[WATCH] The Full Anyma x Eric Prydz Set Before It Gets Taken Down

Two of the best in dance music teamed up for an unforgettable show at Coachella this past weekend. Known for their live show visuals, Eric Prydz and Anyma came together for a special B2B. Thanks to a beautiful soul in the crowd who filmed the whole set, we can now all feel what it was like to be there.

There is one insane moment when Anyma’s robot angel meets Prydz’s robo-human at the 2:50 hour mark. There are many other cool moments but the two iconic visuals coming together is awesome. They reach for each other’s hands for Opus Vs. Sumulation.

It is beautiful to see two artists who dominate their respective genres come together. This was truly an awe-inspiring show that we all hope continues in the future. You can watch the set begin in the sunlight and go through the sunset to finally the night.

The set occurred at Coachella’s new Quasar Stage. It was a scenic playground for attendees and featured many extended sets from DJs. The stage looked almost like it perfectly fit in the scenery of Coachella Valley.