HARD Summer Will Finally Allow Kandi

Hard Summer is embracing the kandi culture after years of spurning it. The new change of heart most definitely has to do with Insomniac‘s growing cooperating with Hard. Hard Summer has previously cited safety reasons as being the main reason for the ban.

Kandi is similar to a friendship bracelet, you make a new friend and you trade them a bracelet. The way you trade with someone is called PLUR, standing for peace, love, unity, respect. PLUR is a set of principles that is associated with the rave culture. PLUR is also a way of acting that you should take with you outside of festivals, similar to treating others how you want to be treated.

Pasquale Rotella’s response to the initial ban:

One of my favorite aspects of dance music culture is the freedom of self-expression. Since the early days, dance culture has always been a non-judgmental environment where you could express your individuality through art, music and positive energy. It’s been especially amazing to see how the making and trading of kandi has evolved over the years. Kandi started in Southern California, and is now a tradition embraced by ravers all over the world! I love that these beaded works of art create a special bond between the giver and recipient when traded. Although I don’t wear kandi regularly, I save all of the pieces I’ve been gifted by Headliners and remember the stories behind each one. Whether you’re from SoCal or Singapore, wear your kandi proudly and continue to spread the good vibes!

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