Mau P Makes His Debut on Black Book Records With ‘Dress Code’

Mau P is continuing his electrifying year to dance music stardom. He is back with another track this time on Chris Lake’s Black Book Records. ‘Dress Code’ bumps clubgoers and tastemakers alike to embrace their originality. He has once again pushed the boundaries of his own production.

Mau P delivers a minimalist vocal and infectious bassline laced across a dark groove, urging listeners to “let go and embrace yourself.” Right when the drop hits, you will be grooving to the beat. It is pretty much impossible not to dance to this one. Oh, and there is no dress code for this one. Mau P had this to say:

I don’t care what you look like or what you dress like, I just want you to have a good time – this record is meant for people to feel good about themselves and have a good time.

The Dutch producer exploded onto the scene with ‘Drugs From Amsterdam.’ He followed that up with more massive releases including ‘Metro,’ ‘Gimme That Bounce,’ and my personal favorite ‘Your Mind Is Dirty.’ He has been selling out shows all across the globe.

He has a few massive shows coming up including one during Amsterdam Dance Event. Insomniac Records will present Mau P at Thuishaven.

He also has his biggest solo headline show to date at NYC’s Knockdown Center in February next year.