• Monstercat Records is without a doubt one of the most diverse record labels in EDM. Whether you’re into Drum and Bass, Electro, Trance, or any fusion in between, any EDM fan can find a something across their spectrum of releases. Their latest album release, titled ‘020 – Altitude” Release’, comes as a showcase of the latest talent that the label has to offer.

    These compilations can be slightly overwhelming when first diving into them, seeing handfuls of artists names and track titled whom you may never have heard of, on top of the cornucopia of genres. Monstercat’s 020 – Altitude features an uploaded 24 tracks, which you can stream here, or an additional six tracks that will be available soon. But we at EDMtunes have sifted through the long list of immaculate productions featured on the showcase, and chosen our favorite. Even if some of the tracks may not be your exact style of dance music, all of the artists have earned their spot through unique sound designs, euphoric musicality, or utter bass brutality. So sit back and scroll through our top five tracks…
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  • It was a little over ten years ago, that the worlds greatest dance battle of all time took place in the famed movie, Eurotrip. Featuring high level intensity dancing, the man vs. robot scene had seen no match  till now. Let us present to you, Eclipse the Robot versus the stud of all studs, “Noster” the dancer.

    Featured in this three minute clip below, the epic dance battle takes place in a local mall with Skrillex’s remix to ‘Levels’ blaring in the background. With both the young man and the robot going back and forth, both prove to be equally as talented as they “pop and lock it” to the beat.

    With the teen given space and the robot restricted to just his platform, who would you give the edge to in this dance battle? We say the teen, those glasses are on point!

  • OWSLA, the record label founded by Skrillex and sponsors of artists like Porter Robinson and The M Machine, has decided to release an early Christmas present in the form of the grimy, throw-down track, “Skanka” from the combined efforts of Rell The Soundbender and Kayzo as a part of OWSLA’s Nestivus giveaway. “Skanka” is the perfect tune for your fist pumping, Christmas or Roman Festivus style rager, characterized by a grimy, jittery synth amid pounding bass tones. Though the song builds and falls like a typical big room track, no two drops are alike, and the complexity of the kicks in tandem with a pounding bass that’s usually only found in the repertoire of a heavy metal drummer.

    In addition, Skrillex and his OWSLA crew recently launched a charity campaign to help struggling musicians. You can read the full story on Billboard.

    Follow OWSLA on souncloud for a sleigh full of recent giveaways, playlists, remixes, and original mixes from a range of artists including The M Machine, Skrillex and the dynamic Jack Ü duo on their soundcloud page.

  • Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa - Blue Rawls

    Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa – Blue Rawls

    Seth Troxler may be a pants-dropping, hard-partying freebird, but boy does he have a grasp on making tracks. The Michigan legend recently teamed up with New York techno producer Phil Moffa to create a dark tech-house tune, “Blue Rawls.” The track draws you in from the start. The steady kicks hold together the hypnotic bassline that slowly swirls and builds into looping bleeps and atmospheric vocals. Slow and enduring, “Blue Rawls,” is a tech journey from its assertive start to its floating finish. Troxler has been working hard this year collaborating with a multitude of different artists from Art Department to The Martinez Brothers, and it looks like he’s only going to keep on going. “Blue Rawls” is set to be featured on Rogue Music, a new two-track single from Troxler and Moffa. The second tune to grace the single will be “Meet The Butcha.” Rogue Music is set to be released on UK House label Hypercolour, and will be Hypercolour’s first release for 2015, so make sure to pre-order the single here.

  • Watch the Hilarious Life in Color Trailer Featuring Carnage,The Chainsmokers, Adventure Club

    Life in Color, formerly known as DayGlo, might not have the star power of an Ultra or Electric Daisy Carnival, but their Miami rendition should soon start earning some respect. Today, Life in Color dropped the trailer for this year’s festivities with plenty of cameos and headliners mixed together. Expanded to a two-day extravaganza in 2014, attendees may be in for an even bigger treat this year.

    Everyone’s favorite fat kid Lil’ Terrio opens up the lengthy trailer, playing ‘Lil Carnage.’ Shortly after, the real Carnage shows up on a beach in Miami to recruit other members of the lineup. The commercial then features the Chainsmokers, Nervo, and Adventure Club, who will be joined by many more at SunLife Stadium in a week. The biggest surprise cameo comes when Carnage makes a phone call to Miami Heat point guard Mario Chalmers, who sets up Life in Color’s motto, “Go Hard in the Paint.” You can check out the trailer below, and if this convinces you to head to Miami for a vacation, there is only one week until all of these artists take the stage.

  • Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Kölsch Remix Dub)
    Over this past summer, the release of Coldplay‘s ‘A Sky Full of Stars‘ triggered an explosion within the electronic dane music community as it was the first dance record released by the famed British alternative rock group. Coldplay teamed up with Swedish DJ and producer, Avicii, to co-write and co-produce the song, and it wasn’t long after the release that a number of the top DJs in the world jumped on board, showcasing their renditions of the brilliant track. Seeing reworks from the likes of Hardwell, Syn Cole, and tech house maestro Kölsch, it was apparent that ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ was on its way to becoming a Summer anthem.

    Now nearly five months later, Kölsch is generously giving away an exclusive dub version of his remix of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ as a special holiday gifts to all of his fans, but the giveaway only lasts for 24 hours so do not hesitate. The dub does not disappoint as it is chock full of tech house vibes with a few Chris Martin vocalizations tossed in here and there, that will surely have you grooving into the weekend. So delay no longer and check out the exclusive Kölsch dub version of his remix to ‘A Sky Full of Stars.’ Don’t forget to grab your free download while it lasts!!

    Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Kölsch Remix Dub) | Free Download

  • After Threat of Closure, London Club FABRIC Lives On
    On the brink of closure, the famed London nightclub, Fabric, has agreed to install a collection of new security measures, including a £300/night sniffer dog service, to keep the venue afloat. Amidst recent heightened concerns throughout the industry regarding drug-related deaths, Fabric’s club license was questioned and subsequently reviewed by the Islington Council, following a report that revealed four drug-related deaths at the venue over the last three years. Local officials have agreed that in order for the club to remain open for business, extra precautions must be established including: sniffer dogs, stringent ID checks on all club-goers, improved CCTV, and increased drug searches.  The club management will appeal the council’s decision, as they fail to see eye-level on “a number of key points.” Although the threat of the club’s closure has all but dissipated, the implementation of heightened security measures remains to be seen, and the waiting game begins. Read the official statement from fabric below:
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    Looking forward to ringing in the new year at SnowGlobe 2014 in South Lake Tahoe, California, TastyTreat has teamed up with KRNE to conjure up a remix of AeroErotique and Max Styler‘s ‘BADMAN‘ and it absolutely bumps. Inspired by the insanity of the festival life, TastyTreat and KRNE have flipped the original big room sound and replaced it with hard festival trap sound that will undoubtedly raze herds of festival goers in a few weeks at SnowGlobe. The combination of the original’s big room elements and the unique blend of tasty herbs and spices that the duo has sprinkled in, makes for a leviathan of a track; and let’s be real, who doesn’t love that squeaky bed sample?

    So whether you are getting in the zone for the madness that will ensue at SnowGlobe 2014 in T-minus 1.5 weeks, or you are just looking to turn up this weekend, do yourself a favor and throw TastyTreat and KRNE’s remix of ‘BADMAN’ on your loudest speaker system and get buckwild! If you enjoy it, grab the free download below!

    AUTOEROTIQUE & MAX STYLER – BADMAN (TastyTreat X KRNE Remix) | Free Download


    Dillon Francis has been on a tear recently, and Kygo is fresh off his first original release since 2013; Firestone. If you are wondering how these guys had the time to sit down in the studio together to make a new tune after all the work they’ve been doing, you are not alone.

    Coming Over slows down the pace for Dillon from his recent songs. It’s very refreshing to hear a softer side of him in his music, especially in collabs such as this. We haven’t heard much from Kygo other than his fantastic remixes, so if his release of original music is going to become a trend, we cannot complain. Clearly the path towards an album is being fleshed out here.  ‘Coming Over’ reportedly features vocals from James Hersey. The two minute live recording seems to be the first leak of this song, and there is no word on a release date. Check out the video below, a recording of Kygo performing at Oslo Spektrum in Norway.

  • Beatport
    As with every year’s end, everyone is whipping up their “year-in-review” lists and and “best-of” compilations (hint hint…check out our Top 20 Underground Tracks of 2014). Beatport, one of dance music’s most prolific analytical cataloguers, has compiled a list of Top 20 ‘Tracks’, ‘Performers’, and ‘Genres’ based on their extensive treasure trove of data.

    Spinnin’ Records maintains its status as Beatport’s top selling label, with 7 of the top 20 hits. The top track though came out of Defected Records with Oliver $ and Jimi Jules infectious ‘Pushing On’. Of course Oliver Helden’s ‘Gecko’ came in strong, at number 2, and supports Beatport’s noted shift in popular music. Call it what you will, deep house (and the numerous variations of it, including future bass) has made a big swing towards the most downloaded genre. Maceoplex’s ‘GusGus’ remix further supports the shift for Deep House and Tech House taking their respective #1 and #2 spots on the Beatport Top 10 genre chart. For those of you who feel a little surprised by this deep house take over, can rest assured with the top performers chart, as this list came in about as we all expected…save for one entry. The top entry. Martin Garrix, the breakout artist of 2013, has topped Beatport as the most successful performer of 2014.

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