• Festivals

    They say a festival a day month keeps the FOMO away…

    Festivals come in their own shapes and sizes, with each of their own distinct tastes.  As our festival options expand, we are being presented with more and more opportunities to satisfy our musical urges with fewer gaps between them.  Artist lineups may vary, but the experiences remain unique.  As we begin to enter yet another festival season, we asked ourselves if the concept of a “festival season,” truly existed, or if we really wanted to, could we actually spread our festivals out over the course of an entire year. To some degree of surprise, we found that we a have a lot of options available to us outside the traditionally perceived window, and have pulled together some interesting options for those looking to broaden those horizons.

    As far as how these selections made our list, the requirements were simple: offer a unique experience or be doing something drastically different this year, have a great reputation from those who have attended (many of them our writers having attended personally), and be a relatively attainable experience for those interested.

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  • In an interview with Power 96′s Cato K during Miami Music Week, Dillon Francis revealed several details about his upcoming debut album. Titled Money Sucks, Friends Rule., Francis also gave insights on a few artists who will be making an appearance on the album, including Twista, Panic! At The Disco lead singer Brendon Urie, and Martin Garrix.

    That diversity of collaborators is a good indication of how Dillon’s recent sound has been shaping out to be, fans can expect a bit of everything on this upcoming release. After hitting a bit of a delay due to an internal strategy with his label, Dillon says the album will be released “for sure” in July, making it easily one of the most highly anticipated upcoming albums of the year.

  •  photo 10270818_738708482828211_5550518100226873292_n_zps778e7faa.jpg
    The word “Selfie” has come a long way in the past couple of months after being crowned the Oxford Dictionary for ‘word of the year’. With the word and the idea taking off more in 2014 than every before, it was only a matter of time before someone capitalized on the prominent rise of this oh-so-basic word. When The Chainsmokers premiered “#Selfie” on Soundcloud back in late 2013, people knew that it was destined for big things. With a catchy vocal build into a Melbourne bounce inspired drop, the then-free song was instantly snatched by Dim Mak Records and turned into a world wide hit. With the first video for “Selfie” hitting well over 75,000,000 million views on Youtube, a remake of the video was destined to happen.

    In partnership with Thump; The Chainsmokers, the hottest girls in Miami, and some of the most recognizable names in the dance music industry, made a remake of the current PG-rated Youtube hit. This latest video features everything one would expect from a 21+ summer event. Everything from boobs and smoking to drinking and partying is squeezed into this 3 minute video. OH, and did we mention that Armin Van Buuren makes a quick guest appearance? We really can’t blame you for being a tad envious of The Chainsmokers’ lifestyle!

  • Sidney Samson & Eva Simons – Celebrate The Rain (Original Mix)
    Label: Spinnin’ Records | Release Date: April 24, 2014

    Anyone been wondering where the voice of Afrojack’s masterpiece “Take Over Control” that has been dominating the mainstream Top 40 and live sets all over the world since 2010 wandered off to? Well if you were searching, we found her and with a drive that will pull her back into the EDM scene. With Eva Simmons’ dreamy, stellar runs and the production skills of the Dutch DJ, Sidney Samson, whose been at it since age 13 and bringing his unique sound to collabs on top tracks like “Getting Over You” by Guetta, this tracks going places. Samson is set to follow the footsteps of Afrojack in this motivational, edgy synth infused track, with high pitched lead synths on the drop that’ll make the whole room leave the ground. Expect to see this throughout the remainder of festival season as well as on your local top 40 radio station. Get the track off Spinnin’ Records today and check it out below:

  • The up and coming Germany based DJ/producer, Feras Kabbara aka Talul have been making spiritual and artful Deep House tunes that exhibit a very tranquil and soothing nature, Like An Angel EP is no exception. The original track features a low pitched, calming vocal that echoes softly along the exquisite guitar rhythm and the mellow bassline. Two remixes of “Like An Angel” are also included in this EP, which contains a more upbeat bassline. The Italian DJ/producer, Sasch added a Deep-Techno spin to “Like An Angel” with some dark analogue groovy sounds and smooth piano chords. German DJ/producer, Rico Puestel, also gave the tune a dance interpretation by incorporating ringing synth rhythms and some smooth strings on top of a steady bassline. The official digital release of Like An Angel will be out on PIMPRINELLA, April 29th. In the meantime, check out these soothing tunes below!

  • Iggy Azalea, hip hop’s new resident bad girl, has seen a steady rise to fame with her twerk-tastic, girl-power anthems and gritty rap verses. Azalea recently dropped “Fancy,” which has seen a slew of remixes in its short lifespan. The most recent redo comes from trap masters Caked Up, notable from their “Stay The Night” and “Wrecking Ball” remixes. Their version of “Fancy” hits hard with big room trap drops and Azalea’s sultry voice demanding listeners “drop it low, and pick it up, just like this.” The first drop leads into an almost untouched chorus, that reverberates back into a final drop. Be sure to grab the free download below.

  • Super Flu’s latest full length, “Halle Saale” gets a remix package to compliment the quirky, light-hearted techno of the original tracks. Dropping on the 24th of this month, the album will receive five renditions of Halle Saale from Format B, DJ Koze, Stephan Bodzin, Andhim, and Martin Waslewski. All of which push sounds from the originals into peculiar-but-inviting territory, making for an excellent little remix compilation.

    This remix from Format:B is the pick of the bunch for us. While the original was a heavily percussion led tech house cut, featuring the noticeable drum work of Monkey Safari, Format:B’s version strips the track down and incorporates a powerful main melodic line which drives right through the edit. This is definitely the more club orientated version of Super Flu’s track that would really go down in a set fused with techno and a touch of electro. Check out the Format:B’s remix below alongside two other equally intricate versions of “Jo Gurt” and “Gether” from none other than DJ Koze and Andhim.

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  • New York’s Madison Square Garden can hold up to 20,000 people, so booking this venue is a true feat for a performer. Swedish House Mafia (who were the first DJs to headline the arena) sold out MSG in 2013 and Armin van Buuren kicked off his “Armin Only” tour there a couple of weeks ago. Steve Aoki just announced through Twitter and a teaser video that he will be headlining at the arena on August 16, he also credited it as “the biggest announcement of my life.” Those in attendance will surely be treated with new music since Aoki’s “NEON FUTURE I”, the first half of his double album, is set to be released on August 12. If you’re unable to attend the event in person, have no fear, because the show is going to be live streamed on YouTube. Tickets will be available through Ticketmaster on May 9.

  • Victor Niglio’s attempt to fuse the knocking 808′s of trap music with the pounding and anthemic melodies of aggressive trance music takes off with perfection in his recent release with Kristin Accorsi, titled ‘Amani’. One would think that blending the swagger of hip-hop with the emotion of trance would be nigh impossible, but Victor seemingly makes it look easy.

    The pounding baselines or the intro and breaks create an energy that is seamlessly released when the beat drops and the bass starts knocking. In the typical trance fashion, Kristin Accorsi comes in on the breaks to create a dreamy atmosphere where the melodies can rest comfortably. And better yet, it is all released as a free download. So don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this immaculate freebie from Victor Niglio.

    Victor Niglio feat. Kristin Accorsi – Amani (Original Mix) | Download

  • With a lot of tracks in the works, Throttle felt it had been too long since the last time he released some music. We teamed up with the Australian DJ to present Dirty Disco #2, a 30 minute mini-mix of some of the dirtiest tracks that have been floating around the scene since the last mix. Using his trusty launchpad to slide effortlessly between songs, Throttle breaks down genre walls by moving from dubstep to electro to big room to some sultry house music seamlessly, giving us a truly filthy mix. If your friends aren’t getting down and dirty to this mix, chances are you need new friends (unless you listen to Drake, therefore, no new friends.)

    Throttle – Dirty Disco #2 | Download