Khen Kicks Off His Own Record Label With New EP

The Organic House sensation took a massive leap in his career by inaugurating his new record label, and he did so with a bang.

The news of Organic House master Khen releasing new music is always exciting. But pairing that announcement with a whole new record label run by him? Wow, that’s quite something. The artist just kicked off a new chapter by presenting to the public closure, the new Khen record label. In his own words, “to have my own label has been a dream since my first release 13 years ago (…). The next chapter starts now“.

Homeboy/Florida EP

The first release on closure is a 2-track buzzer from himself — the Homeboy/Florida EP. Each track bearing his name not only legally but also musically in each and every element, this collection is bound to make you dance around.


The A-side of Khen’s new EP will delight you with square pluck arpeggios, heavenly vocal beds, a tasty bassline, reverbed intriguing leads, and a lovely dancefloor atmosphere. The offbeat elements add to the overall sensational groove of the track. It’s tough to translate how tasty Khen’s music is from experiences into words. Phenomenal.


The flipside brings up a track that, put simply, brings it up a notch in terms of groove. Khen’s sound is always groovy, but this very track has an extra flavour to it, much like his ‘Closing Doors’ single from a while ago. Rhodes piano, mysterious leads, arpeggios, and a lovely percussion arrangement work so well with the bassline, driving the song forward as a whole.

Enough said! Give the Khen record label closure a listen by streaming the first release, Homeboy/Florida down below, if you want to have a listen on Spotify. Also, head over here to support the release any other way you like.