Skrillex Uploads Official Footage From ‘Emo Nite LA’ Show

emo nite

Before venturing into the world of electronic music, Skrillex used to be in a rock band. Its name was From First To Last and before Sonny got started as Skrillex, they had released a couple albums, gained some popularity and then he decided to head down other avenues.

Well, before this week, it had been 11 years since he performed with the band. That all changed this last Tuesday in LA at Emo Nite, a showcase of bands from the emo and pop punk glory days that has been bringing fans together to reminisce about the good times. From First To Last has been working on new material lately and Sonny just went into the studio with them in January to record a new single called “Make War”.  This performance leaves us with questions if maybe it was a one-time occurrence or the beginning of a reunion? Let’s hope we see more. Check out the video below.