• You Know You Like It

    DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

    Before he was ‘turning down for what’, DJ Snake was busy making some killer remixes. Without a doubt, the most popular is his take on AlunaGeorge‘s ‘You Know You Like It‘ and just like fine wine, the track has gotten better with age. That’s why Interscope has decided to give it the recognition it deserves and re-release it as a joint collaboration between the artists. This will mark the beginning of a new era for the French producer, as the song will be the first of many game-changers we should expect to hear from him and the iconic record label.

    The track is set to drop on December 8th and to celebrate, DJ Snake has announced an accompanying contest. Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago residents may have noticed some ‘You Know You Like It’ posters on the sides of bus stops. If you take a picture with one of those signs and upload it to Facebook or Twitter with #YouKnowYouLikeIt, you just might win a trip to Los Angeles to see the man himself play Insomniac’s Countdown New Year’s Eve. For those who don’t live in those cities, you can join in on the action by visiting www.djsnake.fr/youknowyoulikeit and creating your own album art just like DJ Snake has done.

  • If you’ve been an avid follower of the DVBBS brothers, you would know that they’re huge advocates of the 420 movement. Known for interacting with their Twitter fans over “smoke sessions,” routinely smoking backstage before hitting the decks, and even puffing on a blunt in their artist profile picture (above), the boys have built quite a reputation for themselves for smoking weed.

    The duo found themselves in a pickle last night after a not-so-successful outing at their ATL show alongside 2Chainz, Eddie Gold, Midnite Panda, and many more. Due to a mixup with their timeslot, Alex and Chris “Chronicles” were pulled from their set only a few tracks in and returned to their hotel room to spark up a few doobies. It was there where Chris was reportedly arrested by 3 police officers for possession of half a joint. Of course, they took to Twitter to explain the details:

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  • Win a Chance to Open Up for Benny Benassi on New Years Eve


    For those unfamiliar with Wavo, it is the place for modern music fans and creatives to connect. From artists to record labels to fans, their community is open to everyone and aims to expedite the process of discovering unknown talent. The platform has helped boost the career of hundreds of artists through many contests, whether it be the chance to perform at TomorrowWorld or the opportunity to have a record signed to Ultra Records.

    We are excited to team up with Wavo in this competition where one lucky artist will have the chance to open up for the legendary Benny Benassi on New Years Eve at Echostage in Washington DC. In addition to opening for Benny Benassi, the winner will see their name on the event’s flyer and receive 3 event comps for friends and family.

    To review the submission requirements and enter the competition, please click here.

  • TheFatRat - Xenogenesis
    TheFatRat – Xenogenesis

    TheFatRat wants orchestral trapstep on your radar because his latest release on Tasty Records is a stunning original that needs to be placed in the next James Bond movie. The booming brass instruments of ‘Xenogenesis‘ create a mask of sound that will incapsulate your entire body, leaving you in chills and eager for the next wave of horns. TheFatRat has always been a source of musical ingenuity who delves into all genres. Tasty Records has been off to a hot start ever since they decided to make the bold move from being a promotional channel to becoming a record label. This is TheFatRat’s second release on Tasty and certainly won’t be the last. Nearly a year ago, we supported the artist’s funked out version of ‘All Night‘ by Icona Pop, so be sure you listen to that gem if you’re trying to dance on the dinner table tonight.

    TheFatRat – Xenogenesis | Purchase

  • Turkey

    From our EDMTunes family to yours, happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’re all spending time with family, watching some football and filling your bellies with copious amounts of food. Speaking of food, nothing says Thanksgiving like a big, fat turkey. November is not the only time we’ve had some bird sightings though, as the dance music community has seen its fair share of turkey moments in 2014. For those of you wondering what a turkey is, we’re defining it as someone or something that has committed a stupid act over the course of the year. Since stupidity can come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll see that there are a variety of ways to land yourself on this infamous list and we will be sure to justify the reasoning behind each inclusion. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 turkeys of 2014.

    10. Martin Garrix

    Kicking off the list, we have dance music’s hottest young star, Martin Garrix. The Dutch producer has gone platinum in 8 countries, headlined some of the world’s biggest music festivals and the most impressive part: he’s done it all before his 19th birthday. That being said, you’d think that with his estimated net worth of 14 million dollars, he would be able to purchase his own software. Unfortunately, deadmau5 recently tweeted a video that shows Garrix using pirated music production software. World-renowned artists should be able to pay for their own tools and for that reason, Garrix finds himself at the 10-spot. Some might think that this is a turkey move on the mau5’ part, but as you will see later on in the list, this isn’t the first time he’s picked on the teenager.

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  • Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Something New

    Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Something New

    Axwell /\ Ingrosso have partnered up with Beats by Dre to premiere the first single from their debut album, coming out in 2015. The Beats by Dre commercial features a slew of celebrities, including Keenan Thompson, Nicki Minaj, and Kendall & Kylie Jenner. Regarding the song itself, ‘Something New‘, it sounds like the rebirth of Swedish House Mafia minus Steve Angello. An uplifting melodic progression is intertwined with an empowering message that will surely bring their fans together in concert. This is definitely a song you will want to listen to several times in order to realize how quickly it catches on, in addition to how many times you will hum the melody later in the day.

  • Take Ü There (Belarbi Remix)
    Take Ü There (Belarbi Remix)

    Diplo and Skrillex would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you with a house remix of their single ‘Take Ü There’. If Kygo and Olivers had a child together, this remix by Belarbi would be it as the verse has tropical undertones while the drop has a dangerously catchy future house melody. Seeing as these two genres are the hottest trending genres currently, this remix will do a good job at pleasing many peoples palettes. So before you bring yourself into a food coma tonight, burn off a few calories by jiving to Belarbi’s rendition of ‘Take Ü There’ by Jack Ü.

    Take Ü There (Belarbi Remix) | Purchase

  • Dangerous

    David Guetta – Dangerous (Vaux & Rivera Remix)

    This is the kinda stuff that makes our jobs so damn enjoyable (and much easier, admittedly). We’ve been keeping an eye on Vaux & Rivera since before we included them in our ‘Rising Talents‘ series back in February, and we hope you have as well because ya’ boys from Philly have been nothing but consistent with their productions. Previously we’ve gotten mainstage quality anthemic hits like their remix of Foster the People’sBest Friend‘, and that’s all been well and good, but they’ve flexed their creative muscles a bit more here to show the world they’re more than capable of pumping out some variety.

    The latest free download from the duo comes in the form of a groovy bass house remix of David Guetta’s ‘Dangerous’. Vocal filtering and looping builds a nice tension as piano chords build and build alongside hastening drums; the urge to break out into dance is finally released at the  drop as the track is thrown into much deeper territory. There’s a lot of smiles to be had while listening to this track, and those smiles are easily accessible because this beauty is available for free. We’re looking forward to their upcoming originals, but in the meantime, get down to and dangerous to this baby.

    David Guetta – Dangerous (Vaux & Rivera Remix) | Download

  • Pierce Fulton - Kuaga (Sevag Remix)
    Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Sevag Remix)

    Sevag is no stranger to Cr2 Records, having released several club-driven singles with them this year. However, this remix of his might be his best work yet with the label. Greeted with the task of remixing ‘Kuaga‘ by Pierce Fulton, he creates a crisp progressive drop with a melody that hovers low to the dance floor. He incorporates clean orchestral strings to act as an effective counter melody that provides an extra boost of adrenaline. Odd Mod, Yotto and Sonny Alven also got their hands dirty in the original and brilliantly took the tune in several directions. You can purchase Sevag’s remix of ‘Kuaga’, along with the others, below via Beatport.

    Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Sevag Remix) | Purchase

  • Kygo Shows Preview of his Debut Original, 'Firestone'

    Kygo – Firestone (feat. Conrad)

    Thanksgiving is a time to relax with your family, enjoy a scrumptious meal together, and now to listen to a preview of Kygo’s debut original. The song, ‘Firestone‘, features the vocals of Conrad and is slated to come out on Monday, December 1st. Conrad, although currently unknown to the masses, is signed to 300 Entertainment, a label distributed under Atlantic Records. As you can tell from the preview below, the LA vocalist has the perfect pipes of Kygo’s tropical sound.

    The tropical house guru has accomplished some major feats by only releasing remixes thus far. With two sold out tours under his belt and a main stage performance at TomorrowWorld, the sky seems to be the limit for this Norwegian artist. Skip to the 1:43 mark to hear ‘Firestone’.