• DJ Snake
    ICYMI: Last year, it was Deadmau5 doing the pranking of Martin Garrix after he was chosen to replace Avicii Saturday at Ultra Music Festival Miami. This year, DJ Snake’s troll at Ultra Music Festival is one to be remembered. During Snake’s set on the main stage, he posted Dillon Francis’ phone number for all to see as a graphic on the LED screens. While this could have been a part of a bigger hoax, according to Dillon’s twitter feed, the number that Snake plastered all over Ultra yesterday indeed belonged to him.

    The successive tweets kinda give it away to how steamed he is.

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  • Sleep Over

    Flaxo – Sleep Over

    Six months after Flaxo impressed us with his last remix, the NYC/San Francisco-based producer is back to usher in spring with a warm, purely instrumental track. With the opportunity to shy from making vocals the center-piece of a track, this single flourishes through opportunities for development.

    The orchestral ambiance pairs well with each sample; Flaxo really shows off his ear for samples through these masterfully iterated pairings. In the beginning, the song welcomes spring with subtle samples of birds chirping. Rhythm builds slowly throughout,as each element plays off of the other. This works to wonderful effect, and reflects the newish direction that the producer is moving towards, while still demonstrating the technical ability of his previous remixes. His previous remixes, which lead with a vocal-centric frame, might have sacrificed his opportunity to show off. This song makes us thankful he has the 4 minutes of freedom he deserves. This song will be available on his upcoming EP by the same name, although no release date is set.

    Flaxo – Sleep Over | Download

  • Beatport
    Streaming music is on fire right now, in case you didn’t already know from that tidal wave of a publicity stunt. CDs? Downloads? What are those? Everybody is racing to own the music streaming space right now, and SFX has finally prepared Beatport to jump into the fray. Tidbits have trickled out over the past year, but the gist is that SFX purchased Beatport with the goal to morph it into a free streaming model to compete with Spotify. First, the Beatport we all know and love became Beatport Pro and a new minimalist white-and-green Beaport was born.

    While this new streaming Beatport was silently floating around in beta, it is now ready to prime time. Along with the launch, comes a slew of mobile apps. The app features unlimited free streaming of millions of free tracks, charts, playlists, and more. While you might be excited now, you don’t even know the best part. The app doesn’t even have ads! It appears that the app will be focused on prompting users to attend live events, many of which are owned by SFX as well. There is finally a streaming service that has the music we want and you can get it here for Android and iOS.

  • Elephante

    Jack Ü Ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (Elephante Remix)

    When watching those artists who dump their heart and soul into their music, spend countless hours in the studio, and constantly work on honing their craft, there will come a point in time where you can tell when things are going to absolutely pop-off. With each release you can see the productions get tighter, the social followings swell, and the personality of the artist really come into its own. For Elephante, that point is now. One of LA’s brightest rising stars, he’s been turning out a remix-track or so month for this past year, and has stunned us with vocal covers and numerous originals ( most recently ‘Temporary Love‘).

    Yes, there have been a myriad of ‘Where Are Ü’ Now remixes since Jack Ü’s album dropped, almost too many, but what better timing could there be to drop the biggest one yet, than after Bieber joined Skrillex and Diplo on the UMF main-stage? Putting his own spin on some ‘future bass’ vibes, Elephante has turned this slow n’ sultry Ü-trap hit into a lively progressive anthem full of soaring melodies that’ll make your hairs stand on end and inducing all sorts of tingly feely-feels. Smiling is essentially inevitable. In classic Phante fashion, the track is available as a free download, which you can grab below (or head over to his Soundcloud to hit up an extended remix DL).

    Jack Ü Ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (Elephante Remix) | Download

  • One of the most high profile collaborations that was dropped at Ultra was the dream duo of Martin Garrix and Avicii’s single with the vocals of hit singer John Legend. The release lent serious momentum to both producers at Winter Music Conference Week. Garrix is riding the wave of his single “Don’t Look Down” with Usher, who came out to sing the track live at Ultra. Garrix’s string of mainstream collaborations continued, when he debuted his and Tiesto’s “The Only Way Is Up” the day before Ultra at a launch party in Miami. He even went on to debut his long awaited single with Ed Sheeran, “Rewind, Repeat It.” These most recent releases seem to indicate a more pop-centric and progressive house direction for the 18 year old superstar.

    While Garrix has certainly been busy, Avicii seems to have been overdue for a new release. Ultra attendees will recall Avicii’s last-minute cancellation of his 2014 set, as he had surgery to remove his gall bladder and appendix. While health problems may have had lingering effects on the young producer, he seems to be back with a string of new releases. A few weeks ago, Avicii performed his new single with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, “Heaven.” With his newest release with Garrix, the young Swede seems to be back just in time for festival season.

    “Waiting For Love” begins with a catchy piano driven melody and the refreshing vocals of John Legend. As the track builds, the infectious melody seems perfectly capable of igniting festival crowds as it was likely intentioned. The song’s chilled out yet euphoric vibes seem to draw from the increasingly popular tropical style. The song seems reminiscent of Avicii and Wycleaf Jean’s “Divine Sorrow,” which would be a perfect soundtrack to sipping a Corona on a Mexican beach. The track gives off similar vibes and is an good addition to both producers’ portfolio. Check out the track below and enjoy!

  • With all the recent buzz surrounding Krewella, it was no surprise to see the saga continue at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Even less surprising is that deadmau5 was the instigator behind the newest drama. During Krewella’s set at Ultra, deadmau5 tweeted out:

    Krewella fired back with apparent proof that the equipment was in fact plugged in:

    Deadmau5 is not one to back down from a Twitter firestorm, so he kept pushing despite his apparent mistake.

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  • UK based Promoter, Eat Your Own Ears just announced an event at The Camden Underworld featuring one of the most unexpected lineup pairings we’ve ever seen, Skrillex and Four Tet. This extremely intimate 500-person capacity show will give fans the rare opportunity to witness stellar sets from garage and electronica’s on the cuff tastemaker, Four Tet and electronic music’s biggest musical chameleon, Skrillex, up close and personal. Although an unlikely pairing at first glance, with Skrillex setting the musical pace for the more mainstream audience and Four Tet commanding the underground garage sound, it’s easy to uncover the reasons why this event is such an exciting collaboration. Despite basking in the limelight of the electronic scene for years with globally infectious beats as well as projects like Jack U and Dog Blood, Skrillex is equally known in the electronic community for his eclectic, forward-thinking style and musical creativity. And with Four Tet setting the tone for the pair’s performances, Skrillex will undoubtedly cease this rare opportunity to showcase some of his more unexpected musical interests.

    As one can imagine, tickets for the event are going to be hard to come by. Those hoping to get a chance to catch the show must register online in a lottery for a chance to be able to even buy tickets. And if you’re lucky enough to get picked in the ticket lottery, you must purchase tickets within a strict 24-hour ticket buying window upon being notified via email on April 1. Skrillex and Four Tet’s intimate collaborative event goes down at The Camden Underworld in London on April 5.


  • The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy - EDMTunesWell, the moment of truth is finally here. One of the most eagerly anticipated albums in recent memory is live, in all its soccer-riot infused glory. The Day Is My Enemy is the 6th studio album from one of the groups that broke dance music in the USA around the time yours truly was still in high school. To celebrate, the mastermind, Liam Howlett himself is doing an AMA on the r/electronicmusic, Tuesday, March 31st at 11am PST. If you’ve got questions for him, definitely show up to that early and make sure you’re one of the first to ask, as that’s gonna get out of hand quickly.

    You can get a full stream of it on iTunes & Spotify, but on Spotify there’s a bonus interview & playlist from Liam as well. This kind of extra content is exactly what’s going to differentiate the streaming service wars that are coming. Check it out on the Spotify app or click here for a web link. A full review of the album will be incoming shortly, but until then, put all of that into your face. As I said in my editorial a while back, the remixes coming from this album are going to be off the chain, just you wait and see. I don’t usually put quotes from other previews in my articles, but even The Guardian had this to say about it:

    “The Prodigy have found their voice again and, in doing so, have actively plugged their music in to a continuum of bolshiness where punk syncs up with drum’n’bass, rock with hip-hop”


  • 17 Year Old Nick Stokes Thinks He Throws the Best Underage Parties
    It’s not only DJs who are cashing in on electronic music.

    Nick Stokes – a 17 year old from Melbourne, Australia – has been generating $4,500 a night in revenue throwing parties for underage Aussies. Nick’s parties host around 300 attendees, and he charges roughly $15 a head. After he pays the venue, DJ, security, lights and sound, and even photography, Nick pockets an impressive $1,200 for each event.

    Victorian Police have monitored the underage raves, but haven’t found reason to shut them down. Nick’s ambition is impressive. The world of EDM has grown accustomed to massive events and festivals, but the small-time promoter plays a vital role in the backbone of the industry. Nick’s only just getting started, and we can’t blame him. He should have no difficulty getting a job in the industry – once he turns 18.

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  • Piggybacking their groundbreaking album release, Above & Beyond’s ‘We Are All We Need’ tour landed them well over twenty stops in North America alone. EDMTunes had a chance to catch the Anjuna bosses as they made their final stop of the tour in Tacoma, Washington on the 21st of March. Courtesy of USC Events, the same company behind the Northwest’s leading festivals like FreakNight and Paradiso, thousands got to experience the heart warming sets of 16 Bit Lolitas, Myon & Shane 54, Mat Zo, and Above & Beyond.

    Held at the Tacoma Dome in the heart of its city, the retired basketball stadium played the perfect venue for well over five thousand ravers. The doors opened promptly at 7:00 PM, with 16 Bit Lolitas kicking off the night at 7:30. USC Events have received flack from their previous events for their door security which cause long lines and anxious ravers missing parts of their favorite sets. But you wouldn’t have guessed it at this event, as their streamlined security measures went down without a hitch, ensuring everyone’s safety without bogging down the party.

    Once inside, the floor opened up and people were getting down. Massive stadium seating provided a more laid back avenue from which to view the stage, or to take a breath. Getting down with everyone in the pit, and then taking a breather in the seating area and watching three starry-eyed fans push the button was an experience like none other.

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