• Beshken - Right Time (feat. Soraya)

    Chilling in Santa Monica is up and coming producer Ben Shirken, or Beshken, who has released a sexy lounge-esque original called ‘Right Time’ on Next Wave Records. The natural chemistry between the vocals and the instrumental allows the listener to simply go on the musical ride provided for them and reflect. As you’ll notice, the subtle touches in pitch to Soraya’s stream of notes gives the smooth production a little bit of an edge with a dash of sass. For those who need to relieve themselves from the everyday pressures of life and decompress, allow Beshken to take you into his authentic and pure world.

    Beshken – Right Time (feat. Soraya) | Download

  • Hellberg & Rich Edwards - Hands Of Time (feat. Jonny Rose)

    Hellberg & Rich Edwards – Hands Of Time (feat. Jonny Rose)

    Swedish producers Hellberg and Rich Edwards team up with vocalist Jonny Rose on a fantastic progressive house production entitled ‘Hands Of Time’. This Monstercat release is certainly one of Hellberg’s best, who seems to be strongest progressive player on the thriving independent label. The bubbly melody that was created effortlessly glides over the powerful foundation, presenting an envious dynamic between the layers. Moreover, Jonny Rose’s distinct inflection in his silky smooth voice leaves you wanting more, especially when he coasts in his falsetto. Hellberg and Rich Edwards seem to be a strong team, as this is not the first time they have linked up on a song. Two months back, the Swedes released an uplifting progressive rendition of ‘Gold Skies‘ by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS. You can now purchase ‘Hands Of Time’ below via iTunes.

    Hellberg & Rich Edwards – Hands Of Time (feat. Jonny Rose) | Purchase

  • Dillon Francis - Masta Blasta 2.0

    Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta 2.0

    The re-invention of Dillon Francis’ first big hit, Masta Blasta, continues this week with Masta Blasta 2.0. This one, according to Dillon, is re-mastered and with a 4×4 kick pattern, which definitely adds a new layer to the now infamous track that put the superstar on the map. As usual, Dillon dropped a line or two about the tune:


    The high line of ‘Masta Blasta’ is fully intact, in all its moomba glory, and a fully re-mastered version as a free download is a without a doubt a real treat for any Dillon Francis fan. Of course, Money Sucks Friends Rule is coming out later this month, on October 28. You can pre-order it here. For now, ‘Masta Blasta’ that play button.

  • AIMES - Give It To Me
    AIMES – Give It To Me

    Genres are starting to become a thing of the past these days and Armada’s new sub-label, The Bearded Man, is here to showcase just that. Take a listen to their latest release, “Give It To Me” by Brooklyn based artist AIMES. From the get-go AIMES sets the tone of track, giving it a cosmic vibe by leading the song off with an ambient melody enchanted with majestic strum-work. As the melody grows louder, he smoothly works the song into a deeper bassline adding in more slight interstellar elements along the way. AIMES really knows how to get you lost in his “space pop” working in components of deep-house, nudisco, house and more all into a cohesive flow. Losing yourself into your own personal cosmos has never been easier with the smooth melding of sounds that the Brooklyn producer brings to the table. To own your own little outer space, you’ll have to buy ‘Give It To Me’ when it is released on October 10, but until then, the preview below will have to suffice.

  • Vanic x K.Flay - Can't Sleep [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Vanic x K.Flay – Can’t Sleep

    Let us flashback to the dog days of summer for a second. Just as the sultry summer season was picking up its stride, Vancouver-based DJ and producer, Vanic, won all of our hearts with his addictive remix of Machineheart’s ‘Circles‘, boasting his versatility of style and melodic touch. Now Vanic has returned with a beautiful rework of rap virtuoso, K.Flay‘s ‘Cant Sleep‘, proving that he is here to stay. There is no better phrase to describe Vanic’s most recent masterpiece, but pure vibes. The track is oozing in glitchy goodness, catching the attention of listeners right off the bat with its invigorating pace, while preserving the original’s urban vibe and K.Flay’s delicate vocalizations. As Vanic continues to mesmerize fans and industry/label folk alike, he is taking the realm of indie electro by storm, deserving of his place in the conversation. So as you power through the hump day lull, let Vanic take you on a summery trip, that you will leave you with a grin as wide as the sea. Don’t forget to grab your free copy of the remix below, and feel free to drop a comment as well!

    Vanic x K.Flay – Can’t Sleep | Download

  • Watch Thomas Jack Drink a Beer out of his Boot, While You Listen to His New RemixBen Sollee – Letting Go (Thomas Jack Remix)

    Tropical house maestro Thomas Jack returns to remix duties on Ben Sollee’s Letting Go. A  luscious, relaxed drum rack slowly weaves its way beneath the top line and samples of crashing ocean waves. Thomas writes that the remix was inspired by the waves of Tulum, and the samples you hear in this track were actually recorded on a bach in Tulum. They add that certain tropical element that we always get with Thomas’ music, and its certainly a fantastic form of house, perfect for this first day of October, as most of us around the U.S are assuredly gripped by autumn’s official arrival last week, oh so desperately wanting to return to the warmth of summer. This ‘Letting Go’ remix is soothing bit of minimal house, and another great addition to the young mans discography. Of course, you can catch Thomas Jack on tour throughout the U.S right now, and if you do, then you may be treated to scenes such as the one described in this articles title: that’s right, at his recent Brooklyn show, TJ took off his boot, poured a beer into it, and drank it. Island maneuvers, for sure. Check out the video and the track below, and go here to see where Thomas Jack is playing next. Oh, and, being the good guy he is, TJ is giving this one away as a free download.

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  • Justin Jay

    Justin Jay is a young tech and deep house producer with the Dirtybird camp, and to help the world get to know him a little more he’s flown into Nest HQ for little sit-down chat. Justin Jay has a had a solid year so far, with a successful EP (Instincts) and a killer hip hop inspired single ‘Bounce and Break’, so what better time is there to check in with him and see what he’s up to?

    The beginning of the video shows the rising underground star twiddling around on an old piano, after which he explains his musical background and influences. From there Justin gives us some insights on his creative process, and talks about what it’s like studying in the music industry program at USC. With a 70s influenced look and a down-to-earth vibe, this Justin Jay mini-doc is a nice lil hump-day treat. Of course a short documentary can only take you so much closer to really getting to know an artist, so be sure to hit him up on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and especially Soundcloud (keep a look-out for his Kill Frenzy collab ‘Lava’).

  • Steve Aoki Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Satire Website, Wunderground

    They say all press is good press, and this following bit of news seems to be just that; perfectly timed news. Many of us have been trolled by the satire site “Wunderground,” falling victim again and again to their hilarious pieces. One of those consistent victims, Steve Aoki, thinks  that the site has gone too far in its mockery of his image when an Indiegogo campaign began making the rounds trying to raise money to print a shirt that says “Ask me about my shit DJ impression” and flips to show Aoki’s face. Aoki’s camp argues that Wunderground did not receive the authority to use Aoki’s likeness from either Aoki or Ultra Music, who owns the licensing, and that for them to profit off of the shirts would “subject the individuals in that [fundraising] crowd to liability for conspiring to unlawfully usurp our client’s and Ultra’s intellectual property.”

    Wunderground responded just about as you would expect them to: in a satirical rant blasting Aoki and his team, reminiscent of The Oatmeal v. Funnyjunk. The only problem between these two cases is that Aoki’s team has a substantial case against Wunderground since it is, in fact, his image and they cannot profit off of that without his permission, which it seems they don’t have. Now for the reason that it seems like perfectly timed news: the story has started to surface around the time that Aoki’s “Neon Future I” has hit shelves even though the original letter was sent August 5, 2014. While we can ponder conspiracies all we want this seems to be a very real credible threat to the future of Wunderground, and now that we have both sides of the story we can sit back and watch it all unfold.

  • Snowglobe 2014
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    If you guys are like most of us here at EDMTunes, you’re probably attempting to solidify your Halloween plans. Even though it is still months away, it may be time to forget about the spooky costume parties and start planning your New Year’s Eve experience, as SnowGlobe is hoping you will be joining them in South Lake Tahoe this winter.

    Attendees of Snowglobe 2014 will not only get to take in the beautiful scenery that Northern California has to offer, but they will also get to ring in the new year with some of the biggest names in dance music including Skrillex, Disclosure, Porter Robinson, Zedd and Flume. Still need more convincing? Check out our review of last year’s event as well as the 2013 recap video to get an idea of what Snowglobe 2014 will be like. This year’s installment will take place from December 29th-31st. For more information on the event, head on over to www.snowglobemusicfestival.com.

  • AUDaCITYPurchase Tickets

    Winter is coming, and if you’re anything like us, you are gripping the last morsels of summer with every cell in your body; there’s little to look forward to besides warm naps and hot chocolate. But wait, progressive house gurus Audien and Jenaux are skating from coast to coast to toast us up with their incredibly euphoria-filled fall tour AUDaCITY. A powerful combo to DJ a night of absolute dancing mayhem, both Audien and Jenaux are bound to veer on and off the progressive house path and give you a taste of their electro and deep house sounds as well.

    It’s quite an experience to see Audien play in more intimate settings, especially since he’s recently dawned over massive festivals such as Beyond Wonderland and Tomorrowland. Listening to some of EDMTunes’ favorites such as ‘Leaving You’ and ‘Wayfarer’ through headphones is one thing, but seeing him perform live takes that souped-up adrenaline feel to another level; as an added bonus, he promises to debut lots of new music.

    It’s also a pleasure to see Jenaux on the AUDaCITY tour. The burgeoning producer has a comparable, yet intricately unique style to Audien, and the exposure he will gain on this tour is well-deserved. Saturating deeper, funkier tones to his music, Jenaux will bring a perfect complement and diversity of flavor to the tour. His recent remixes of Lemaitre’s ‘Wait‘ and Cazzette’s ‘Sleepless’ and mere teases to what he has offer, and we can only hope he will parallel Audien’s promise for new music during the AUDaCITY tour.