Damian Lazarus Implements A ‘No-Phone’ Policy For His Upcoming Hï Ibiza Residency

In a modern world where everything is documented through cell phones, nobody ever really experiences an event first-hand. Well now, more and more artists are taking action to change that by implementing a ‘no phone’ policy at their shows. The latest to join the trend and the first to officially enforce it in Ibiza is Damian Lazarus, who just announced his upcoming Hï Ibiza shows will be cell phone-free.

The world-renowned DJ and producer will perform a summer residency at Hï Ibiza’s Club Room on Saturdays from May 18th through October 5th. He announced the ‘no phones’ policy on social media earlier this week, stating he promises to ‘deliver the very best underground electronic music’ in one of the ‘best club spaces in the world.’

The ‘No-Phone’ Movement

Others have joined in on the global ‘no phones’ movement, including James Hype and MEDUZA, both of whom are scheduled to perform at Hï Ibiza this summer as well. Just last October, The DJs announced their own campaign against excessive phone use at shows.

‘Musicians and performers often find it disheartening to see audiences through the lens of a camera rather than through their eyes. It can disrupt the intimate connection between artist and audience that makes house music so powerful as a genre of music.’

-James Hype & MEDUZA in a joint statement.

MEDUZA and Hype also explained constant recording of live events can also jeopardize individual privacy, in which fellow attendees may feel uncomfortable being recorded without their consent.

Others to join the trend include popular dance music trio Wavedash, who recently announced an initiative to cover attendees’ smartphone cameras with stickers that read, ‘Social media? No thanks.’ Lane 8 implemented a similar initiative a few years back, which one could argue kicked off the movement altogether. As far back as 2018, the producer’s This Never Happened shows have required attendees to place a sticker over their smart phones or place their phones in a pouch at the door.

It will be interesting to see how this movement plays out in the coming years, as technology continues in its ubiquity. In the meantime, you can enjoy the magic of a cell phone-free live experience at Lazarus’ upcoming residency at the world renowned club this summer. Tickets are available here.

[H/T]: EDM.com