Audien and Jason Ross Introduce Melodic Track, ’21’

Audien and Jason Ross are among a couple of the popular names in Progressive House and Melodic Dubstep respectively. The two artists have released some of the most memorable bangers over the past decade. At the end of 2023, Audien released the official music video and acoustic version of ‘One Last Dance’ and Jason Ross collaborated with Seven Lions in releasing ‘Darkness’ back in November. Over the weekend, both Audien and Jason Ross introduced to their fans a new track that they can fall in love with just like past releases and this track is ‘21‘. Click ‘Play’ in the Spotify link below to listen to ’21’ from Audien and Jason Ross, which will help all who listen reminisce about nostalgic memories.

’21’ By Audien And Jason Ross Brings Out Powerful Emotions In The Midst Of Nostalgia

The melodic chords and flowing basslines in ’21’ provided a powerful track that allows people to think about their youth, particularly when they were strongly in love. The lyrics captivate how it feels when one has an interesting yet frustrating feeling that the person that they may have issues with is also the person they love and trust the most. The track gives off a vibe that can get one’s body up and going, whether it’s a track that starts off a morning workout routine or a track they can jam to on the dance floor.

’21’ will not be the only time that Audien and Jason Ross have teamed up on in this year. Both artists are planning to tour with one another for the next few months. Jason Ross confirmed on X (formerly ‘Twitter’) that he and Audien are touring and he also included a pre-sale code as well (click on the “confirmed” hyperlink to see the X post). It’s going to be exciting to see what the two talented producers will have in store for many Progressive House and Melodic Dubstep fans worldwide.