Insomniac, Emo Nite Team Up to Start ‘Grave Rave’

Insomniac, the leading electronic music events promoter, and Emo Nite, the most-popular event series that celebrate the best of emo and pop punk music, have officially entered an awesome (and beautiful) partnership. Some of the world’s most-passionate ravers started off as emo kids who loved bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. This perfect partnership between Insomniac and Emo Nite will start a wonderful “emo-EDM” event series, ‘Grave Rave’. The collaborative event ‘Grave Rave’ will surely have moments of people moshing one minute and later sharing kandi beads with fellow emo ravers in the next.

Insomniac and Emo Nite will bring back many nostalgic memories for many emo ravers at ‘Grave Rave’

Emo Nite has become a nationwide phenonemon for all things pop-punk and emo-music. The festive atmosphere at each Emo Nite event brings out 2005-2009 vibes all over again. With Insomniac and Emo Nite introducing ‘Grave Rave’, imagine how those feelings coming in unison when the bass drops and the guitar shreds. For fans attending Hard Summer on the weekend of August 5-6, both promotions unveiled plans to organize a limited edition apparel drop at the festival.

Furthermore, the Academy LA nightclub will host a ‘Road to Grave Rave’ preview party on August 26th. Finally, for anyone who would like to purchase collaborative apparel and merchandise, especially since the fans can still purchase them at the apparel drop at Hard Summer, click on this link to purchase. Last but not least, the ‘Grave Rave’ series will start at the end of this year.

Image Courtesy: Insomniac / Emo Nite