• AD
    Kenny Glasglow and Johnny White, otherwise known as the Canadian duo Art Department, have released an official statement announcing their parting of ways. This is by no means a messy break up. Glasglow, at this juncture, just wants to explore music as a singular unit, leaving the moniker Art Department in good hands with Johnny White, who will continue to use AD has his primary alias.

    “This kind of project is like a creative marriage and after five years we just feel like there’s more we need to do in other areas. Having already released a solo album, I have felt a strong need to follow that up and explore that side of my production”, Kenny proclaims in the official statement.

    “Kenny has nearly completed his own solo body of work that I really believe in, and he should by all means pursue those goals,” White states of his former creative partner. “Of course Art Department is not the same Art Department without Kenny, that’s something that can not be duplicated. It will take a new shape, but this is an exciting chapter for both of us as friends and artists.”

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  • To celebrate the release of his studio album, Neon Future II, producer, DJ, and Dim Mak front-man Steve Aoki is planning to throw a party on the streets of Los Angeles… for free. The show has been dubbed LAokiand has the endorsement of city mayor, Eric Garcetti. The party will be held on Saturday, May 16th, between 4th and 6th. Up to as many as 10,000 fans are expected to attend the free event.

    In partnership with the city, Aoki and Garcetti hope to raise volunteerism awareness in L.A. In order for fans to attend the event, they must first sign up for more information at the Volunteer Corps. Garcetti spoke to Billboard about the event:

    What we are going to get out of this is volunteerism and we know that we’ll be able to cover our costs because of the economic activity this event will generate. If people sign up for Volunteer Corps and we conservatively get ten percent of those who sign up helping us out in a given year, that’s worth millions of dollars of city resources we spend on things like neighborhood clean-ups and improving our community.

    Steve Aoki’s management is reporting that he will front the cost of the show. For more information visit the event’s official website laokishow.com

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  • Feenixpawl

    Feenixpawl – Ghosts Feat. Melissa Ramsay

    O’ how beautiful it can be when worlds collide. The New York based rock n’ roll record label, Wind-Up Records, has made a progressive move into EDM with the launch of ‘Eclypse‘. To help rollout their new imprint they’ve linked up with Aussie duo, Feenixpawl, for the debut release, ‘Ghosts‘.

    ‘Ghosts’ is a fittingly dark track to start, but glimmers of hope shine through with hauntingly beautiful vocals from Melissa Ramsay; by the time the energy has reached it’s peak of the build the light at the end of the tunnel comes rushing over with massively melodic synth leads within a truly uplifting atmosphere. There’s no better way to roll out something as big as new record label that with a track this massive. It’s available only through Beatport, but you can stream it here, below!

    Feenixpawl – Ghosts Feat. Melissa Ramsay  | Beatport Exclusive

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  • Coachella
    Coachella got off to a crazy start, with the Bieber getting put into a chokehold, Kygo giving out his new Dillon Francis collab to some lucky fans, Porter Robinson making dreams come true with his Nero remix, and a goldmine of amazing sets (and certain Madonna+Drake incident as the cherry on top). You may have thought the Coachella madness from Weekend One would be the end of it, but there’s a whole weekend left!

    The schedule for Weekend 2 set streams has been released, and here are the basics you need to know to get the most out of it. The fest will be featured entirely via AXS TV, instead of YouTube; AXS has a hand schedule, HERE, which should help you organize and plan your FOMO-induced viewing with ease. You can also sign up for broadcast alerts HERE. You can get full grasp of the set times in the images below (read more). Whether you’re going to watch these sets in the desert, or watching with a fat dessert at home, let us know what you’re planning on seeing!

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  • aviciiExperience Avicii at Ultra 2015

    What a difference a year can make. After shockingly collapsing to the ground the night prior to his Ultra set in 2014, Tim Bergling – known and beloved as Avicii – was sadly forced to miss his headliner slot. Fast-forward to 2015, the Swedish revolutionary has regained his prowess in the EDM world, topping it off with a magically filled 2015 Ultra set.

    Keeping his momentum going forward, Avicii’s released his stacked Ultra set, highlighted by classic anthems like ‘Levels’, and fused with plenty of new and exciting material from his upcoming Stories album. To access this material, you simply need to follow this link to his website, but there’s a catch – you can only check it out on your phone. You will find a full track listing of his set, new album material and a host of behind the scenes footage. Makes sense to keep it only accessible on mobiles, folks can’t rip it. Based on all this content, we can’t help but get excited for his new material to finally hit the digital shelves; there’s a lot of sweet material here, so don’t pass up the chance to check it out, there’s no telling how long it’ll last!

  • Fast

    (dc) – Fast ft. Deffie

    Mmm. I needed this. You need this. This is exactly the kinda vibe you’ll wanna go into the weekend with: silky smooth, chilled out, and demonstratively sexy. Sean Price is a Dallas based producer that goes by the name (dc), long-form as Dream Child, and he’s got an ear for creamy beats that you’d normally expect from a seasons vet. He’s teamed up with Film Noir homie Deffie for their latest release, a leaned back groove tune oxymoronically entitled, ‘Fast’.

    This track gets thrown into gear with a seriously fat bassline and Deffie’s rhythmic vocals come rolling in at just the right time to keep the flow going at a natural pace. There’s nothing extravagant about this track, and that’s a good thing; there’s a beauty in its simplicity, and it shines with some fine details. This gem just vibes so well. Check it below, and if you dig his stuff, go support (dc) through Bandcamp.

    (dc) – Fast ft. Deffie | Bandcamp*

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  • As separate musical entities, producers Yahtzel and LDRU, have taken the world of the indie-future electronic realm by force, but last year the Aussie artists decided to step their music games up further by fusing their forces as Carmada. Their 2014 debut single ‘Maybe’, part of their Realise EP, was met with rousing response, as its heavy, feel good vibes had already stirred up crowds with live festival debuts. Over a million plays later, and ‘Maybe’ has earned itself a massive remix EP jam packed with artists spanning across multiple genres and styles.

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  • Galantis

    It’s been more than a year since the songs ‘Smile’ and ‘You’ changed the way in which we view festival oriented house music. After monumental levels of anticipation, Galantis has finally announced their debut studio album; Pharmacy. The announcement came via Instagram, through which the duo dropped pre-order information and bonuses: “It took jillions of hours in the studio and a couple of doctor appointments, but we are ecstatic to announce our debut album, Pharmacy! Pre-orders start on Monday at @iTunes and as a bonus, you’ll get Runaway, Gold Dust and Peanut Butter Jelly instantly.”

  • Crystal Castles

    Toronto-based duo, Crystal Castles, is back together, and they’ve returned with a new single entitled, ‘Frail’. As many of you may remember, Crystal Castles seemed to have bit the bullet once singer, Alice Glass called it quits last October in order to pursue another creative outlet. The abrupt departure of Glass left fans wondering whether or not the Crystal Castles was truly finished or if there was light at the end of the tunnel (though the manager hinted at the latter). Undoubtedly, Glass’ immediately recognizable voice seemed to be a trademark of Crystal Castles’ previous work, but ultimately proved unnecessary for the continuation of the project. This is the statement Kath made on Glass’ involvement and departure:

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  • Blonde ft. Alex Newell – All Cried Out (Don Diablo Remix)

    Dutch DJ/producer Don Diablo has released an impressive amount of remixes in such a short time, and with each release he has also gained an extensive fan base. It was only a month ago that he released his original ‘My Window’ on Spinnin’ Records, and demonstrated that he could consistently produce great music. Continuing his streak of tasteful tunes, Don Diablo has just let out his rendition of ‘All Cried Out‘, by Blonde ft. Alex Newell.

    After listening to his remix of ‘All Cried Out‘, it is clear that Don Diablo never fails to impress us with his remixes and entrancing style. This remix of one of his “favorite tunes of the moment” will surely have you dazzled and maybe even dancing. The upbeat rhythm combined with the vocals and piano progressions make an ideal future house track. If you don’t believe me then check out the track for yourself, out now.