Lost & Found Is Ending For Good

The label is going with a bang, according to its founder, Guy J.

The mighty Progressive & Organic House record label Lost & Found is coming to an end, per a recent Instagram post by Guy J, the legendary producer, and also founder of said imprint. The reason behind this decision seems to be he wants people to remember the label as something good, something extraordinary, as opposed to running the label long enough for it to change drastically in sound and fans wanting the former quality back.

I believe that things should finish at the peak to be remembered for their beauty.

-Guy J

Guy J further added: “In my mind I want [fans and producers of L&F] to remember they were part of something amazing, an era of magical music that brought people together“. It is clear he is not going anywhere, still bringing the same feeling of unity to the Organic realm. In fact, he left the door open for new projects he’s working on to see the light of day. One of them might be a new imprint, too. For now, we can only wish Lost & Found a deserved farewell, and even though the end came sooner than expected, it surely was a fun ride.

Read the full statement here:

About Lost & Found

Born in 2012, Guy J’s record label set the standard for Progressive and Organic music for over a decade, turning into one of the leading platforms of the genre, and complementing its packed quality with a series of live events, titled We Are Lost.

Notable artists (apart from Guy J himself) who were a part of the label were Guy Mantzur, Khen, Roy Rosenfeld, and Eli Nissan, and iconic releases are Sébastien Léger‘s ‘Lanarka‘, ‘Memories‘ by Budakid, and the Shai T remix of Sahar Z‘s ‘Back In My Arms‘.