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    It’s not everyday we see superstar musicians present us the weather. This week, world-famous DJ and the producer of A State of Trance, Armin Van Buuren stopped by at a local FOX news station in New York to help deliver the weather. While Audrey Puente was casually presenting the weekly forecast, Armin slowly makes it on screen and awkwardly assists her through the segment while promoting his new single “Another You“. Armin was recently performing at EDC New York this past Memorial Day Weekend and stayed a few extra days for the campaign. You can catch Armin’s attempt at being a weatherman below.

    What a cool experience! Had the chance to present the Weather Forecast at FOX 5 / MyFoxNY.com! It’s getting hot in here ;) ☀

    Posted by Armin van Buuren on Thursday, May 28, 2015


  • Sometimes, it’s about more than just the music. At least one Lightning in a Bottle attendee looked to find happiness and rejuvenation, in addition to an incredible lineup at this year’s event. In December, 2013, Stephanie Stearns was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, or AML. She had only recently given birth to her son, Tyler (photo above). The disease is crippling; attacking bone barrow tissue that’s used to create white blood cells and regulate the body’s immune system. It can manifest itself in painfully uncomfortable ways, including severe bruising, extreme fatigue, and shortness of breath. Nothing was going to stop Stephanie from attending 2015’s Lightning in a Bottle. For some, this is a place to explore life’s extremes, but for others, like Stephanie, this is a place of healing.

    Stephanie started attending electronic music events in the late ’90s. Like most veteran ravers, for Stephanie, the parties aren’t about abusing her body anymore, but about existentialism, purity, exploration, and altruism. Scattered across Lighting in a Bottle were several popular non-musical installations including Sound Meditation, Essential Oils Wizardry, Pineal Playground, and Sound Baths. Above all else, Stephanie found healing in the time spent with her son, now 3-years-old, and watching him dance all throughout the festival. The idea of ‘PLUR’ has been criticized, eulogized, and forgotten about throughout the electronic music culture, but it’s not gone. Pockets of peace, love, unity, and respect still bring people together. The music is enough, but it’s also about the people – each individual person – and sometimes, an individual like Stephanie, reminds us why we keep coming back.

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  • Hex Cougar – Sweet Dreams

    Hex Cougar just remade the classic track ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),’ the song everybody knows but forgot about until today. The track was originally released back in 1983 by the British duo Eurythmics. Quickly reaching number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, the song’s iconic vocals have been remixed by big name electronic artists such as Steve AngelloBenny Benassi and Tujamo. This time, the wildly talented Los Angeles producer Hex Cougar has decided to try his hand at the classic track.

    Hex Cougar’s version of ‘Sweet Dreams‘ begins with shrill arpeggios that immediately give the track an appropriately dreamy vibe. The track’s light and sunny atmosphere is only enhanced by Holly Henry‘s singing, who beautifully remakes the original’s famous vocals. Hex Cougar then blindsides his listeners with a joyous future trap drop that you can’t help but get up and dance to. While ‘Sweet Dreams’ has been remixed and sampled by seemingly everybody, Hex Cougar manages to deliver a top notch version that stands out above the pack. Best of all, he even left it as a free download, so be sure to grab it here after you check it out below.

    Hex Cougar- Sweet DreamsDownload

  • Shine

    Years & Years – Shine (The Jane Doze Remix)

    Just coming off of their release of Progressive House gem ‘Lights Go Down‘, The New York based duo, The Jane Doze, go back to their remix roots in their latest free release. Chances are you guys are still trying to recover from the madness you possibly endured this past weekend and currently in recovery and need something soothing to the ears to help you through the pain. Well The Jane Doze got you covered with a dope mellow house rendition of Years & Years‘, ‘Shine‘. The ladies of the Doze decided to transform the track into a perfect breezy summer ready track that will be a pool party and beach lounging staple for the next few of months of summer. Grab a free copy of the remix from these girls and make sure to keep your eyes open for any new material from these girls in the upcoming months!

    Years & Years – Shine (The Jane Doze Remix)Download

  • Wolves

    Kanye West- Wolves (KRNE remake ft. MOONZz)

    One of electronic music’s most prolific producers is back yet again. It seems like KRNE is constantly dropping new songs, whether it is a remix of hit tracks like ‘Lean On‘ or stellar collaborations with artists like Mr. Carmack, Alexander Lewis and Herzeloyde. This time he has decided to take on Kanye West‘s ‘Wolves,’ the popular track from his upcoming album which was produced by the legend Cashmere Cat and Sinjin Hawke.

    KRNE’s version of ‘Wolves’ sees him trying out a relatively light and laid back style. While he can typically be counted on for more hard-hitting trap, his versatility allows him to venture across various genres and styles. Here, KRNE uses subtle yet profound production to beautifully complement MOONZz‘s infectious vocals. The track breaks down with explosively shrill future bass that catapults the song to new heights. KRNE completely flips the original’s darker and moodier vibe, giving it a sunny remake which is heavy on euphoria. By totally revamping the original, KRNE leaves his chillingly indelible mark on Kanye’s hit track. Best of all, he even left it as a free download, so be sure to grab it here after you check it out below.

    Kanye West- Wolves (KRNE remake ft. MOONZz) | Download

  • Record Store

    Seoul, South Korea will play home to possibly the world’s coolest record store (above). Credit Card company Hyundai Card has announced it’s third historic installment. The company also developed and designed fashion and travel libraries. The vinyl gallery will feature more than 10,000 records spanning a limitless era of music. Additionally, 3,000 related books will be available to read, as will every issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, ever.

    Through generations of sound, music preservation is often overlooked. In today’s world, we bounce from one event to another; taking in the moment and moving on. It’s refreshing to see someone take the time and resources necessary to try and save some of the building blocks of musical history. Here will be a place where music can be treasured, remembered, and re-lived for years to come. Despite complete immersion in a digital age, vinyl keeps itself relevant because it’s tangible. Owning an MP3 just isn’t the same.

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  • A thousand party-goers gathered in Lincolnshire to attend UKTEK, a free Bank Holiday rave in Twyford Woods. The event ended abruptly as riot police swarmed the festival grounds. During the raid, 21 police officers were injured, and 43 attendees were arrested; reportedly, more than 200 became belligerent towards authorities. Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach released the following statement:

    “Illegal parties sometimes known as raves are just that, illegal. One of the core responsibilities and aims of the police is to make sure that people are safe. Gatherings such as this are not safe. There are no safety assessments or plans. Equipment to tackle fires or medical emergencies are generally non-existent. Crowd control measures such as barriers to prevent people being crushed or suffocated are not present and access to the sites for the emergency services such as the Ambulance Service or the Fire and Rescue Service are inadequate.”

    Video footage, posted on YouTube, shows the police arriving at the event site after receiving noise complaints. There is also video of a police van being ambushed in the dark. This is the third time in the last 8 years that UKTEK has been shut down by authorities. To see all the video recorded of the police invasion at UKTEK please click the “Read More” link below.
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  • As I’m sure many of our readers know, especially those up-and-coming producers or young entrepreneurs, trying to establish traction and a following on a Facebook page can be a tricky thing. We’ve all read complaints about Facebook’s pay-to-play approach to advertisements, which make us all play the game of algorithms. It’s a harsh reality to see heartfelt content and relevant issues get drowned in walls of cat videos and internet memes, as the stuff that matters is out of sight and out of mind without us even realizing it.

    MAKJ recently brought this exact issue to light in a recent post by comparing an advert that he released for a newer release, and compared it to a meme of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. His argument is the same one we have heard many times before. He shares his relevant content of his music, his life’s passion and the TRUE reason you followed his account in the first place, and it gets a fair amount of traction. Next he shares a funny picture that’s meant to get a few laughs, and next thing you know it’s a few shares away from breaking the internet. Beneath the picture is his critique on the unfairness of the whole thing.

    To all my fans, friends, and colleagues out there who are trying to advertise their business. This is proof that…

    Posted by MAKJ on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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  • Gabriel & Dresden
    San Franciscan producers, Dave Dresden and Josh Gabriel, have been fixtures among the electronic music scene (in the US and abroad) since 2001. In that time span, they have released some absolutely quintessential dance records in the forms of G&D originals: “As The Rush Comes,” “Zocalo,” “Tracking Treasure Down,” and “Dangerous Power,” as their super group Motorcycle with Jes with: “Deep Breath Love,” “Imagination,” and “Around You,” and as remix duties for an absolute plethora of tracks. Not only this, but the duo is launching on a North American tour schedule with a simple theme that will allow longtime fans to experience most of these tracks live for the first time, dubbed as: “Classics Only“! The Gabriel & Dresden tour format is unlike nothing that US markets have been privy to, until now.

    EDMTunes chatted a bit with the duo about their headspace in deciding to execute a tour with a theme such as this, and their hopes and expectations from launching such an often-requested live set format.
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  • Martin Solveig

    Martin Solveig – +1

    Martin Solveig has certainly been on a roll lately, despite a little change up in his style. His track ‘Intoxicated‘ with GTA was one of the most played tracks at Ultra in March and it is still going strong, but, but Martin is ready with a new banger. He once again ventures into groovy future house territory, but he continues to impress with his ability to do it in a way that feels unique and fresh. This is an especially impressive feat at a time when many producers are hopping aboard the future house train in a way that sounds completely generic.

    +1” pokes a little fun at the hangers-on that will do anything to get into a club or event for free, and who doesn’t know 1 or 10 of those? For this one, Martin employs the smooth vocals of Sam White who starts off the track. After her intro vocal hook the breakdown hits immediately with an infectious rhythm and beat that continues throughout the entire track. It’s safe to say that this track will be every bit as huge as Intoxicated and will also give you something to think about next time you beg your way into free entry, so check out the preview below and look out for this one in the future.