• Don't Miss Your Last Chances to See Galantis This Year

    There are those few exceptional sets a year that just stun the music community into speechless amazement and are the gems that people hope to catch when they go to festivals. I saw many shows this year,perhaps too many, but there’s one epic set which eluded my fingertips  and has been haunting my musical dreams ever since: Galantis‘ debut Seafoxchella set.

    I want to save those of you wallowing in the same sadness as I am; Galantis has a few remaining shows this year and with legendary house duo Booka Shade. You can catch them at either coast and few locations in between: November 1-3 in California or November 7-8 in New York.

    People already melt on the spot when ‘Smile’ or ‘You’ are played during a show, but imagine hearing it live from the hands of the mastermind creators themselves – uncontainable excitement. Their sets are an eerily perfect balance of breathtaking originals, electronic music favorites, and energy-filled tracks that will have you dancing all night. And I mention Booka Shade, right? Seriously, you can’t close off an amazing year of electronic music having missed these duos.

    Buy tickets here!
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  • Goldroom - Till Sunrise (Eric David & j.harmon Remix)

    A fantastic and moody bit of chilled out house music from Denver today, in the form of an Eric David and j.harmon remix of Goldroom’s down tempo hit, ‘Till Sunrise.‘ Clubbing up the relaxingly slow original, the two Denver natives have gleaned a fantastic balance from the vocals by pairing them with a more aggressive 4×4 beat. The remix drops into an infectious yet minimal groove, effortlessly flowing between inorganic clicks and 8-bit knocks. There’s a sense of air around this five minute take on ‘Till Sunrise’, and the two Denver producers successfully flow through a variety of ideas that blend together into a seamless story. Eric David has had a successful fall on the local circuit, releasing a strong outing in the form of his original mix, ‘Walked Outta Heaven‘ via Night Supply Records. His first foray into partnership with j.harmon for this ‘Till Sunrise’ remix is clearly a success, and we can assuredly expect from solid underground house from the pair.


  • TomorrowWorld
    If you already have your sights set on TomorrowWorld 2015, pre-registration for tickets is now open. If this should be your first TomorrowWorld, pre-register now by clicking HERE for the general sale that starts Thursday, November 13th at 2:00pm EST. By pre-registering, you’ll receive the fastest access to the general sale.

    If you have made the journey to Chattahoochee Hills before, TomorrowWorld has announced an exclusive ‘Pioneer‘ pre-sale for festival veterans. People that have attended TomorrowWorld 2013, 2014 or both, are guaranteed to get tickets during the pre-sale and do not need to pre-register; instead, they’ll receive an email with a link and login code.  The Pioneer pre-sale lists a ‘Full Madness’ pass for $327 and a ‘Full Madness + Dreamville Pass’ with camping access for $367, making added savings an extra incentive to return.  The Pioneer pre-sale opens on Monday, November 10th at 2:00pm EST and closes Thursday, November 13th at 1:00pm EST.

    Payment plans will be available so you can pay over five installments if you don’t have the cash upfront. TomorrowWorld will take place September 25-27, 2015 in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

    Photo via: Brockelbank Photography

  • Pikachu

    Oliver Heldens, Mr. Belt & Wezol – Pikachu

    Female vocals, male vocals, forget all that, because what we all really want are Pokemon vocals – adorable Pikachu soundbites to be exact. They say ask and you shall receive, and thanks to Dutch duo Mr. Belt & Wezol teaming up with Oliver Heldens, you can now relive those nostalgic Gameboy days of trying to catch them all, by listening to some jammin’ future house. Though the repeating ‘pika pika’ sound loop is enough to make you want to dance your way through the hallway all night in a Pokemon onesie, the three producers didn’t sellout on just the brand factor to make this song a success; it really just has a dynamic sound as well.

    A clear collaboration between the three producers, the track reflects a strong future house style with a throbbing metallic undertone, and is a very interesting way to portray Pikachu’s character. Regardless, despite the levity of the subject, the track is a solid musical production hopefully to inspire other DJs to delve into the Pokemon realm. Because let’s be real, we need more.

  • Calling Out

    Penguin Prison – Calling Out (Elephante Remix)

    Chris Glover does quite a lot as a single musician. As the producer, remixer, and singer for his electropop act, Penguin Prison, he’s proven to be very skilled and very creative. His latest single, ‘Calling Out, is a peppy mix of retro drums and guitar riffs along with smooth singing and uppity melody. Really there’s not much more you can do here to make it any fuller of sunshine and good vibes…or is there?

    Elephante has an admitted knack for adding character and quirk to his remixes. You won’t have to search very hard to prove that right either; his remixes of Lemaitre’sWait‘ and Dirty South’sUnbreakable‘ are exceptionally done forward thinking remixes with a very identifiable sound, which is huge in creating an artist identity. He’s gone and done it again with this new spin on ‘Calling Out’. Keeping with the original funk sound, he’s buffed up the guitar and bass riffs and glitched out some vocals and other small elements for a more electrifying feel; The drop into the melody is kept simple and the breakdown is infectiously happy. Dropping in some youthful chants really lightens the mood as well. Like the track? Throw it a heart on Hype Machine and grab the free download below.

    Penguin Prison – Calling Out (Elephante Remix) | Download

  • Henrik B - In Your Eyes (Henrik B Deep Mix)

    Henrik B‘s deep mix of ‘In Your Eyes‘ is a track that caught our eye earlier in the week, primarily for its mix of late-blooming vocals on top of tech house-mixed-with-tribal-house percussion work. Staying within a minimal yet upbeat range for its entirety, this deep mix of  ‘In Your Eyes’ sets itself up as a perfect track to warm one’s way towards peak time. The percussive works is heavily juxtaposed with the soft piano chords and echoed vocal clips found later in the track, and it makes for an interesting idea on the whole. Of course, Henrik B is no stranger to the DJ scene, being a grizzled veteran who has appeared on the legendary Defected Records, Size, and Pryda. ‘In Your Eyes (Henrik B Deep Mix)’ is out now on Beatport.


  • Ghouls, goblins and gremlins, rejoice! Rl Grime has just released his third annual Halloween mix for free download. Grime kicks the mix off with a perfectly bone chilling introduction featuring the infamous Goosebumps author, RL Stein, followed by a stellar 28 track lineup. This mix is stacked with a handful of delicious trap and hip hop goodies, including a number of unreleased songs from the “Mercy” man himself as well as high energy tracks from Hudson Mohawke, Mr. Carmack, Baauer and Djemba Djemba. Hip Hop fans will also be happy to see a number of fierce tracks from 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, A$ap Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, and Drake seamlessly included into the mix. RL Grime’s mix is the perfect backdrop for any Halloween celebration.

    Be sure to catch RL Grime on his North American VOID tour, in preparation for his highly anticipated VOID LP, arriving November 17th.

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  • It’s high time for another Chainsmokers remix, and they delivered. Alex and Drew have moved away from the typical “EDM” sound in their remixes as of late, and the job they’ve done on  Josef Salvat’s Open Season only further solidifies that fact.

    Josef Salvat’s soothing vocals are prominent throughout, making this tune very fun to listen to. In comparison to the original, the Chainsmokers remix is a sped up version with a groovier bass line. This one adds yet another genre to the duo’s ever growing collection of versatile productions. It features some deeper house vibes, as well as some low energy trap percussive. Open Season turns its back on a ‘build up to the drop’ and repeat formula that is so prominent in dance music today. In fact, there is not a real drop throughout the whole song… and we’re not complaining one bit.

    Josef Salvat – Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix) | Download

  • Galantis - Runaway (U & I) (Kaskade Remix)

    Galantis has been doing nothing but leaving dance music fans in pure awe of their talent by making amazingly powerful and memorable progressive house records ever since ‘Smile‘. Industry veteran Kaskade, who is widely respected in the dance community, decided to remix Galantis’ beautiful song ‘Runaway’ and undoubtedly excited his fan base. From his recently well-recieved Redux EP to his legendary Fire & Ice double album, he has proved time and time again that he has a gift. So naturally, Kaskade doing a remix for Galantis would be nothing short of a match made in heaven, right?

    Well…not exactly. Unfortunately, while you can certainly almost always bet on Kaskade putting out a quality production, this one misses the bullseye. The American producer’s remix of ‘Runaway’ is a song that seems to be somewhat of a hiccup in his portfolio. Although the breakdown causes no harm, it is the drop that is victim to his lackluster approach. The chord progression is stiff, sharp and is almost flung back and forth to contrast the murky bass line. The lack of unity and lifeless atmosphere in the motif results in a remix that is surprisingly one-dimensional and truly uncharacteristic of Kaskade’s work. Creating sonic climaxes that uniquely release a built tension the same way a person would release a long-held breath to ease their nerves is what brought him into the rank of legends. This cold-blooded Galantis remix is tight and rushed at its seams, but if you’re somehow just getting acquainted with the legendary artist, consider this an inaccurate representation of his true ingeniousness.

  • Mat Zo - Ruffneck Bad Boy

    Mat Zo – Ruffneck Bad Boy

    Since the debut of his label Mad Zoo, British producer Mat Zo has been on a hot streak releasing a multitude of genre-defying tracks. From funky disco to intense drum and bass, it’s clear that the records released under Mad Zoo will not be bound by style whatsoever. In his latest track, ‘Ruffneck Bad Boy’, Zo continues to break boundaries by melding a plethora of diverse elements into a tight cohesive mix. The body of the production opens with a mellow piano melody and retro-styled vocals. The soothing textures soon take a turn as the first electro riff ripples to change its nature. A drum and bass structure, along with deep winding wobbles are slingshot to the forefront, and even a snake-charming melody spices up the aggressive routine. Not one to do the same thing twice, Zo keeps the aural journey going through the second drop where grimey dubstep synths gargle their way into the mix. ‘Ruffneck Bad Boy’ prides itself on innovation and creativity, leaving fans excited for its release on November 17th under Mad Zoo.

    Release Date: November 17, 20114