Duke Dumont Calls Out Insidious DJ Chat Group

In any competing environment, standard practices are always justified. Not so much for the electronic music industry, as per Duke Dumont. The English DJ & record producer seems to have opened a can of worms related to the system he is a part of. A serious first-hand claim from the superstar DJ seems to be at the center of it.

Adam George Dyment aka Duke Dumont alleges the existence of a WhatsApp group to curb competition. Apparently, this group consists of prominent names who mutually agree not to play records of fellow artists. This is done with the sole intention to not promote acts they see as ‘competition’.

Adam also seems to reply to one of the users that a similar practice was prevalent in the DnB committee in the early 2000s. Another user claims that it is an evergreen practice occurring for the last 20+ years. Dumont also claims in one of the replies that it is the absolute opposite about artists playing acts from their labels or the ones they are associated with.

Someone reputed had to speak the concealed truth. Glad you did it, Adam!