• Just Us

    Dirtystack & Deity – Just Us (feat. Clinton Sly)

    The latest offering from Uprise Music comes from the likes of Dirtystack & Deity (dxxxy), with some help from Clinton Sly, and the track in question in “Just Us.” The last time I personally saw Deity live was Buku 2014, and the guy threw down some fire tunes to an intimate crowd at the Back Alley stage, since then he’s done well putting time in the studio, and this collab with Dirtystack is every bit of what you’d expect from the two. Some cheeky reggae vocals, a phat bassline, and a drop full of tweaky synths and stuttery hi-hats. This little tune has big personality, and it’s a freebie, so if you’re vibing it, catch the download below.

    Dirtystack & Deity – Just Us (feat. Clinton Sly) | Download

  • Suwannee Hulaween

    Tired of going to all the same music festivals with all the same artists and similarly dressed people? Suwannee Hulaween is the newest festival to hit Florida, and it’s happening for three days from October 30th to November 1st. It’s hosted by Colorado jam band The String Cheese Incident and held at the famous Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. It’s an eclectic mix of performers that mixes in some of the hottest live acts in electronica into a melting pot of jam band-centric goodness.

    You’ll be able to see some big artists like Pretty Lights, ODESZA, Chance the Rapper, Slightly Stoopid and more, but you’ll also be introduced to some lesser known artists like Lettuce, Railroad Earth, Papadosio and The Floozies (although you should probably know who these are anyways). Suwannee Hulaween will also feature yoga, workshops, theme nights, glowing light projections and interactive art. In a market that is becoming way too saturated, it’s festivals like these, with diverse lineups and themes, that keep the festival game rolling in North America.

    Check out their website here for additional details – and go ahead and buy some tickets. We’ll see you in Florida.

  • Luca Lush – Valentine feat. Tribes

    A few months back, Luca Lush dropped a brilliant original track titled, ‘I Can Tell.’ This surprised his fans, who had grown used to his steady stream of impressive remixes. A month later, he followed it up with the equally riveting ‘Velvet Girls.’ This too demonstrated his distinctly lush production which consistently churns out standout tracks. Today Luca dropped a third original, titled ‘Valentine‘ and featuring Tribes and Dallas Cotton. This will be packaged with the first two songs to form Luca Lush’s inaugural EP titled ‘Cherry Blossom.’

    ‘Valentine’ begins with Tribes’ soft vocal crooning complemented by some calm yet dramatic piano chords. This crafts a quaint and nostalgic vibe which is quickly spruced up by some iconically Lush synth play. This track flows seamlessly and effortlessly, bringing nothing but feel good vibes. Tribes’ beautiful vocals mesh perfectly with Lush’s production, who was assisted by the extremely talented Dallas Cotton (formerly known as Yung Bae). The two succeeded in rounding out Lush’s debut EP, a significant milestone for an emerging artist who has released nothing but singles. Be sure to grab ‘Cherry Blossom’ here, which you can purchase at any price (including for free). Enjoy!

    Luca Lush- Valentine feat. Tribes | Download

  • Red Bull Thre3style

    Last month, the Red Bull Thre3style world championship finals in Tokyo saw some of the world’s best DJs pitted in a competition against one another to see which globally ranked DJ delivered the most technical skill, dance floor control and crowd thrilling beats. But this massive turntablist event wasn’t all about competition. Amidst the excitement of the adrenaline-pumping, musically tech savvy tournament, 40 of the biggest names in DJing split into 10 collaborative teams to create the world’s biggest scratch session, which consisted of 40 Pioneer DJ turntables, 80 XLR cables, 6 PA mixers and a lot of creative and technical work in Red Bull’s Tokyo Studio, all resulting in an epic eight-minute mix. Each team of DJs was randomly selected and given a few days to devised a 16-bar scratch solo that would then be performed back-to-back-to-back-to-back. The end product: a history making DJ circle full of mind-bending technical prowess and top-notch song selection, featuring the likes of previous world champions, national champions, and huge names like DJ Qbert, Jazzy Jeff, D-Styles and DJ Kentaro. Watch the jaw dropping, record-breaking mix session below.

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  • Carl Cox
    Oh No! Oh No!, legendary techno DJ Carl Cox has announced that he will be ending his 15 year residency at Space Ibiza at the end of Summer 2016!

    During an interview with DJMag Cox announces that, “Next year will be my last year at Space Ibiza, so please do not miss a single night if you can, very special line-ups for 15 weeks,” and then adds, “Watch this space…” For the last fifteen years, Carl Cox’s residency has provided beautiful curated events with outstanding sounds blasting out Space’s state of the art Funktion-One speakers that had club-goers in awe every time they witnessed the legend live. Carl Cox has no plans on leaving the island but this does seem like an end to a chapter in dance music, especially in the nightlife scene in Ibiza.

    Carl Cox’s revelation of ending his Space residency should not come as too much of a surprise as Cox revealed in an interview with Mixmag last year that the end is near at Space Ibiza.

    “The thing is, all good things come to an end. It’s common knowledge that the owners of Ushuaia [and Space] want to turn Space into Ushuaia Club. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s got nothing to do with me. If I re-contract myself to do Ushuaia Club at Space, potentially, what do I do? What would they want me to do? Either carry on doing what I’ve been doing for 15 years or wise up to what the future holds .

    “You know what, if I’m there for the next two years, I’ll have been there for 15 years and I think I’ll have represented dance music at the highest level among anyone I know. I’d be quite happy to walk away from it [after that] and do something else.”

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  • Love Will Never Do

    Bees Knees – Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson Cover)
    Feat. Scavenger Hunt

    Up and coming producers Bee’s Knees and Scavenger Hunt have released a new cover of Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do” and it’s a gorgeous reimagining of the original. Though the track is intricately laden with energetic, arpeggiated synth melodies and bright drum lines, it has a beautiful simplicity about it that soothes the soul.

    Bees Knees and Scavenger Hunt first worked together this past June when Bees Knees remixed “Wildfire” from Scavenger’s latest EP. The track was a big success and the two groups decided to work together again. They did some deep digging in Janet Jackson’s discography and found the little known “Love Will Never Do.” The song features expert production by Bees Knees and ethereal vocals from Scavenger Hunt’s Jill Lamoureux.

    Bees Knees – Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson Cover) Feat. Scavenger HuntDownload

  • Guap

    Drezo – Guap

    The up and coming star, Drezo, hits us again with another head banger.  Immediately upon hearing the drop to “Guap,” I thought of another artist that has been on the fast track to stardom in the dance music industry, Jauz.  The drop is laced with a similar futuristic dubstep sound that propelled Jauz to becoming one of the hottest artists in the game right now.  Los Angeles seems to be infected with this unique future bass/g-house sound, which combines a tech sounding bassline that provides a swing to the track and dubstep synths that are certain to melt your face.  Although similarities can be drawn to Jauz, Drezo has a unique way of playing with these “dubstep” sounds; it’s a lot more subtle.  Drezo uses the synth as a lead, but in combination with various other clicks and slaps that make the drop complete.  The kick is consistently driving the song forward, with various other drums that are strategically placed to compliment the synths perfectly.

    My prediction, this sound will be taking over the dance music industry very soon. This emerging genre that is extremely creative can be played at any stage and in any environment. It’s fun music you can womp to or just chill out getting your two step on.  Enjoy this track Drezo has blessed us with.  Oh yeah and just a reminder, “ITS ALL ABOUT THAT GUAP.”

    Drezo – GuapDownload

  • Welcome to KSHMR Vol. 6

    Welcome to KSHMR Vol. 6

    Once every few months the American born producer KSHMR is kind enough to bless us with a special set featuring brand new edits, remixes, and originals. “Welcome to KSHMR Volume 6″ was released on October 4th, about 5 months after KSHMR Volume 5.  2015 has treated KSHMR and his fans wonderfully;  In March of 2015, KSHMR collaborated with Tiesto on the track “Secrets.”  Shortly after its release, Secrets shot up the Beatport charts to hold the number 1 spot for a few weeks.  Although that’s impressive, that’s not all “Secrets” accomplished.  “Secrets” went on to be the most played song at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.  Since then KSHMR has dropped numerous tracks, the most popular being “Jammu” and “Toca” (a collaboration of Carnage, Timmy Trumpet, and KSHMR).  The tracklist to KSHMR Volume 6 is below so now it’s time for you to kick back and bump some tunes, enjoy!

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  • Ocean Drive

    Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Hayden James Remix)

    A few days ago, Duke Dumont released portions of a remix pack for his latest single “Ocean Drive.” Duke made a wise choice going with three completely different sounding tracks.  These three individual remixers, Hayden James, Alice in Wonderland, and Shaun Frank, were given an opportunity to put their unique spin on the sound.

    The Australian born producer, Hayden James, takes “Ocean Drive” and flips it inside out, and upside down.  The original classic 80’s pop like feeling of has been done away with being replaced by an amazing ambient atmosphere that is combined with a subtle melody and a kickin’  that is guaranteed to get you groovin’ in your seat.  Strap on that seat belt, get ready for Hayden James to take you on the drive of your life.

    Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Hayden James Remix) | Remixes Available Oct. 16


    The Chainsmokers – ROSES Ft. Rozes (INSTRUM Remix)

    INSTRUM won over our hearts a few weeks ago when he teamed up with Two Friends to bring a smashing remix of ‘Trap Queen’. Since then, his wide range of production styles really offers a showcase of diversity with every release. And with the overwhelming number of remixes of the instant classic, ‘Roses’, that The Chainsmokers released a while back, we knew INSTRUM had what it takes to stand out from the rest.

    The reason why he stands out is simple. While everyone else is cranking out more or less generic big room remixes that all sound cookie cutter, INSTRUM flips the track on its head and takes it in a whole new direction. A more laid back mix between laid back hip hop pattern drums and the wildly endearing melodies of tropical house, every section offers a pleasant surprise and catches you off guard.

    The Chainsmokers – ROSES Ft. Rozes (INSTRUM Remix) | Download