DROELOE Releases First Full-Length Album as a Solo Artist: ‘The Art of Change’

DJ, producer, and instrumentalist Vincent Rooijers, aka DROELOE, just released a 15-track album, The Art of Change, his first full album as a solo artist since parting ways with former artistic partner Hein Hamers.

Starting with the intro track, ‘Spark,’ and ending with the fantastical closing track, ‘Counting Ten,’ the album takes listeners on an instrumental journey through time using a ‘feedback loop’ of recorded voice memos to past and future selves. Interspersed throughout the album are vocal clips from young, old, and AI-generated voice actors, creating moments of nostalgia and wonder.

DROELOE’s fans have been invited to participate in this journey with a series of fan activations, recording their own messages to themselves by voice memo, tape cassette, or in written form in one of the physical journals DROELOE is launching as merch. Fans can write a message to themselves via DROELOE’s website, which they will have sent back to them in a year, and will have access to a series of written essays by Rooijers himself, the idea that first sparked of The Art of Change. This album, riddled with hidden ‘easter eggs,’ codes, and games, is a multi-faceted delight for audiences, taking us beyond a conventional listening experience. 

‘This album is a collection of ideas that I find important within my own personal development. It is a Journey to turn these ideas into songs and symbolic places, one that helps me to visit those ideas more often. I want to become a more active participant in my own growth, this album is a step in that direction.’


DROELOE continues his U.S. touring schedule, with upcoming stops in Portland, Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. You can get more info a purchase tickets here.