PIXELYNX and Beatport Team Up to Launch BeatKOR

PIXELYNX, through its own music platform KORUS, has teamed up with Beatport to launch BeatKOR. Both brands just released BeatKOR on September 13th and the new creation involves the use of AI generation and it will allow music creators and hobbyists to create their own innovative tracks. Thee innovative tracks that BeatKOR users will produce and release are basically their own remixes from tracks of famous artists through the platform’s interactive modes.

BeatKOR is a tool that will impact how artists will share their musical creations

BeatKOR is a music creation tool that is a part of PIXELYNX’s collection of “KORs”. These “KORs” are AI music companions that provide music production enthusiasts and professionals to introduce their music to the wider audience on the KORUS platform. Once the music is live, creators can then have the opportunity to trade, remix, and share their musical works, as well as having the ability to vote on other users’ tracks.

Another awesome feature of BeatKOR is that users can obtain commercial rights for their creations by putting them on the blockchain. Afterwards, KORUS will then assist the music creators to openly share their fantastic tracks on other streaming platforms with support from official partners. Click on this link to give BeatKOR a try and showcase creative tracks on this outstanding music creation tool.