ILLENIUM and The Chainsmokers Reunite for ‘See You Again’

When two powerhouses of the dance music scene join forces, the world takes notice. ILLENIUM and The Chainsmokers have once again come together. In the process, they’ve managed to create magic yet again with their second collaboration, ‘See You Again’. The tune features vocals from the incredibly talented Carlie Hanson. Brace yourselves for an electrifying journey as we delve into this future bass-infused breakup anthem that is set to captivate fans across the globe.

The Epic Debut

The moment arrived at ILLENIUM’s TRILOGY: COLORADO show held at Denver’s iconic Mile High Stadium this past month. This monumental event broke records as the most-attended single-headliner dance music extravaganza in U.S. history. Stepping on stage alongside ILLENIUM, The Chainsmokers and Carlie Hanson introduced ‘See You Again’ to the world, and the audience erupted in pure exhilaration. The performance became an unforgettable highlight of the show, leaving fans hungry for more.

ILLENIUM, The Chainsmokers, Carlie Hanson

‘See You Again’ is the perfect fusion of ILLENIUM’s and The Chainsmokers’ musical brilliance, heightened by Carlie Hanson’s soulful vocals. This powerful breakup anthem, infused with an enthralling future bass twist, is bound to dominate the charts and resonate deeply with fans of both artists. Lastly, don’t miss out on this incredible collaboration. In conclusion, ILLENIUM, & The Chainsmokers ‘See You Again’ is out now.

ILLENIUM, The Chainsmokers, Carlie Hanson – See You Again | STREAM