Nik Cherwink’s ‘Headliner Mindset’ Podcast Supports Artists and Their Journey To The Top

Nik Cherwink has been assisting Dance music artists for 15 years. As a coach and manager, he has helped some of the biggest names in our industry reach the top. In May of 2023, he decided to launch the Headliner Mindset podcast with the hopes of spreading his knowledge to the masses. Since then he has had everyone from headliners touring the world to industry experts on the podcast. His experts range from label managers to artist managers to A&Rs.

The Headliner Mindset podcast explores what it truly takes to become a full-time touring artist by interviewing artists, music industry professionals, and performance coaches who share their stories, advice, and secrets to success.

His headliners have consisted of KSHMR, BIJOU, Jason Ross, Bear Grillza, Lil Texas, Henry Fong, and many more. They shared their secrets on how they made it to the top as a “headliner.” They have shared their journey from their humble beginnings to playing EDC, Ultra, and around the world.

From a fellow up-and-coming artist, this podcast has provided valuable insight to me. It has opened my eyes (and ears) to what the industry is really like and what labels or promoters are looking for. I look out for it every week and can’t wait to learn something new.

Nik Cherwink is a professionally certified life coach who has been working with artists for over 15 years. He helped launch The Discovery Project with Insomniac Events. He continues to work with some of the industry’s best up-and-coming music producers and DJs. He now coaches artists on how to develop a healthy mindset and lifestyle.