‘Purified Fragments XV’ Brings Back the Emotions

Purified Fragments XV is the latest soothing release from Purified Records. As the powerhouse in deep, melodic, tech house, Purified Records has released exceptional music that is powerful yet calmative at the same time. To emphasize this fact, the Nora En Pure-led Purified Records label always provided for its fans the omnipresent compilation jams that are in the form of ‘Purified Fragments‘.

In fact, the newest release, Purified Fragments XV, is living up to the label’s name. Download and stream Purified Fragments XV now by clicking on this link. Or, stream the new compilation EP by clicking “Play” on the Spotify link below while reading the review below.

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Purified Records

The tracks of Purified Fragments XV will start off the weekend right

German producer Oovation opens up Purified Fragments XV with an ethereal jam, “Innervisions”. The soundscape moves captivatingly with oscillating synths and driving bass. Nora En Pure’s recent sets around the globe has played it on rotation and it has impressed many music fans worldwide. Moving into “Stay Connected”, Israeli artist Ovadia brings on awesome rhythms in his melodic techno offering. The track perfectly blends dramatic instrumentals, undulating synths and hypnotic spoken vocals. This unique track has introduced its energy in sets from Coachella to The Brooklyn Mirage.

Adding to the already-amazing Purified Fragments XV, British producer Max Day returns to Purified Records with “Denouement”. For “Denouement, Max Day mixes breakbeat drum patterns and cinematic sounds as he showcases his innovative production abilities. This track will truly brings every fan into a feeling of euphoria. Additionally, all three tracks of Purified Fragments XV have their own extended mixes.

Image Courtesy: Purified Records

Oovation continues making moves in today’s electronic music world

A boundary-pushing artist currently residing in Germany, Oovation blends melodic techno and progressive house in a seamless fashion. With French-German origins, Oovation draws inspiration from his eclectic background to create a mesmerising musical style. Under the guidance of renowned artist and label owner John 00 Fleming, Oovation released his full artist album on JOOF Recordings.

Marking another milestone, his collaboration with Jordan Gill was signed to Markus Schulz’s Coldharbour Recordings. Furthremore, the collaboration was supported by Armin van Buuren as well on his ASOT radio show. Oovation also has further support from industry tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo, Gabriel & Dresden, Aly & Fila and many more. His tracks have also been remixed by the likes of Paradoks, Jonas Saalbach and Ryan Davis as well. With an ever-evolving sound, Oovation continues to flourish into one of the most enticing acts in the electronic music space.

Ovadia’s debut for Purified Records is going according to plan

Israel-based artist Shachar Ovadia has made a rapid impact with a string of powerful productions. He jumped onto the dance music scene with his debut release in 2021. To start off though, he began his production journey six years ago when he studied at the Beatmaster Academy with musical legend Azax. Incorporating the tips and tricks he learnt from the highest level, Ovadia’s passion has never ceased to fail and it lead him to pursue a fulfilling music career. His fantastic techno blend combines diverse genres and it has put his name on the map. With his Purified Records debut, Ovadia opens the next chapter of his exciting journey.

Max Day has the skills to blend melodic and powerful music in a phenomenal way

London-based producer Max Day has been creating electronic music since 2020. He fuses deep house, breakbeat and cinematic sounds to conjure his own unique soundscapes. In fact, from the inspiration he gathers from Bicep, Moderat and Braxton, he creates instrumental sonic environments that allow his listeners to find an escape. In 2022, he debuted on Purified Records with Catharsis, which received support from Nora En Pure herself, as well as Sultan + Shepard. With his label follow up, Max reinforces his boundless talents and promises to release several ambient tracks later this summer.