Tiësto & Prophecy Claim the Streets With ‘My City’

With the Summer right around the corner, the heat is rising up. Look no further, one of the hottest summer anthems just arrived. The song ‘My City‘ comes at the hands of none other than Dance Legend Tiësto & newcomers Prophecy. Insomniac has been releasing nothing but fire tracks recently. Are you ready to run this town?

‘My City’

Whether you’re on a mainstage or a nightclub, the local vinyl shop or the cafe, this track will swoop you off your feet. The sassy vocals exude confidence and sexiness. The temperature rises as the lyrics take you on an empowering journey. If you feel proud of your hometown or where you currently reside, this song is for you. No place is too big or too small to dance to this tasty groove. Tiësto & Prophecy earn even more brownie points for this one. Their styles combine as smoothly as a Tetris game.


Tiësto’s name isn’t just a name; it’s a melody that’s traveled the world. This talented artist has woven together different styles of music, creating a sound that transcends borders and unites millions. His achievements are like a beautiful soundtrack to his journey: a Grammy nomination, MTV awards galore, and even a place of honor at Madame Tussauds! Remember the 2004 Athens Olympics? Millions watched as Tiësto’s music set the stage for this iconic event. He’s not just a DJ; he’s a global ambassador for the power of music. With over 18 million Facebook friends and a social media following that could fill a stadium, it’s clear that Tiësto’s music connects with people on a deep level. Voted the “Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag in 2011, Tiësto has collaborated with musical superstars like Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Kanye West. Talk about a dream team!

And the beat goes on! He completed a world tour that touched 6 continents, thrilling over a million fans with his electrifying music. His ‘Club Life‘ project isn’t just a show; it’s a way to share his passion with the world. From radio shows to podcasts, Tiësto invites us all to join the party. But Tiësto doesn’t forget his roots. His ‘Club Life College Invasion Tour‘ brought his music to a new generation, reminding us that good music knows no age. Always pushing boundaries, Tiësto continues to innovate. From exclusive residencies to live-streamed concerts, he’s constantly finding new ways to connect with his fans. And the future is bright! With his own record label and exciting projects on the horizon, Tiësto’s sweet symphony of sound is sure to keep us dancing for years to come.


Prophecy, the enigmatic Spanish duo, isn’t content with a mere debut. They’ve burst onto the scene brandishing a sonic weapon – a fistful of support from titans like Richie Hawtin, Tiësto, and Claude VonStroke. Diplo, the Dance music oracle himself, has already been chanting their name on Sirius XM.

This isn’t a slow burn; it’s an inferno ignited in their first year. Prophecy’s sound is a captivating chimera: monstrous melodic synths roar alongside ethereal vocals, all anchored by hypnotic basslines that burrow deep into your subconscious. The result? Pure, euphoric bliss that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

With more music brewing in their sonic cauldron, Prophecy is a name you won’t forget. They’re not rising stars; they’re a meteor shower, poised to obliterate the established order and reshape the landscape. Keep your ears peeled, because Prophecy is a sonic storm you won’t want to miss.

Hey! Sorry I missed your call I just landed in your city. I know we will have a blast because soon enough… it will be ‘My City‘: