The A State Of Trance 2024 Anthem Was Born Live On Stream

The most fabulous collaboration is on its way, creating a smashing Trance anthem for one of the largest milestones of the genre.

Something quite interesting is happening in the Armada Music studio. Armin van Buuren has decided to write the A State Of Trance (ASOT) 2024 Anthem. As it’s a tradition by now, he’s not alone on this journey. In fact, this time Armin invited Ruben de Ronde, Ferry Corsten, and Benno de Goeij. They four are in charge of writing what will be the iconic piece of music for the Trance staple that is ASOT.

That’s already pretty sick, but there’s more to it. Ready? They livestreamed the whole thing. The. Whole. Thing. Across two days, Armin and the gang created the backbone of this brand-new mega collaboration. Click here or watch right below for part one!

The birth of something beautiful

After 12 hours of live studio sessions, the song is well on its way, and let me tell you, what a track it is! Armin is confident that the Classic Trance sound is making a comeback. And with such a conviction in mind, they all resorted to making a track with a REALLY TASTY old sound. I’m talking loops, drier percussion, counter melodies, gated vocal beds, snare rolls, and all that sort of stuff we Trance aficionados are super eager about.

There’s a lot to the older days of Trance in this anthem. I can only begin to imagine what an old-school sounding, modern-day polished track might sound like. And with such ears behind its creation, there’s no room for error!

Below you’ll find Part 2 of the Studio Session. Towards the end, around the 5:57:00 mark, the guys play what they have so far, and it’s nothing short of mesmerising. Let’s see what comes out of this mega A State Of Trance Anthem collaboration by Armin van Buuren, Ruben de Ronde, Ferry Corsten, and Benno de Goeij!