‘Your Mind Is Dirty’ by Mau P is Out Now

Ever since the release of his debut song Drugs From Amsterdam Mau P has become one of the most talked about artists to come up in the house and techno scene. He is house music’s freshest face and rising star, has released his hotly anticipated single Your Mind Is Dirty on John Summit’s Off The Grid record label. Your Mind Is Dirty turns up the heat in true Mau P fashion, making use of a moaning sample which will literally bring the dance floor to a climax upon its drop. The edgy new single has been a staple in Mau P’s recent performances across Europe, the US and South America and has since become an online sensation. The sultry new single is just the third solo release in Mau P’s discography. Listen here.

“One day I woke up and I had this idea of using the sound of people having sex as a buildup for a song, so I started to experiment with it in the studio. I combined a bit heavier Mau P techno sound with a girl moaning louder and louder until she reaches orgasm. I love how people get triggered by it. At first it was a little awkward on the dancefloor when I played it but after a few times we have all given in and it feels like the song has broken another boundary.”

— Mau P

In the short span of time that is Mau P’s musical renaissance he has not shied away from controversial subjects, brilliantly tapping into youth culture in his music. From drugs in his debut release Drugs From Amsterdam and mundane office jobs on Gimme That Bounce to sex in Your Mind Is Dirty, it’s Mau P’s ability to translate these taboo subjects into music that has contributed to his rapid ascend to the top.