• Paper Crane


    The Paper Crane collective is yet another example of the power of artistic talent pools. Collectives are characterized by their universally held principles, imagery, quirks n’ character, identity, and most importantly: sound. The beauty behind a good collective though, is that behind all their similarities, each member brings a unique aspect to the table; without each unique member bringing their own identifiable sound to the table, the collective wouldn’t even exist. Paper Crane is one of the collectives that’s doing it right. Built up by very young, and immensely talented artists like Madcnap, Yitaku, and and Sound Patrol, Paper Crane acts as a platform for budding artists looking to showcase sounds that the mainstream quite frankly doesn’t deserve to boast.

    For those of you who haven’t heard them, or want an all around idea of what they’re about, you’re in luck. Their 2nd compilation is out now, and it’s an audible whirlwind next wave creativity that needs to be heard. Song structures loosely follow classic arrangements, but the elements that are used to glue everything together are amazingly out-of-the-box and entertaining; bizarre instrumentation, filters, samples, and all around good vibes are present in essentially every tune. It’s free to download as well, but you may wanna consider donating to these guys, they’re bound for great things, and could use all the early help they could get. Click over to their Soundcloud as well, and check out their full roster!

    PAPER CRANE – VOLUME 2 | Download | Donate

  • DFM
    The last month has been very kind to our favorite dance music funny man Dillon Francis. However, we can’t always win, as Francis learned the hard way this week with Sony’s forced removal of his brand new remix of ‘Imperium‘ by Madeon.

    In a now deleted tweet, Francis explained his feelings toward’s Sony’s removal of his Imperium Remix:

    “It has nothing to do with Madeon… Sony owns the music and wants to make money off it therefore the takedown” – Dillon Francis

    Major record labels, particularly Sony Music, (who house a plethora of dance music artists), have been in the news a lot over the last couple months for forcing their artists to remove music from free streaming services like Soundcloud. It’s not a secret that many dance music artists that have signed major label deals are not happy about having their music taken down, but at the same time it is very understandable for Sony to have an issue with their rightfully owned music being consumed for free on Soundcloud.

    Francis is just another in the line of many DJs/producers who have had issues with giving their fans free music, and we hope a solution will be reached soon. If you heard Francis’ remix of ‘Imperium’ before it was taken down, you were treated. For those of you who have not, you can still hear the awesome remix below from a fan account on YouTube. In the likely scenario that the video below gets taken down, you won’t want to miss your chance to see both Dillon Francis and Madeon this fall on Zedd’sTrue Colors‘ tour, where you will almost certainly hear this remix played out live.

  • Genevieve - Colors (PLS&TY Remix)

    Genevieve – Colors (PLS&TY Remix)

    A good top line is generally the place to start for a remix. PLS&TY picked well here, as Genevieve’s crooning on ‘Colors’ makes for the perfect vocals to cradle amidst some electronica. Re-creating good vibes, indeed, PLS&TY smashed this one out of the park. An infectious, bass filled lead line flourishes underneath the lyrics, combining for a tune you’ll undoubtedly find yourself playing a few times. The production and arrangement are of good quality – something always missing from what I would say is a majority of dance music these days. As of this writing, and 1 day after posting, this remix is already at 100,000 plays. That numbers speaks for itself – this is a high quality tune.

  • Although EDMTunes has evolved into a fully functioning news and music blog, many of you might have first come to our site looking for live sets or radio shows to download and stream. With the sheer amount of dance music news, tracks, albums, previews, videos, and festivals out there today it has become a lot harder to simply find out what new music is on the horizon in a given week. In dance music most new tracks are released on Mondays or Fridays and many labels release a new track or more each week. It’s a lot to keep track of, but also a big weekly opportunity to discover new tunes that might interest you. That’s why we are starting The Round Up feature to compile the releases from many of the most active dance music labels and present them to you in a simple fashion. Check them out and you’ll start to get a sense of the personalities of each label with the added benefit of a weekly playlist of the newest tracks.


    Revealed Recordings

    Dannic vs. Tom & Jane – Clap

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  • Kygo

    Kygo feat. Ella Henderson – Here For You

    This morning, tropical house kingpin Kygo surprised his loyal followers with a brand new original single and remix. A preview for the new original called ‘Here for You‘ featuring Ella Henderson appeared on Kygo’s Soundcloud this morning, and was shortly followed by his remix of ‘Dirty Paws‘ by Of Monsters and Men.

    ‘Here for You’ begins with an advanced classical piano melody that accentuates Ella Henderson’s voice magically. Classic Kygo tambourines join in, while Henderson’s voice commands your attention throughout. ‘Here for You’ becomes the latest in a long line of Kygo originals that should stand the test of time for quite a while. As for his ‘Dirty Paws’ remix, it is the first remix he has posted in a while, and should play extremely well with his live show. You can check out ‘Here for You’ featuring Ella Henderson and his remix of ‘Dirty Paws’ by Of Monsters and Men right here, and pick up your copy from any of the available outlets listed below!

    Kygo feat. Ella Henderson – Here For You | iTunes | Spotify |

  • Alina Baraz & Galimatias

    Alina Baraz & Galimatias have gradually unveiled an array of remixes from the world’s most talented producers, showcasing the unifying power of music. Whether it be Parisian wizard FKJ or LA-based rising stars Hotel Garuda, ‘Urban Flora’ has been an auditory hub for new styles that traverse preconceived genre limitations. Le Youth takes the helm with his take on “Make You Feel”, another inspired take on the decorated single from Alina Baraz & Galimatias.

    Channeling an upbeat, dance floor ready vibe, ‘Make You Feel’ is a welcome addition to the duo’s impressive collection of tunes. Melodic and club friendly, Le Youth adds another layer to the one-of-a-kind project Alina Baraz & Galimatias have crafted during this seminal year.

  •  photo Fatboy Slim Getty Ross Gilmore 2013_zpsgjgehfww.jpg

    Banksy has always managed to find his way into headlines across the globe, but ever since he unveiled his grandest project to date, the artist/activist has become a larger than life figure. Just a couple weeks ago, the Internet was filled with photos of his Disney-inspired exhibit, ‘Dismaland. The hype has died down since then, but the electronic music community has regained interest after it was announced that a legendary DJ would be performing at the twisted amusement park.

    Originally, DJ Dapper Dan was scheduled to perform, but he has been replaced by none other than Fatboy Slim. Banksy let the information slip after he wrote on his website that there was going to be a “supply DJ from Brighton” (Fatboy Slim’s hometown). Run The Jewels will be headlining the sold out event, which takes place tonight.

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  • United We Are: Remixes

    Being the world’s #1 DJ requires a lot of work, and Hardwell is a workaholic. When he was first crowned the top DJ in 2013, he released his first I Am Hardwell documentary. This documentary followed his humble beginnings all the way through his first headline world tour and the moment he secured the crown. Since then he went on to hold the title for a 2nd year, went on more world tours, and released his first studio album United We Are. As Hardwell vies for the top spot once again, he has announced details on a follow up documentary and a new album.

    I Am Hardwell – Living The Dream will follow his world tour and hit theaters during the renowned ADE on October 13. Not satisfied to stop there, Hardwell also revealed that he will be releasing a remix album for his United We Are Album on November 13. As always with Hardwell, the new music will keep flowing at a rapid pace and there will be plenty to watch out for from the superstar over the next few months. You can check out a teaser for his new documentary below.

  • Eden Prince Prince Delivers Masterful remix of Basement Jaxx Classic Mermaid of Bahia

    Eden Prince vs. Basement Jaxx – Mermaid Of Bahia

    Mystery man Eden Prince has today unveiled a wonderful bit of dance music – his own progressive take on an Ibiza classic,  The Basement Jaxx original, ‘Mermaid of Bahia’. Eden’s take speeds the track up to nu age progressive house speeds, however, the soul of the tune has been relatively untouched. In this case – a great thing! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just give it a bit of a makeover. The track is out today via Kid Coconut Records – Michael Brun’s imprint, however, it will also be released as part of the official Junto Remixed album, coming from Basement Jaxx later this fall (October 23 to be exact). It’s quite an honor, as he will be joining guys like The Martinez Brothers, Luciano, and Catz N Dogz, who have also all provided remixes.

    We’ll see what more Eden Prince has in store – as far as the internet can tell, this is his first track. Officially remixing Basement Jaxx is quite the way to start, however. Check out his take on ‘Mermaid of Bahia’ below.

    Eden Prince vs. Basement Jaxx – Mermaid of BahiaiTunes

  • It was just over a year that Porter Robinson’s game changing album, ‘Worlds’, was released. After countless shows and live performances have wracked up more plays that we could possibly count and still the dust hasn’t settle. The snowballing momentum behind this monumental work of art doesn’t ever stop, as just yesterday Porter announced a whole new batch of remixes scheduled to drop early next month.

    Featured on the remix are industry standard names like Mat Zo, ODESZA, and San Holo. On the flip side of that coin, we are more than excited to see some new comers having a shot at bringing their underground sounds to the mainstream with sounds from Sleepy Tom and Deon Custom. And last but certainly not least, it warms my heart that one of the most talented producers to come out of my hometown of Portland, Electric Mantis, has a crack at bringing his beyond-professional sound to the MainStage.

    As the picture above states, the remix album will be available to purchase on the 2nd of October, so hopefully you’re as anxious as we are.