• Electric Zoo

    11 months ago today marks the second and final day of the 2013 installment of Electric Zoo Music Festival in New York City. As many know by now, the scheduled third day was cancelled due to the deaths of two attendees who reportedly consumed a bad batch of the club-drug called ‘Molly.’ As we approach this year’s edition, some clarity has arrived regarding last year’s horrific situation.

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  • XS, the opulent superclub inside the Encore casino, plans to paint the town red (along with all the other colors of the rainbow) over Labor Day Weekend. With the help of resident artist Alec Monopoly, the venue unveiled its Labor Day Weekend lineup in style.  The video announcement features Alec Monopoly as he paints the weekend’s lineup as graffiti art. #XSLDW promises the holiday weekend crowds the presence of four of the world’s top DJs: Skrillex, David Guetta, Zedd and Diplo.  If you’ve never experienced XS Nightswim, we highly recommend taking advantage of one of the last opportunities this summer with Zedd on Sunday night.  The outdoor part of the venue becomes a giant pool party and there are two dancefloors, one inside the club and another one out in the pool, complete with giant floaties and rafts.  Check out the video announcement and grab your tickets for what’s sure to be a hell of a weekend in Vegas.

    • Friday, 8/29: Skrillex, Tickets
    • Saturday, 8/30: David Guetta, Tickets
    • Sunday, 8/31: XS Nightswim with Zedd, Tickets
    • Monday, 9/1: Diplo and Skrillex, Tickets

  • The combination of the accessibility of the internet and the elements that form the genre of electronic music create a musical atmosphere that leads to an endless amount of possibilities, but also increases the chances of dishonest work and copyright infringement…where it’s purposeful or accidental. The prodigious Madeon took to twitter yesterday to address an issue he had with the Germany based sample company, Vengeance Sound, about some stealing taking without permission of Madeon’s own songs for sampling. Being a generally chill person, Madeon tweeted to Vengance Sound reminding them that the their act isn’t quite legal. Vengeance Sound’s owner, Manuel Schiels, was quick to defend his most recent installment stating that what Madeon was hearing are 100% original rebuilds using Synths and Nexus Chords. Madeon, not buying Scheils’s claim, looked to peacefully resolve the issue asking for the entirety of Vengeance Sounds plugins in which the two took their conversation to private messaging. Luckily the situation peacefully concluded with a replacement of the samples. Surely we can all think of a few producers who can take a page out of Madeon’s Twitter conflict resolution manual!

  • I Am Oak - On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)
    I Am Oak – On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)
    Label: Spinnin’ Deep | Release Date: September 8th, 2014

    Dutch deep house producer Sam Feldt has been on an absolute tear as of late, gracing his fans with several official remixes under Spinnin’ Deep, a sub-label that has thrived since the beginning of 2014. The tropical record boasts a catchy saxophone melody which floats over a simplistic organ progression. The sexy saxophone element is nothing new to Sam Feldt’s works, as it proudly coasts over his previous remix of ‘Guitar Track‘ by Sander van Doorn and Firebeatz. ‘On Trees and Birds and Fire’ is actually not the first time Sam Feldt and Netherlands native Bloombox have worked together, as they collaborated five months ago on a beautiful rendition of ‘I Will Wait‘ by indie sensation Mumford & Sons. The Mumford remix was Bloombox’s debut production and finely showcased his exquisite talent in the realm of melodic deep house. We hope to see these two producers join forces again.

  • The rising popularity in electronic music has paved the way for a multitude of festivals to spring up all over the globe. However, there are three iconic festivals that sit at the top of every American electronic music lover’s bucket list: Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival and Tomorrowland. For obvious reasons, the earlier two are a lot easier to check off for the average American festival goer, but the latter continues to elude most.  Tomorrowland is the mecca of all music festivals, that people from all around the world dream that they will one day be able to make the pilgrimage out to Boom, Belgium and join the ranks of the People of Tomorrow.  Unfortunately, a small number of lucky people each year will make their dream a reality, making Tomorrowland the most sought after festival ticket. With the demand, Tomorrowland has grown exponentially since it first put its roots down in 2004, with this year marking the 10th anniversary of the esteemed festival. In honor of its birthday, Tomorrowland temporarily expanded to two magical weekends, allowing more People of Tomorrow to experience the madness this year.
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  • Alesso - Tear The Roof Up (Landis & Crespo Remix)

    When Alesso released his newest single ‘Tear The Roof Up’ yesterday, the world took notice. Having been teased around the EDM world for quite a bit of time, the song, which was released on Sebastian Ingrosso’s record label Refune Records, was destined for big things. Highlighting numerous sets at the 10th annual Tomorrowland music festival, it was only a matter of time before the bootlegs and remixes started dropping.

    With the song freshly released and the track running up the Beatport charts, currently sitting at #39, up and comers Landis and Crespo decided to take their shot at this newest summer anthem and damn did they do a good job. Infusing their Miami roots with their ever so catchy Melbourne bounce flair, this remix is infectious to say the least. Getting early support from the likes of The Chainsmokers, the Melbourne king himself, TJR, and Chuckie, this remix is definitely going to stir up the EDM community in the best way possible.

    With this remix of “Tear the Roof Up”  officially dropping today, the Miami boys decided it was only right to give away their newest track for free. So check out the Landis & Crespo remix of Alesso’s newest hit single ‘Tear The Roof Up’ below and let us know what you think!

    Alesso – Tear The Roof Up (Landis & Crespo Remix) | Download

  • Steve Aoki's New Radio Show To Feature Listeners' Countdown

    Steve Aoki is set to launch a new listener-interactive radio show through SiriusXM called “Steve Aoki’s Remix Rewind”.  Aoki is giving his show’s subscribers the exclusive opportunity to vote for the music they hear by asking listeners to pick the best remixes of various widely known EDM tracks. Subscribers to “Aoki’s Remix Rewind” can cast a weekly vote for their favorite remixes, which then generates a listeners’ countdown of the top picks. This countdown is exclusively dedicated to remixes in order to give lesser known producers the chance to have their work heard by a wider audience. In a recent press release Aoki explained, “I love exposing people to new music as well as giving fans a voice, so this interactive voting countdown seemed like the perfect fit.” This unique spin to radio show hosting gives a refreshing twist for listeners by not only giving them the chance to hear their favorite songs on the radio, but to discover new up-and-coming producers, too. “Steve Aoki’s Remix Rewind” airs Sundays at 9:00 pm ET on BPM channel 51 on SiriusXM.

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  • Lollapalooza

    It seems like every year the festivals we know and love continue to get bigger and the lineups continue to get better. Lollapalooza is just another one of those festivals experiencing such massive growth. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in the now famed, Grant Park in Chicago, the ever so popular music festival has slowly but surely become one of the most in demand 3 day events in the country. Featuring acts ranging from Hip-Hop to Electronic Dance Music and everything in between, the diverse lineup is what continues to draw out such a large crowd on such a massive scale.

    What makes this years festival so different from years past is the ticket sales and just how in demand tickets are for this 3 day festival. According to TiqIQ…

    A three-day pass for this year’s Lollapalooza Festival is currently $395.25 on the secondary market, a 39.6% increase from last year’s average price of just $283.05. The increase in secondary price might come from the overwhelming amount of big names for this year’s lineup. The festival headliners include Eminem, Outkast, Kings of Leon and Calvin Harris.

    What makes this news so shocking is the illustration this image paints and just how important it is for fans to have the full festival experience. With prices dropping for single day tickets and prices exploding for 3 day passes, the festival organizers can definitely take pride in the lineup they put out and just how prolific Lollapalooza is to the Chicago music scene.

    With Lollapalooza set to kick off tomorrow and run through the weekend (8/1-8/3), the star studded lineup is sure to put on one amazing show. For last minute tickets head over to websites like Stubhub for 3 day passes and individual day tickets, but remember it may cost you a arm and a leg.

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  • Get “Waves” on Beatport

    Although the madness of the past to weekends of Tomorrowland has ended, we now have the chance to look back on the monumental festival, thanks to Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and W&W’s brand new music video. With Waves being the Tomorrowland 2014 Anthem and all, it was only fitting that the video was shot on location in Boom, Belgium and also features famous Belgian actor Peter Van den Begin. Van den Begin looks a little out of place during the beginning, but soon ditches his suit for some more dance-friendly attire and shows the massive crowd his killer moves. The most intriguing part of the video has to be the extraordinary shots of the actual performances, which includes our new favorite raver popping bottles and corwd-surfing with the likes of W&W, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki. If this video made you crave more Tomorrowland, you can check out some of the live sets here and they should hold you over until TomorrowWorld in two months time.

  • Veteran Warner Music Group Executive Jumps Ship to SoundCloud

    A veteran executive of Warner Music Group is headed to SoundCloud, Billboard reports. During his 17-year tenure at Warner Music Group, Stephen Bryan helped the music company establish and grow its digital presence. Bryan was EVP of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Warner Music group and will now take on the role of SVP of Business Development and Strategy for the digital platform.

    This hire comes at a time of transition for SoundCloud, as the company seeks to figure out a business model that keeps the record labels happy.  Kaskade has been particularly outspoken about the current state of SoundCloud, transitioning his creative material to other platforms after his SoundCloud music was taken down by the site because of copyright infringement of Ultra Records.

    Earlier this month, Billboard reported that SoundCloud was nearing a deal with three major labels, including Warner Music Group.  Each of the three companies (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner) would receive a piece of equity in exchange for licensing deals.  It will be interesting to see how Bryan’s presence at the company will impact its streaming monetization strategy.  Bryan told Billboard, “The really compelling thing about the platform is that we’re at the early stages of listening moving to a streaming model — it’s inevitable that global listening will move to a streaming model. I see enormous growth as that continues to happen.”

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