Galantis rose to fame over the years with his unforgettable dance anthems that can light up any room. The artist has just now released another exciting new track called ‘BANG BANG (My Neurodivergent Anthem)‘ which officially kicks of the next chapter of Galantis.

Christian “Bloodshy” Karlsson aka Galantis has released some of the most iconic dance tracks including ‘Heartbreak Anthem’, ‘Runaway’ and ‘No Money’. Now he can add ‘BANG BANG (My Neurodivergent Anthem)’ to that list of hits as he prepares to release his fourth studio album. Similar to some of his classics, ‘BANG BANG (My Neurodivergent Anthem)’ is a song that possesses a magical uplifting energy that will bring the listener to their feet. The song is also a deeply personal track to Karlsson as it corresponds to his ADHD diagnoses. When speaking on the track, Karlsson stated the following on his relation to the song:

Eventually I learned more about neurodiversity, and found myself to be part of a community that was living through experiences similar to my own. Every day I’m learning more about who I really am and how my brain works, it’s a comfort to be connected with people who are on that same journey. Neurodiversity encapsulates all the different variations of the human mind, none of us are alone or less than.

His ADHD diagnosis has not stopped him from producing some of the best music in the scene and he continues to tour and perform at music venues all over the world. He is set to return to the Brooklyn Mirage next week for 2 sold out shows.

‘BANG BANG (My Neurodivergent Anthem)’ is out now on Big Beat Records and you can take a listen or watch his music video below.