Lane 8 Continues This Never Happened No Phone Policy

Leave it to Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8, to create amazing music for our ears and memories for our souls. After a successful last tour for his previous album, Little By Little, Daniel is continuing his This Never Happened policy. It shares the name with his self-created label.

How many times do you see memes or videos on social media platforms showing many, if not all, attendees with their phones in the air recording performances or posting onto their accounts? While we completely understand wanting to capture the moment, there comes a point where you’re focusing more on who is looking at your stories than enjoying the show. Artists work hard on making their shows impactful to each person in the crowd and, at the end of the day, want you to feel alive deep in your soul. Lane 8 feels passionately about this.

Now & Then

So, in 2018, when Lane 8 began his first headlining tour, he created this policy. When attendees enter the venue, stickers are put on each persons phone that cover up the cameras on both the front and back. Extra security is also hired solely for monitoring the crowd and making sure that no one is hiding their phones and recording. If spotted, security will remove you for the show (as explained below). While this sounds intimidating and bothersome, it ended up feeling very natural to zipper up your purses or tuck your phones into your back pockets.

And now, for his 2020 Brightest Lights tour, the same policy applies! Read Daniel’s statement below and be ready for round 2 of this amazing experience.

Make you to listen to Brightest Lights as soon as you can. Regardless of your preferred genre of music, it’s an unbelievable work of art.

Lane 8 – Brightest Lights