Electric Forest Aims to Ensure Safety and Security

Saturday, June 17, 2023 marked a sad day in the history of electronic dance music. On that date, a gunman killed two people and wounded several others at Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge Amphitheatre. That gunman ended what was supposed to be another unforgettable edition of the festival. The local police authorities later arrested the gunman after he tried to flee the scene. As a result, the tragic events at Beyond Wonderland have led to Electric Forest organizers to conduct discussions on “increasing safety insight and protocols” for the festival. This year’s Electric Forest will occur on June 22-25 at the Double JJ resort in Rothbury, MI.

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Electric Forest organizers seek to assure a safe festival for the attendees

On Electric Forest’s official statement via Twitter on June 19 (see above), the festival organizers confirmed the continual collaboration with authorities. Electric Forest has always worked year-round with Michigan State Police, local law enforcement agencies, and the FBI to provide a “safe environment for patrons, staff, and artists“.

The official statement’s chain of tweets also noted that the festival will have highly-trained K9 units that have participated in firearm detection “amongst large crowds and challenging environmental conditions“, emphasized the importance of “See Something, Say Something“, and also reminded attendees to contact security or festival staff if they see any suspicious activity. Furthermore, if anyone wants to learn more about the Electric Forest’s rules for a safe yet fun festival, check out the festival’s “Health and Safety” page on its website.

Ensuring a great yet safe festival

The plans that Electric Forest’s organizers set in stone are to ensure that everyone will have a great time at the festival. Last year’s Electric Forest was a success and it provided many fantastic memories, including Porter Robinson’s intimate piano set. At any music festival, two great aspects of attending it is the making of unforgettable memories and the connections enhanced with old and new friends alike through the enjoyment of top-notch music.

However, the most important thing for everyone attending a music festival is to always have fun while remaining safe and making sure that their fellow music fans are also feeling comfortable, secure, and making new amazing memories as well. Check out this year’s Electric Forest lineup below.

Electric Forest 2023 Lineup Poster
Image Courtesy: Electric Forest