorphic quality in music when in the hands of adroit artists; grab your free copy below.

    A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problems Ft. Xavier Dunn (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Kasúal Remix) | Free Download

  • Bass Producer, Getter Creates New

    Those who proclaim that “dubstep is dead” haven’t come across the young “unsung hero of underground bass culture”, Getter. Tanner Petulla, a.k.a. Getter, entered the underground bass game at the ripe age of 17 in 2010 and has been knee deep in the scene ever since. Today, the Firepower Records member released his Trenchlords Vol. 1 EP; the first installment from his new music project called, “Trench”. Getter explained that “Trench” is his project that will encompass the realm of dark and simple bass music that he’s been producing for years. He aims to work with other high quality bass music producers to “do it right”. It’s safe to say that Trenchlords Vol 1. definitely did it right. With featured collaborations from artists Algo and Deemed, this EP is the pinnacle of dark, ominous, underground sound mixed with a lot of in-your-face swag. For those who live to prove that dubstep is in fact far from dead, should definitely check out Getter’s latest on-point release.

    Check out Getter’s new project and grab a free download of his 4 track EP below!

  • Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Says

    After Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin split with Gwenyth Paltrow, the songwriter had plenty of somber and misery-filled ammunition for the band’s latest album, Ghost Stories. Amidst any emotional suffering and heartfelt songwriting that occurred for the record, Martin also pulled some uplifting inspiration from unexpected sources including Katy Perry, Nirvana and EDM.

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the frontman admitted surprisingly that while he was creating the track “Sky Full of Stars” for Ghost Stories, he was listening to a lot of Perry. He became fascinated by how the constant repetition of a single chord sequence could be kept in tact throughout an entire song yet still remain interesting due to the vocal melodies. He explained, “then I realized all these other people that have done that”, “Nirvana being a classic example — ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the same chord sequence basically the whole time. There’s a simplicity to that. I needed to find a sequence that I could play for ages and ages and ages.”

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  • Blockhead Releases Newest Album
    Blockhead, a.k.a James Simon, has just released his sixth solo album, and most recent album since 2012’s Interludes After Midnight. Bells and Whistles is Simon’s first album to be promoted and released independently after he split with record label, Ninja Tune. The trip-hop giant, widely known for his instrumental hip hop and his album The Music Scene from 2009, is also renown for his collaborations with hip hop artists like Aesop Rock and Open Eagle Mike.
    His newest album, Bells and Whistles, has been streaming on soundcloud this week, and is full of the psychedelic swirls, jazz breakdowns, and creative vocal samples that vibe so well with Blockhead’s chopping trip hop beats. For now, Bells and Whistles is streaming on soundcloud, and will only be available for digital download through iTunes and Bandcamp, but in a short description on the album’s release Simon states that he’s working to release 1000 copies on vinyl, and will repress more if it goes well.

  • Really, what else is there to say? Kaskade has spoken about his concerns with Redux getting too big, but in a stunning piece on his tumblr, he broke probably the best possible news for New Yorkers wondering what the heck BIG WEEK NYC is. This cluster of shows between Christmas & New Years is shaping up quite nicely, with Carnage/DVBBS & Armin shows accompanying this. If you’re not sure what Redux is, check out our coverage during MMW and re-experience his full live set in SF here. In short, Kaskade explains:

    The idea was to strip things back down and nod to the way it was. Closed eyes meant you were doing it right. The only sensory assault was sound, with restraint everywhere else. Music would be the experience.

    Kaskade discusses his fears and concerns about having a deep, Redux style set on a festival stage. He’s totally right that if this is going to succeed anywhere, it will be NYC.  However, if this show is the jaw-dropping success we all know it’s going to be, who knows? Maybe we’ll see a little more deep & melodic at festivals next summer. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 21st… if you want to be a part of something special, be sure to grab yourself a pair of tickets as soon as they’re available.