• Askery

    Askery & Lash ft. Laurell – Float Alone

    Omar Andino & Kelvin Beat are two 19 year olds that are on a mission. The two make up the duo Lash that has been taking the world by storm with an impressive run of stellar remixes. To start off 2015, Lash decided to release their first original track with Swiss producer Askery. The track has already received tremendous support, peaking at #9 on Beatport’s Progressive House Chart. It has even been played out in live sets from superstars such as Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix and Morgan Page. With the tremendous success of their first original, it seems as if Lash is here to stay.

    Float Alone” begins with an electrifying melody that transforms into a monstrous progressive house explosion. After overwhelming the listener with energy and euphoria, Askery & Lash ease into the soothing voice of Laurell. Her hauntingly beautiful vocals perfectly complement the high energy of “Float Alone” to add an emotional element to the track. “Float Alone” is an excellent track that adequately celebrates Lash’s first original release. You can check it out below and buy it here if you like!

  • Spring Weekend 1

    The spring semester is now underway for many college students across the nation, and with that, so are the thoughts of Spring Break. While many spring break hot spots can boast parties around sunny beaches, few can boast hosting one of the nation’s premier music festivals, Spring Weekend. Tickets to this year’s event are now officially back on sale after early-birds sold out in less than a day last week. If you need any more reason to attend, we’ve provided 10 reasons below as to why Spring Weekend will be the hottest place to be this spring break.

    Spring Weekend Tickets
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  • In an attempt to harness the compassion and care that is so prevalent in dance music and use it to make a tangible impact on the world, Clayton Warwick, co-founder of The Music Ninja, has partnered with web development and advertising agency LRXD to create a revolutionary music streaming platform with an eye towards altruism. The platform, appropriately named Cadence & Cause, brings togethers fans and musicians alike and puts their combined contributions towards helping a charitable cause.

    At its core, the platform functions as a crossover between a music streaming platform, a fundraising service, and a kickstarter. The key piece of the service are musicians – they have the opportunity to represent a charitable cause or project, and donate music, merchandise, signed goods, or an exclusive experience. Fans will then have the chance to purchase those same items, with all of the proceeds going to the charity that the artist is associated with. With some soon-to-be-announced big artists already a part of the platform, Cadence & Cause hopes to generate a steady revenue stream to combat the issues that the world is faced with daily.

    Exclusive beta access to this platform is limited, and we have the opportunity to offer early access. Simply enter the code CadenceEDMTunes and your email at cadenceandcause.com and you’ll be one of the first to be a part of this charitable platform.

  • Afrojack

    Karim Mika & Daniel Forster – Crunk (Afrojack Edit)

    Following a long production hiatus after the release of his debut album in May, Afrojack has broken his silence with a new preview for his edit of Karim MikaDaniel Forster’s “Crunk”.

    “Crunk” is one of those tunes that you have probably heard sometime in the last six months, but had no idea who created it or when it would be released. The mystery producers have finally been revealed, and they’ve certainly struck gold with this one. The preview begins with a heavy electro intro, but changes course when it drops into a funky melody of bells accompanied by deep pounding bass. Afrojack will release his edit of “Crunk” through his own label, Wall Recordings, on February 9th. You can check out the preview from Wall’s SoundCloud below and make sure you remember to get your copy when it hits stores early next month.

  • Skream

    Skream has one of the most impressive resumes in the game. Not only acting as a pioneer to dubstep, he has also had his own radio show on BBC Radio 1, numerous hit releases and two studio albums under his belt.

    His last album, Outside The Box, was released back in 2010. While still having a handful of other productions and collaborations since then, he recently announced an album that goes hand in hand with signing to the label Crosstown Rebels. Set to release at the end of February, ‘Still Lemonade’ will be the first track off the album. Skream goes on to explain the song:

    “‘Still Lemonade’ was the first track I finished in a long time that I felt completely happy with and was ready to play out. I didn’t tell anyone it was by me when I first started playing it and the reaction was explosive. . .It’s a perfect example of the direction I’m taking with my productions.”

    Check out his remix of Ali Love’s ‘Picture Perfect’ below, which was his first release off of Crosstown Rebels.

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  • Any live-performing DJ worth his weight in headphones will posit the necessity of crafting a set that a specific audience will respond energetically to. This aspect coupled with the explosion of ‘EDM’ in the States (with all the newer fans included) is a major reason why a bunch of festival and main stage sets are often slightly different permutations of prior-heard more mainstream track selection. But, the fan base aboard The Groove Cruise is a different story…

    Among a music festival celebration consisting of so many seasoned dance music veteran fans and connoisseurs like Groove Cruise Captains, the opportunity for capitalizing on these seasoned ears exists in an increased fashion. “Capitalize in what sense?” you may be asking. Well, many veteran dance music aficionados have been craving the opportunity to hear classic full-length original mixes of tracks from yesteryear in today’s thriving live dance music environment. What better chance to cater to the polished electronic music ear than injecting the Original Mix of ‘Ecstacy’ in your live set aboard the “world’s largest floating dance music festival,” ATB?!

    Submitted for your approval (and hopefully for the DJ’s consideration as well) are ten throwback tracks that connoisseur captains would freak out over witnessing live aboard The Groove Cruise. Some of these tracks have been dropped on past Groove Cruises (a la Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ and Markus Schulz’s inclusion of ‘Perception’) and some have been teased among recent live sets (ATB’s ‘Ecstacy’) although have not been played completely through in their original form. Here are some tracks we’d die to hear in their unadulterated (and not “updated”) forms. What better chance as fans to witness this is there outside of the epic Groove Cruise?

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  • Milk

    After a very successful remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Kanye”, Evan Gartner is paving the way for himself. While his ‘Touch The Sky’ remix had more of a mellow, tropical feel to it, Gartner approaches his remix of Milk N Cookies’ “Monster” in a completely different manner. From “Hamptons house” to “future house”, this is undoubtedly the best remix of the bunch thus far.

    Gartner starts the track with a distinctive bassline before bringing in his spin on the vocals. While the original track cradles Alina Renae’s soft voice, he pitches down the vocals to give a darker, groovier vibe. The catchy melody still credits the vocals as the foundation of the song while the drops are less intense than the original. Some may think this remix is a bit monotonous, but the repetition of the drop melody just enhances the futuristic house feel. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on this free download.

    Milk N Cookies – Monster (Evan Gartner Remix) | Download 

  • Knife

    With this being the last weekend before The Guvernment closes its doors for good, the Toronto dance music community has been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. Unfortunately, there was a lot of disappointment, confusion and bitterness in the Guv air last night, as Knife Party left many fans scratching their heads.

    Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen took to the stage at roughly 1:30 am to play one last set at the historic venue. The guys put on a fantastic show, but attendees were upset when at around 3 am, their hit song “Bonfire” began playing and the duo announced that this would be their last track of the night. While a 90 minute set may be expected at other nightclubs, The Guvernment is known for its marathon sets, including a record-breaking 11 hour set from Markus Schulz earlier in the year and a 6 hour one from Armin van Buuren that took place just one night earlier.

    After they got off the stage, Swire and McGrillen were bombarded with Tweets from unhappy fans who were hoping for a longer performance due to the importance of the evening and the fact that tickets were going for $120 at the door. Toronto fans have always welcomed both Pendulum and Knife Party with open arms and according to a Tweet from McGrillen, The Guvernment was, “the first club i ever stepped foot in outside of the uk, well over ten years ago”. That being said, it looks like that love took a serious blow last night, as there was quite the social media war between upset attendees and the Knife Party guys.

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  • EDMTunes Exclusive: Arty's Favorite Tracks Outside of Dance Music
    Progressive house’s hottest Russian export, Arty, has a natural gift of stirring up excitement around every release he announces. In 2014, he remixed Porter Robinson, OneRepublic, and London Grammar as well as unleashing his main stage monster, “Up All Night.” Arty’s heart-wrenching melodies have captivated millions and his musical prowess can be recognized in every detail of his production.

    With dance music being so young, every artist has a background in other musical genres that motivated them to pursue their career. Arty has indicated in multiple interview that indie-electronic band M83 and global sensation Coldplay played integral roles in his musical creativity. We were thrilled here at EDMTunes to briefly catch up with Arty and discover the musicians and bands that can be credited for his musical inspirations. From Queen to the Gorillaz to Muse, Arty’s favorite tracks outside of dance music trace back to early rock n roll and more recent alternative rock. Check out the list below to see where Arty found his artistic influence.

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  • Tiga - Bugatti (Boys Noize Acid Mix)

    Tiga – Bugatti (Boys Noize Acid Mix)

    Get ready for some techno with Boys Noize‘s acid remake of ‘Bugatti‘ by Tiga. After a short break from releasing his classic acid/tech house beats in December, Boys Noize is back from an amazing run with Holy Ship and he’s keeping the boat party going with this excellent remake of Tiga‘s club anthem.

    Boys Noize has definitely brought back the acid on this one, replacing the main chorus with a simmering acid lead characteristic of Boys Noize‘s signature style. The remix begings with a tight kick drum with some crisp re verb attached to it to create a nice techy atmosphere also accompanied by a glassy set of hi hats. Keeping the vibe building, an ominous saw pluck rises in the background leading up to the trippy vocals. Towards the middle of the track, the acid sounds become more apparent as they begin to create that classic feel well known in the tech/acid house scene. This sweet remix will be available in the USA on iTunes on the 27th and in Australia on iTunes on the 30th.