The Chainsmokers, Nicky Jam, Maluma – ‘Celular’

*Featured Cover Photo: The Chainsmokers, Nicky Jam, Maluma

One of the world’s best EDM duos, The Chainsmokers, have teamed up with two of reggaeton’s top artists, Nicky Jam and Maluma, in dropping an exciting banger called ‘Celular‘. The catchy ‘Celular’ enhances the heat of an already fiery summer. The track beautifully blends the rhythmic vocal bars of the Massachusetts-born Nicky Jam and Colombian star Maluma with the addictive and energetic beats of The Chainsmokers. The track came out on July 6 and the music video contains moments filled with comedy, tension, excitement, and romance altogether. In fact, check out the music video below now or stream the track via Spotify.

The Chainsmokers, Nicky Jam, and Maluma provided an exciting music video for ‘Celular’

To start off this music video of ‘Celular’ starts off at a mansion that’s located in Miami. The background of this music video is of a reality show that resembles ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ in which the main female protagonist gets to choose who will be “The One” for her.

One very interesting plot line of this music video is that the two reggaeton stars act as the main contestants who are vying for her attention while The Chainsmokers play the roles of executive producers. However, there is an older contestant who initially had a slim chance heading into the show but ended up becoming the winner. The festive atmosphere of the music video really provides that vibe that fans really happy that summer is still going on.

The Chainsmokers, Nicky Jam, and Maluma: 'Celular'
Image Courtesy: Sony Music Entertainment / The Chainsmokers, Nicky Jam, Maluma