Knock2 and NGHTMRE Come Together for Their New Single ‘One Chance’ Featuring Marlhy

NGHTMRE and Knock2 are finally out with their bass house and trap inspired single ‘One Chance‘.

The pair has held onto their recent collaboration for quite some time. During NGHTMRE’s “DRMVRSE” tour in 2022, they surprised the crowd at the Brooklyn Mirage by introducing Knock2 as a special guest and performing the track. Now, after a long wait, ‘One Chance’ is finally available in its entirety. Marlhy delivers a powerful vocal performance that exceeds the expectations of fans of these accomplished artists. Both producers have showcased their ability to cover a wide range of bass music styles, and their combined versatility is evident in this single that defies genre boundaries.

The song begins on a serene note with shimmering synths and ethereal vocals, but the tranquility is quickly shattered by an onslaught of pulsating bass house synths and energetic ad libs.