Ovadia Returns to Purified Records With ‘Spiral’ EP

Making an emphatic return to Purified Records, Ovadia unleashes his two-track Spiral EP. As a matter of fact, the 20-year-old DJ and producer from Israel just released two new records, ‘Spiral‘ and ‘ADSR‘, as part of the second EP of his young career. Last year, the producer showcased his talent to the world with his first EP: Chemicals.

As stated before, this is not the first time Ovadia has released a song on the Purified Records label. He was part of Purified Fragments XV, the 15th iteration of its kind on Nora En Pure‘s imprint, with his single ‘Stay Connected‘, which has been quite successful. Ovadia’s sound fits perfectly with Purified Records and will surely release more of his tracks on the label.

Lighting up sets around the globe, the title track is a hard-hitting creation that employs a growling bassline and hypnotic chants to grandiose effect. Jumping straight into ‘ADSR’, Ovadia continues to flaunt his daring production style, combining industrial synth stabs with spoken vocals, resulting in yet another dancefloor heater to add to his flourishing catalogue.

You can listen to both tracks of Ovadia’s new EP Spiral by clicking the play button below and on all available streaming platforms. You can follow Ovadia here.

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