RL Grime Releases Refreshing Track ‘Borderline’

RL Grime released a new refreshing track, ‘Borderline‘, in collaboration with musical talents Montell2099 and EMELINE. It embellishes the best of RL Grime’s trap flare with a well-crafted, softer, lighter sound.

‘Borderline’ adds a much-needed song to the collection of excellent tunes RL has developed over the years. It’s just another reason why he is one of the most highly regarded artists ever to hit the EDM scene.

Moreover, the question a lot of fans are wondering is what’s next for the EDM legend. Right now, he’s going to play the upcoming HiJinx Festival, having a North American tour (see dates below), and continuously releasing music. Additionally, it’s getting to that time of year when RL Grime usually releases his Halloween mix, so keep those eyes peeled for when it drops.

For the time being, make sure to secure your spot for RL’s Play Live tour before it’s too late; grab tickets here. And don’t forget to give RL Grime’s refreshing new tune, ‘Borderline’, a listen below.

Photo via Facebook: RL Grime