Purified Records – Best Of Compilation

Purified Records celebrate a prolific year of releases with their first ‘Best Of’ compilation. Immerse yourselves into the depths of the label’s melodic and club-ready sounds. The compilation highlights 20 of its stand-out records from some of your favorite deep house artists. Showcasing deep and emotional cuts from Heard Right, Alex Breitling to fan favorites like Eli Brown & Siege, Moonwalk, and more.

Starting off the mix is an ethereal track ‘Time Of Knowledge‘, with a pulsating bassline that moves you through the notes like water. Following this is ‘The Ride‘, a groovy track by Chris Luno that pushes you through to ‘This Moment‘ by Dominik Gehringer. What’s more, is this progressive, deep piece is soft and supple in its melody and instrumentals. Winter vibes are upon us with this one. Devui takes it deeper with ‘Go On‘, as we continue through the mix. Its intermittent breaks and staccato bassline pick up the tempo for this compilation.

Moonwalk on Purified Facebook

Secondly, Serra 9, Fanizza, and Phoebe take things a little bit deeper with Fausto Fanizza’s remix of ‘Rain‘. You’ll find plenty of deep, underground progressive tracks all throughout this ‘Best Of’ mix. For those that want tech elements, they have that too with Moonwalk’sRapture‘. May you get ‘Tunnel Vision‘ while ‘In Pursuit‘ of what else is to come while listening. Glow in the ‘Moonlight‘ to Alex Breitling and play this mix whenever you feel like you need to dissociate.

Tracks from Sam Wolfe, Kalmer, Rylan Taggart, Che, Joseph Crime, Road Kahan, and more also await you. Whichever track you pick, you’ll hear that pleasant Purified Record signature sound as these artists have shown their worth to the label. Fans of the imprint unite and listen to all that has been released this year. Check out the mix below and stay tuned for what’s to come next year.

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