Spotify Introduces Written-Prompt Powered ‘AI Playlist’

Personalized Playlists with a Creative Twist

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has taken playlist creation to the next level with its new feature: AI Playlist. The tool allows users to craft playlists based on written prompts. Whether you’re a seasoned playlist curator or a beginner, AI Playlist pairs powerful personalization technology with artificial intelligence to deliver the perfect musical mix just for you.

Spotify’s AI-powered playlist creation feature allows users to go beyond the usual requests based on genres or time frames. Now, people can ask for custom playlists inspired by a wide range of prompts, such as “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse”. These prompts can reference anything from places and animals to activities, movie characters, colors, or even emojis.

To create these personalized playlists, Spotify combines powerful personalization technology with AI. Users can start by typing a unique prompt into the chat, let’s say “an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug” or “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season”. The tool then generates a playlist tailored to their request.

But it doesn’t end there! After the playlist is created, users can fine-tune it further. They can issue commands like “less upbeat” or “more pop” to revise the selection of songs. And if there’s a track they’d rather skip, a simple swipe left removes it from the playlist.

One of Spotify’s recent innovations is the AI DJ feature, which rolled out globally last year. This cutting-edge tool combines Sonantic and OpenAI technologies to create an artificial voice modeled after Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships. X’s AI persona introduces song selections to users, just like a real radio host. Notably, Spotify has also been investing in in-house research to stay at the forefront of AI and large language models.

While AI Playlist is currently only available in the UK and Australia, you can take a closer look at this new AI technology from Spotify in the video below:

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, has hinted to investors about additional ways the platform can harness AI technology. Possibilities include summarizing podcasts, generating AI-driven advertisements, and exploring the concept of cloning a podcast host’s voice. It looks like Spotify will remain at the forefront of music-related AI research and development for now as they continuously seek innovative ways to enhance their users’ experiences.