Eric Prydz Drops New ‘Pryda’ Singles’ Release Dates

*Featured Cover Image Courtesy: Eric Prydz / Pryda Recordings

Eric Prydz is an artist who for the past couple decades, have earned a reputation of being a multi-skilled DJ/producer in house, techno, progressive house, and tech house. The Swedish electronic music star, who became an international icon with his memorable smash hit from 2004, ‘Call On Me‘, also has two aliases. One alias is ‘Cirez D‘, which has a darker, underground techno feel. Eric Prydz’s other alias is ‘Pryda‘ and that one provides a more upbeat dance music vibe that is along the lines of progressive house. Then of course, there is Prydz’s own self where his music caters towards a wider, general audience.

Very soon, fans will hear new music from his ‘Pryda’ alias. In fact, not only he announced the release date of July 14th for his new single, ‘The Return‘, he also announced the release date of July 28th for the other new single, ‘Of Me‘. Eric Prydz announced the two new Pryda singles via Twitter in the morning of Monday, July 10. Even the Eric Prydz subreddit posted a screenshot of the new singles’ release dates on Reddit as well.

How Eric Prydz first introduced his two new ‘Pryda’ singles

To start off, Eric Prydz first introduced the first of his two new ‘Pryda’ singles, ‘Of Me’, to his fans via Facebook Watch. His introduction of ‘Of Me’ was done in anticipation for his HOLO performance at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, which occurred last month. At the same HOLO show at the Sonar Festival, he then announced the second new single, ‘The Return’. Prydz made his announcement in the form of a visual from his set at Sonar and also included a sneak preview of what the track will sound like.

Passionate fans of Eric Prydz’s music should start to put down July 14th and 28th on their calendars, whether if they’re fans of his music coming from his own personality, music from his ‘Cirez D’ alias, or music from ‘Pryda’ alias (or all three together). On those two dates, the fans should expect to continue replaying the tracks to their hearts’ (and ears’) delight.