• New York DJ and producer Matt Lange has recently remixed ‘Illusion’ by his good friends in VERSA, formerly known as VersaEmerge. Matt approaches the alternative original in a profound way, injecting it with a grungy tech house syringe that quickly spreads a stream of abstract growls and a hauntingly beautiful melody. The acoustic sequence that drives the body of the remix effortlessly persists the percussive elements and airy female vocals that surround it. You may notice that the orchestral progression which emerges in the latter half of the song parallels the emotional liminality displayed in the aural theme of the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind. Matt Lange voiced this to be his favorite remix he has done in a while, so I suggest you inhale the mystical fumes of this brilliant production and enjoy!

    Versa – Illusion (Matt Lange Remix) | Purchase

  • Pre-sale available April 22nd.

    November is a time to get together with family and fight at Wal-Mart with strangers. To prepare yourself for such an excursion, the people behind Club Space, Mansion Miami, and Groove Cruise have gotten together to bring one of Brazil’s renowned festivals, Music On Board, to Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale. Lucky fans will embark on a voyage to the Caribbean on November 21st for 3 days of euphoric music, beautiful sun, and luxurious accommodations. In the past, artists like Above & Beyond, Kaskade, and Gareth Emery have graced the decks, so you can be rest assured the lineup will be worth your while. This year, Music On Board will be competing with other events like the Mad Decent Boat Party, Holy Ship!, and Groove Cruise in an attempt gain a foothold in the emerging festival-cruise scene. What sets this apart is the experience it has to offer, which you can see in the video below. We’re very excited for this festival-cruise, and you should be as well. Tickets will become available on April 22nd, don’t miss out!

  • Hailing from the live music capital Austin, Texas, Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros of Tritonal are approaching their 50-episode milestone of their mix compilation series, Tritonia, with a bang. In commemorative preparation for their live 50th show, Tritonal released a vocally and melodically dynamite ‘smash up’ called “Starlight Moment,” a mix of Robbie Rivera’s “Starlight” and Nic Chagall’s “This Moment.” A quintessential anthem for a huge celebratory party, the vocals in “Starlight Moment” build up into a euphoric climax, only to drop into a rapid electro beat that’ll urge you into a shuffling frenzy. And to add to the excitement, this release is apparently just a dollop of the slew of mashups, bootlegs, and remixes they plan to premiere at the live Tritonia 50 show in Los Angeles! Enjoy the free download of the smash up, and grab tickets to their show next month if you want the incredible raging to ensue.

    Starlight Moment ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn (Tritonal Mash Up) | Free Download

  • In an underhanded political play by Muzik Nightclub owner, Zlatko Starkovski, the city council of Toronto banned EDM related events from the publicly owned Direct Energy and Better Living buildings at Exhibition Place. Through political contributions and help from a lobbying firm, Starkovski managed to swing the vote to his advantage so that the competition (INK and Live Nation) could no longer book EDM artists at the neighboring facilities to Muzik and relieve Muzik of its “booking troubles”. According to Starkovski, the underage drinking and drug use related to EDM events could damage the reputation of Exhibition Place and businesses held within. So, it would only make sense to move such morally dejected events away from public grounds and into the private sphere. The ban will certainly mean large losses of revenue for the public sector, and Muzik will be cashing that check. If you’d like to see the ban lifted, sign the petition here.
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  • Promise Land – Vega
    Label: Doorn Records | Release Date: May 5, 2014

    While major names have already came out with massive support of the track ‘Vega’ in their lives sets, we listeners finally get a chance to get our ears on it at home. Promise Land, a duo already established for their smash progressive hits, recently released a preview of their next summertime banger. The two minute long preview builds anticipation with its bending synths that slide across the spectrum as the energy kicks up when the percussion is brought it. Keep your eyes and ears out for the tracks release on May 5th, off of Doorn Records.

  • Third Party – Every Day Of My Life
    Label: Size Records | Release Date: TBA

    It’s looking like this festival season could quite possibly (and hopefully) be littered with a resurgence of legit progressive house. “Every Day Of My Life” by UK producer Third Party was premiered by Steve Angello on BBC Radio One last month, but it is still lacking an official release date. The track has a reminiscent tone of house music from days past (pangs of Swedish House Mafia, anyone?), while melding the increased energy and festival-friendliness of the appeal of “banger” tracks of today. The crystal clean emotionally-charged climbs, captivating breakdowns, dreamy vocals and hypnotic chord construction leads to a future release of fierce proportions. Aurally scope the rip from the Radio One broadcast below and wait with bated breath for full release info.

  • Let’s start this week’s TBT as we all think back to a time when the dance community genres were much simpler. Throw down a catchy electro pop beat with a steady kick, add in some vocals which don’t necessarily progress the track, or tell any major story, but are instantly memorable, and easy to recall at will.  Vary the octaves veryse to verse, and voila!  This tune by the popular dance group, ATC, reached the #1 Top 40 hit in 2000, which was adapted from a song called “Pesenka” by “Ruki Vverkh”, a 90′s Russian pop band.

    Definitely keep an eye on the music video. Pure 90s glory.

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    With Madison House Presents and Insomniac’s Electric Forest Festival a little more than two months away, the festival has recently released their third round of artists that are set to perform at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan come end of June. Adding to the already varied lineup of electronic acts, jam bands, and more, Electric Forest has added Excision, Classixx, Tycho, Gemini Club, Cosby Sweater, Dixon’s Violin, After Funk, Emerson Jay, and The Woven Tangles.

    In addition to the updated lineup, the organizers behind the festival have also announced an additional upgraded camping experience. Titled the “Tripolee Comfort Campground,” this experience includes many of the amenities available in the already sold-out “Good Life” option as well as rage front camping. Also revamped this year is the “Electric Access” package, which will allow festival goers to experience Electric Forest as the artists do, complete with private airport transportation, dedicated golf cart service and so much more.

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  • The organizers of this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival unfortunately had to cancel the July event due to unforeseen construction plans on the festival’s site, as well as “a number of exciting festival developments that require more time to ensure their proper presentation.”

    The folks at DEMF have been creating an annual celebration of electronic music in the Motor City every summer since 2000, especially showcasing techno in its unique birthplace. This year was slated to be a big one, as a concurrent event, the Federation of Electronic Music Technology, was also to take place alongside DEMF.

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  • Pharrell is a force to be reckoned with, we all know this. He has lent his captivating voice to other EDM giants, such as Daft Punk, and has recently teamed up with Major Lazer on “Aerosol Can.” Mike Giant, is the only participant in this music video, however, and if you are unaware of what this graffiti and tattoo artist can do… he displays some of his work for you to see. As Pharrell sings and the track progresses, Giant dabbles along and scribbles the lyrics to create a masterpiece of art. The ironic thing about this video is that all the graffiti is done in marker, not with paint and aerosol cans. In the end, Giant lights up, sits on a couch and enjoys his work of art, as Major Lazer and Pharrell continue to play theirs.