Galantis Puts On 2 Stellar Performances for Their Annual Stop at The Brooklyn Mirage

Galantis has been been one the best entertainers in the dance music scene for many years now. Producing some of the most recognizable tunes on the dance floor as well as collaborating with some of the biggest names in music, Galantis has always been a top tier act. This past weekend, they made their return to the iconic Brooklyn Mirage for yet another set of sold-out shows in New York City.

The 2 sold-out shows were flowered with the ‘Midsommar’ theme which brought a lot of floral decorations throughout the venue. Like the usual Galantis style, the performance itself incorporated pyro, fireworks, lasers, live instruments and everything else that makes a Galantis show unlike any other show in the scene today. Playing crowd favorite classics like ‘Runaway’ to some of his newest hits like ‘Bang Bang‘, the high energy music had fans dancing through the night.

Since his rise to fame, Galantis has proven to be one of the most exciting acts in dance music. Keep an eye out for their tour and make sure to get tickets to the shows if they head to a city near you.