Richard Vission Teams Up With Tima Dee, DJ Bam Bam, and DJ Sheik On The Infectious Front And Black!

It’s always a good day when we get new music from dance music legends. Today, is one of those days. I say this, as Richard Vission has teamed up with DJ Bam Bam on a new record called ‘Front & Back’, and together they are bringing Tima Dee & DJ Sheik along for the ride.

Richard Vission, Tima Dee, DJ Bam Bam, and DJ Sheik have each established themselves as formidable forces in the world of dance music. With their impressive individual discographies and unforgettable live performances, their combined expertise promises an explosive track that will leave listeners craving more. That is where their new collaboration, ‘Front & Back’ comes into play.

Unleashing the Powerhouses

“Front And Black” encapsulates the essence of a dancefloor anthem. From the moment the beat drops, a surge of adrenaline takes over, compelling you to move to the rhythm. The track effortlessly blends pulsating basslines, infectious synths, and Tima Dee’s mesmerizing vocals, to create an irresistible energy that is impossible to resist. Whether you’re at a festival or in your bedroom, this track will transport you to a euphoric realm. ‘Front & Back’ features an infectious, earworm of a melody, that we just can’t get enough of. If you’re a fan of that classic house sound, then this is the song for you.

Richard Vission, Tima Dee, DJ Bam Bam, and DJ Sheik have truly struck gold with their collaboration on “Front And Black.” This track is a testament to their collective passion for delivering exhilarating music that sets dancefloors ablaze. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of this dynamic quartet. Grab your copy of “Front And Black” now and let the music take control!

Richard Vission, Tima Dee, DJ Bam Bam, & DJ Sheik’s ‘Front And Black‘ is out now on Solmatic Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Richard Vission x Tima Dee x DJ Bam Bam x DJ Sheik – Front And Black | STREAM

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