• Hardwell – Follow Me Feat. Jason Derulo

    Jason Derulo shows off exactly what he can do in Hardwell‘s ‘Follow Me‘ music video, and so does his female counterpart. It’s only a bonus that it takes place in the middle of a desert, packed with exploding fireworks, and plenty of room for some unstoppable car racing. Derulo does all the heavy lifting in this one, trying to impress us with his slick moves. Even the editing gives super cool visual effects to the setting, almost reaching a Mad Max-sized sand explosion at one point. All this while Hardwell and his female companion in the passenger’s seat never stop crashing through the sand in his sports car. Some might say Derulo is over-dressed to be in a desert or point out the shameless product placements (re: Beluga vodka), but without a doubt, you want to be there dancing and driving absolutely nowhere with them. Check out the music video below and if you haven’t already, purchase the ‘Follow Me’ here.

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    For many of our writers, joining the EDMTunes family has been a life-changing experience. Even though we all love our job, that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of it that sometimes get under our skin. One of the biggest issues is that we don’t often get the chance to voice our true opinions, which is why we have come up with a new series called ‘EDMTunes Icebreakers’.

    When writing about song releases or news stories, we often remain objective in order to leave our biases out of the articles. That being said, we wanted to give our writers a chance to speak their minds as well as give our readers a chance to get to know us better. Every other week, our editors will ask our writers a question and they will answer with a few sentences. A handful of these responses will then be compiled into an article for you to read and react to. We hope the ‘EDMTunes Icebreakers’ series gives you a glimpse into our personal music preferences and helps bridge the gap between reader and writer.

    This week’s question was inspired by Porter Robinson’s new remix album. We asked: What Is Your Favorite ‘Remix That Is Better Than The Original’?

    Haris Kolenovic

    Tommy Trash’s remix of Steve Aoki and Wynter Gordon’s ‘Ladi Dadi’. The original gave us a more radio friendly electro house/dubstep crossover track that complemented well with Wynter Gordon’s vocals. Tommy Trash gave the tune a massive club-ready electro house makeover with his signature synths and bass. The remix has been providing goosebumps and fist pumps to fans through live sets from the likes of the Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki, Hardwell and so many more. 

    Steve Aoki feat. Wynter Gordon – Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Remix)

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  • cusp

    Seven Lions – Cusp

    Seven Lions has been the king of melodic dubstep for quite some time now. He has illustrated this time and time again, continuously adding to his truly staggering musical catalogue. Recently, we have seen Jeff begin to branch out and try different styles. His newest EP The Throes of Winter featured some crossover hits, with ‘A Way To Say Goodbye‘ and ‘Lose Myself’ noticeably integrating progressive house influences. His newest single ‘Falling Away‘ sees him drifting out farther into the waters of melodic house, as he adopts a deep and minimalistic approach. Seven Lions is now taking it a step further, releasing a 138 bpm trance track on Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid Of 138?!  label.

    It was fairly jarring for Seven Lions fans tuned into A State of Trance to hear ‘Cusp‘ premiered last week. While Jeff Montalvo has experimented with genres before, he has never ventured out into trance territory. Many Seven Lions fans remember Jeff’s Above & Beyond remixes a couple years back, beautifully fusing trance and melodic bass in his takes on ‘Satellite‘ and ‘You Got To Go‘. His passion for the genre is quite evident, and it shows in the remarkably unique and beautiful melody of ‘Cusp’. The track represents an exciting direction in Seven Lions’ career, as fans will eagerly await to see if he continues with this trance experimentation.

    Seven Lions – Cusp | Beatport

  • JoJo – When Love Hurts (Sweater Beats Remix)

    Sweater Beats has been on a tear as of late. The brilliant Filipino producer has had a string of impressive remakes, including an obligatory yet excellent flip of Gallant’s ‘Weight In Gold‘. He has also taken on Snakehips’ ‘Days With You‘, as well as a collaborative remix with Hoodboi of Galantis’ ‘Runaway‘. Sticking with this trend, Sweater Beats just dropped a remix of JoJo‘s ‘When Love Hurts.’ Set for a full release via Atlantic Records, this impeccably produced remix is sure to blow you away.

    Sweater Beats’ take on ‘When Love Hurts’ begins with an entrancingly simple melody that immediately gives the track a fun and upbeat vibe. After JoJo’s poppy vocals kick in, Sweater Beats flexes his production muscles, injecting the track with a funky futuristic trap beat. The song has a laid back and carefree feel to it, flowing effortlessly and smoothly throughout.

    JoJo – When Love Hurts (Sweater Beats Remix) | iTunes

  • Eric Prydz - Opus (Four Tet Remix)

    Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)

    It has often been said that remixing an Eric Prydz track is a risky move. How do you improve upon perfection? Eric is always very careful to select remixers that go beyond a simple rehash, and completely re-imagine the track. For his latest masterpiece, ‘Opus‘, Eric has selected Four Tet to put a groovy tech house spin on the track.

    The slow and methodical intro of the track has been shifted after a groovy beat that gives way to the original track progression at around the 3 minute mark. Since its an Eric Prydz track, it would be an injustice to really alter the core of the track, so the long drawn out build is left largely intact. Where Eric’s original builds to a sweet release of uplifting progressive house, Four Tet drops it off into an insanely danceable tech breakdown. A release date has not been announced, but rest assured it will be coming soon. For now, check out the preview below and look out for more remixes to come.

    Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix) 

  • justice

    As you may have heard by now, the French electro duo Justice is back in the studio. Rumors of a comeback had been circulating the web after Gasper Auge uploaded a picture of a Justice B-Side, which seemed to imply that the two were set for a third studio album. This has now been confirmed by Busy-P, the owner of Ed Banger Records, who states that the two have been “locked in the studio everyday” hard at work on a new full length album.

    This is the first news of an album since Audio, Video, Disco was released in 2011. Following this album, Justice consistently toured through 2011-2013, and have only performed sporadically in 2015. Hopefully, the arrival of new material results in a subsequent Justice tour.

    Though Busy-P confirmed that Justice was in the process of creating new tunes, he didn’t say when we could expect an official release, or whether or not there would be a tour. Stay tuned!

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  • Duke Dumont - Blase Boys Clyb Pt. 1

    Duke Dumont – Blasé Boys Club Part 1

    The Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Duke Dumont has finally released his long awaited EP in the Blasé Boys Club Part 1. It’s a four track deep/house masterpiece which features two previously released smash hits, ‘Ocean Drive‘ which was released this past August, and ‘Won’t Look Back‘ which was a popular tune last summer. To top off this awesome EP, Duke added the gems ‘Robot Talking‘ and ‘Melt‘.

    Until now, Duke Dumont has been releasing some incredible singles in the likes of ‘Need U 100%‘, ‘I Got U‘ & his reprise of The Giver‘ and decided to put together a small compilation of some of his amazing work. ‘Robot Talking’ is a neat ’70s disco-influenced track with an intriguing vocal sample of a man talking about the beginnings of house music and the start of “warehouse parties”. Melt is a soulful and sultry house tune that sounds perfect for a late night cap.

    Duke will celebrate the release of his EP with an 18 show North America Tour starting in Vancouver, British Colombia on Sunday October 3rd. So grab your tickets, copy of the EP and have a first listen to the EP all to be found below!

    Duke Dumont – Blasé Boys Club Part 1Download | Tour Tickets

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    Avicii – Stories

    After a short delay, Avicii finally has brought us his sophomore album Stories. After the massive success of his debut album True in 2013 which featured hit singles ‘Hey Brother’ and ‘Addicted To You’, Avicii wasn’t done creating new and inventive music that not only he loved, but his true fans would come to appreciate as well. Stories is a continuation of Avicii’s vision of a new and unique sound he wanted to create. He wanted to incorporate different genres from the likes of country, bluegrass and alternative with his signature melodic/progressive house melodies. He also experiments with different styles of electronic music, which is no surprise coming from Avicii, as he is always looking to expand his sound.

    Stories features singles ‘Waiting For Love’ featuring vocals by the lead singer of Cherry Ghost, Simon Aldred as well as ‘For A Better Day’ featuring singer/songwriter Alex Ebert. Now you get to hear the other 12 tunes that make up the ‘stories’ that Avicii is telling us with this album.

    You can stream Stories on Spotify now and make sure to grab your own copy of it here!

  • After receiving thousands of nominations of LA favorites; from restaurants, theaters, shops, DJs, and venues, to bars, salons, spas, and more, LA Weekly just crowed the winners for its Best of’s 2015 awards and published the results in its big “Best of LA” issue. After pursuing the best of just about everything that the diverse city of Los Angeles had to offer, LA Weekly took the time to collect the “very best of the very best” finds from its year-round city scavenger hunt and presented it all in one, comprehensive guide.

    Among its many categories, the publication’s “Best of” issue sported a reader’s choice section, which compiled reader’s votes for LA’s best band, rapper, DJ, local record label, street artist and more. After calculating thousands of votes, experimental, multi-genre producer, DJ and rapper, Flying Lotus was crowed the winner of LA Weekly’s ‘Best Solo Artist’. This award is more than well-deserved, as Flying Lotus is one of the few electronic artists who utilizes his extremely alternative and in-tuned individuality to outshine his peers and garner mass success through his mind bending productions and out-of-this-world stage rigs. As one of LA Weekly’s voters stated, “Not only has his music inspired and helped me, he has influenced a whole community. He is the greatest.” 

  • mad world

    Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Mad World

    Hardwell is always one to top the charts and for the 200th release on his Revealed Recordings label, he made sure to bring his best. His mass market sound has given him some of the biggest opportunities dance music has to offer and he’s loving every minute of it. Already having a steady string of releases under his belt in just this year, Hardwell recently teamed up with Jake Reese to bring us his latest single “Mad World”.

    This main room track is set with all the elements you need. Jake’s sing along vocals help carry the song through the more restricted breakdowns, while the big drops and builds hit an all-time high as they explode with with raw sonic power. Though the uplifting melody isn’t anything groundbreaking, as it stays true to many similar melodies we have come to expect from Hardwell, it does the trick to get the crowd going. Pick this one up when it is released on October 12th.

    Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Mad World